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Exhibition 'Ships hall' in Zuiderzee Museum

In the Zuiderzee Museum you will find the largest museum collection of ships in the Netherlands. These ships, which once sailed the former Zuiderzee, can now be seen in the Museum. The iron ships are in the harbour of the Outdoor Museum and the most important wooden ships in the Ships' Hall.

The renovated Ships' Hall is the start of your visit to the exhibition Sea Full of Stories. Audiovisual presentations take you back one hundred years in time, and put you on the Zuiderzee – once a choppy open sea full of fish, salt and turbulent waves on which, around 1900, 2000 fishing boats used to sail every day. Experience how a fishing boat keeps going amid thunder and lightning, and how an ice punt with scraping irons is being pushed across the frozen Zuiderzee from and to Urk.

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