Nov 14, 2020 – Jun 20, 2021

Exhibition 'Nick Hornby: Zygotes and Confessions' in MOSTYN Art Gallery

This exhibition will re-open on Wednesday 19 May 2021. Open: Tue–Sun 11am–4pm.

MOSTYN Open 21 ‘Audience Award’ winner Nick Hornby’s first UK solo exhibition comprises a new series of sculptures.

Hornby brings high-tech processes to figuration, pulling historical, material forms into the era of screen culture. His works defy conventional distinctions of form and media and exhibit instead what Hornby terms ‘meta-cubism.’ In this pluralistic approach to perception neither image nor form takes centre stage. The sculptures are produced using digital and industrial processes, but retain the artist’s touch through their final process whereby a liquified image is applied to each work.

Image: Nick Hornby, Zygotes and Confessions, installation view at MOSTYN, November 2020. Photo: Mark Blower.

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