• One of the highlights of a visit to Nice. The building itself is very elegant and the collection though not huge is beautifully presented. The fact that the collection is relatively small makes it easier to asimiliate and you dont feel overwhelmed.

  • I was quite shocked to discover such a random and basically mediocre collection in what purports to be a national museum. The paint is flaking off the walls and ceilings and there is a general air of abandonment, though it should be said they are doing paint scrapes to research the colours for renovations. It seems odd that with so many rich people in Nice and floating past on their yachts (some of which contain better pictures that the museum) there seems to have been no attempt to engage with these people as part of an acquisitions policy. For a museum that has been in existence for almost 100 years it should have a much more extensive collection. There are about 6 beautiful pictures which make a visit worthwhile but overall a big disappointment

    Visited on Sep 27, 2021