Jan 22, 2023 – Apr 16, 2023

Exhibition 'Merle Vorwald - DAUERGLOSS' in IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

DAUERGLOSS (permanent gloss) is constituted of a fragmented scenario and a digital narration titled GGG-HQ (Ging nicht, geht nicht, geht doch Headquarter), which translates to “Didn’t work, doesn’t work, works Headquarters.” The work engages with right-wing extremism in Germany since 1945 – as a continuity from the Third Reich, to the Federal Republic, to the right-wing realities of the present, and as a formative part of her family’s history. Pulling material from historical documents, auto-fictional texts, recalled fragments of her memory, visual textures, GIFs, and found tweets, GGG-HQ weaves a digitally tangible story – a novelty in commemorative culture. Surfaces and textures from the present and the past accompany the narration; moving visual worlds of a fragmented fascism are impactful elements of a universe full of hysterical post-pop cultural hues.

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IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art