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Exhibition 'Birmingham Calligraphy Society' in Pen Museum

The Pen Museum is delighted to host a brand new exhibition in partnership with the Birmingham Calligraphy Society.

A total of 9 contributors have come together to present an incredible variety of styles and themes. With Psalms, the Staffordshire Hoard and even a gilded badger to name a few, this colourful exhibition is sure to ignite your creativity and have you reaching for the nearest calligraphy set.

The Birmingham steel pen trade helped teach the world to write and with Midlands based companies such as William Mitchell and Manuscript Ltd still producing calligraphy nibs today, this exhibition is a testament not only to Birmingham’s pioneers and pen workers, old and new, but also to local, talented individuals who continue to champion the steel pen nib. Founded in 1987, the Birmingham Calligraphy Society is open to both amateurs and professionals alike and the Pen Museum is thrilled to be collaborating with them on this exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 15 November 2018 and is included in standard admission prices.

Some pieces are available for purchase, please ask at the museum for further details.

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