Jul 15, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023

Exhibition 'Bob Dilworth: Backyard' in Newport Art Museum

Bob Dilworth is a Providence-based artist who works in many different media to explore issues of identity, community, and place. Throughout his career, he has created works of art that are as richly layered with materials as they are with meanings. In his own words:

“My paintings, textiles, and works on paper tackle issues of race, culture, ethnicity, family, myths, folktales, and religious beliefs through metaphor and allegory. They employ an aesthetic gesture towards moments in history that run parallel to current times, often intersecting and exploring hidden and deeper meanings of my experience as an African American male. My current work examines the identity of friends and family and explores notions of home, heritage, ancestry, and generational change. This examination of friends and family members is also seen in decorative patterns, designs, and bric-a-brac; executed in oil and acrylic paint, spray paint, stencil, paint markers, inks, or glued, stitched and sewn onto fabric, paper and other surfaces.”

From lush wild landscapes to portraits filled with floral motifs, “Backyard” draws on the memories and experiences from the artist’s life in Providence and home of Lawrenceville, fifty miles south of Richmond, Virginia. This exhibition features past works of art, as well as new ones being shown for the first time.

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