Permanent exhibition

Exhibition 'Oceania - Living Environments in the South Pacific' in Übersee-Museum

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Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see, in addition to countless islands and the Australian land mass – all of this is Oceania, also referred to as the South Pacific. With an exhibition that has been designed in the form of a fictitious map, the Übersee-Museum invites its visitors to embark on a scouting expedition on this continent. 18 thematic islands grant insights into the ever-changing relationships between man and nature as well as everyday life in Oceania – in the past and today.

Those navigating through the water and island world of the exhibition will discover the biodiversity in a coral reef or deep-sea research. “On shore” visitors will get to know interesting facts, giving an entirely different meaning to the word “family”, on life with the ancestors or a wedding on the island of Manus. Impressive exhibits clearly demonstrate the relationship of the people of Oceania with one another or with the inhabitants of other continents. They tell stories dating back to the colonial times, and also about the trade routes between Bremen and Oceania.

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