Jan 22, 2023 – Apr 16, 2023

Exhibition 'Henrike Naumann - WESTALGIE' in IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

The installation artist Henrike Naumann finds her inspiration in various sources: art, product and graphic design, fashion, sculpture, and video. She combines these media to form installations that work simultaneously as period rooms and exhibition spaces. Neumann’s most important source of inspiration, however, is her own biography. Born in the GDR, she was an active witness to her country’s transformations, rocked by the German reunification’s unkept promises, the proliferation of neoliberalism and unbridled consumerism in the 1990s. With an observing gaze, she probes the relations between architecture, interior design elements, and political ideology, as well as the power structures underpinning them.

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IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art