The Rembrandt Association's (Rembrandt Vereniging) main task is to support art purchases by Dutch museums. These museums in turn offer the members of the association free admission to the permanent collections with the Rembrandt card (Rembrandtkaart). With the Rembrandt card you have free access to more than 120 museums throughout the Netherlands. From the smallest to the largest.

Rembrandtkaart in the Netherlands

Rembrandtkaart is valid in 142 museums and attractions in the Netherlands. These museums and attractions, grouped by province, are displayed below.

Rembrandtkaart provinces and regions

Drenthe (1) Friesland (6) Gelderland (21) Groningen (6) Limburg (3) North Brabant (13) North Holland (39) Overijssel (7) South Holland (32) Utrecht (9) Zeeland (5)

Rembrandtkaart in Drenthe

Museums with Rembrandtkaart City Valid?
Drents Museum Assen

Rembrandtkaart in Friesland

Rembrandtkaart in Gelderland

Rembrandtkaart in Groningen

Rembrandtkaart in Limburg

Rembrandtkaart in North Brabant

Rembrandtkaart in North Holland

Rembrandtkaart in Overijssel

Rembrandtkaart in South Holland

Rembrandtkaart in Utrecht

Rembrandtkaart in Zeeland

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