The best museums in Italy in November 2023

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  1. Colosseum1


  2. Bourbon Tunnel2

    Bourbon Tunnel

    The Bourbon Tunnel (Galleria Borbonica), Tunnel Borbonico or Bourbon Gallery is an ancient underground passage that was constructed to connect the Royal Palace to military barracks in Naples. Presently the tunnels are open for tours, and contains decades of debris, including vintage cars and a disca
  3. Roman Forum3

    Roman Forum

  4. Uffizi Gallery4

    Uffizi Gallery

    The Uffizi Gallery in Florence holds a huge collection of valuable works mostly from the Italian Renaissance. The building was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 for Cosimo I de' Medici, the second Duke of Florence, to house administrative offices and the state archive. Over the time, the Medici fam
  5. Castel Sant'Elmo5

    Castel Sant'Elmo

    Castel Sant'Elmo is a medieval fortress that sits atop Vomero Hill, adjacent to the Certosa di San Martino, and offers a panoramic view of Naples, Italy. Its strategic location makes it a significant landmark in the city. The castle's name, 'Sant'Elmo', is derived from a 10th-century church dedicated to Sant'Erasmo, which was later shortened to 'Ermo' and then altered to 'Elmo'.
  6. Borghese Gallery6

    Borghese Gallery

    The 17th century Villa Borghese Pinciana, built for Cardinal Scipione Borghese as his suburban manor, is located in the Borghese gardens. It houses the Borghese Gallery with a spectacular collection of renaissance and baroque paintings and sculptures by the most famous artists. You can admire the pa
  7. Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica7

    Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica

    Ostia, located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in ancient Latium, Italy, was an important port city for ancient Rome and is believed to be one of its first colonies. This historical significance makes it a fascinating destination for those interested in the history of the Roman Empire.
  8. Castel Sant'Angelo8

    Castel Sant'Angelo

    Originally built in the second century AD by the Roman emperor Hadrian as his mausoleum, in the 14th century, it was decided that the building should be turned into a castle and a special corridor was added in order to connect the castle with St. Peter’s Basilica. Today, the castle serves as a museu
  9. The National Museum of Cinema9

    The National Museum of Cinema

    The National Museum of Cinema (Museo Nazionale del Cinema) is an Italian motion picture museum, that is housed in the Mole Antonelliana tower in Turin. The collections includes pre-cinematographic optical devices (magic lanterns), earlier and current film technologies, stage items from old Italian m
  10. Santa Maria delle Grazie (The last supper)10

    Santa Maria delle Grazie (The last supper)

  11. Egyptian Museum of Turin11

    Egyptian Museum of Turin

    The Egyptian Museum of Turin (Museo Egizio) is an archaeological museum in Turin that is dedicated to Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. The museum houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities, with over 30,000 artefacts. Highlight in the collection of the Egyptian Museum of Tur
  12. Palazzo Madama12

    Palazzo Madama

    Palazzo Madama, located in Rome, is the building where the Senate of the Italian Republic is housed. This historic building is situated within the complex of streets known as the Trident. The history of the current Senate building began in the late 15th century, during the pontificate of Pope Sixtus IV, when Rome was transitioning from a medieval city to a modern one.
  13. Catacombs of San Gennaro13

    Catacombs of San Gennaro

  14. Santa Maria delle Grazie14

    Santa Maria delle Grazie

    Santa Maria delle Grazie, located in Milan, northern Italy, is a church and Dominican convent that holds the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic site is renowned for its architectural beauty and cultural significance, making it a notable destination for tourists visiting Italy.
  15. Online discount!The National Automobile Museum15

    The National Automobile Museum

    The National Automobile Museum (Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile) is an automobile museum in Turin that holds a collection of almost 200 cars, representing 80 automobile brands from 8 countries. The museum is situated in a building from 1960 that has three floors. The collection of The National Autom
  16. Accademia Gallery16

    Accademia Gallery

    The Accademia Gallery in Florence was founded in 1784 and holds Michelangelo's masterpiece - the statue of David. Apart from this famous sculpture, it holds other artworks by Michelangelo and a collection of Renaissance paintings. The marble statue of the Biblical hero David was created between 1501
  17. National Archaeological Museum of Naples17

    National Archaeological Museum of Naples

    The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli) is an hisotry museum in Naples mostly known for its ancient Roman remains. The collection the museum holds however, includes artifacts from Greek, Roman and Renaissance times, and especially Roman artifacts from ne
  18. Bonaparte Palace18

    Bonaparte Palace

  19. Musei Capitolini19

    Musei Capitolini

    More than five centuries old, the Musei Capitolini, the Capitoline Museums (which is a single museum) was the oldest public museum in the world, composed of three main buildings (the Palazzo Senatorio, the Palazzo dei Conservatori, and the Palazzo Nuovo) surrounding the Piazza del Campidoglio and li
  20. La Scala Opera20

    La Scala Opera

  21. Museo Nazionale del Bargello21

    Museo Nazionale del Bargello

    Museo Nazionale del Bargello is a museum in Florence that is housed in a 13th-century palace which is the oldest public building in Florence. It opened as a national museum in 1865 after it was used as barracks, a prison, and finally the residence of the Bargello, the head of the police. The art gal
  22. Online discount!Museo dell'Opera del Duomo22

    Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

    Located just behind the cathedral, the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo was founded in 1891 to hold the works of art that were originally decorating the Baptistry of San Giovanni, the Duomo and Giotto's Bell Tower. There are over 750 medieval and Renaissance statues and reliefs situated over three floors
  23. Villa Necchi Campiglio23

    Villa Necchi Campiglio

    Villa Necchi Campiglio is a villa in Milan that was built in the 1930s, where visitors can discover the way of living for the upper class in the 20th century. Tours in several languages are held in the Villa Necchi Campiglio. Check the specific times on the official website.
  24. Pinacoteca di Brera24

    Pinacoteca di Brera

    Pinacoteca di Brera is a gallery where visitors can admire one of the greatest collections of Italian paintings in the world. The artworks exhibited here range from renaissance to modern art and includes works of masters such as Raphael, Caravaggio or the Bellini brothers. Most of the art here is of
  25. Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo25

    Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo

    Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo is the National Museum in Rome, housed in the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Erected between 1883 and 1887 in a neo-cinquecentesco style, it was a prestigious school until 1960. The ground floor features the notable bronze statues of the Boxer at Rest and the At
  26. Basilica di Santa Croce26

    Basilica di Santa Croce

  27. Certosa e Museo di San Martino Napoli27

    Certosa e Museo di San Martino Napoli

    Certosa e Museo di San Martino Napoli (Charterhouse of St. Martin) is a museum in Naples and is a former monastery complex on top of the Vomero hill. The museum houses collections of Spanish and Bourbon era artifacts, as well as displays of the presepe (Nativity scene) that is considered to be one o
  28. Galleria Doria Pamphilj28

    Galleria Doria Pamphilj

    The Galleria Doria Pamphilj is a museum in Rome, housed in the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, the palace of the Doria family (who still lives there), which could very well be the largest in Rome still in private ownership. The museum mainly exhibits paintings. However the collection contains paintings, fur
  29. Palermo Botanical Garden29

    Palermo Botanical Garden

  30. Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini30

    Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini

  31. Acquario di Genova31

    Acquario di Genova

    The Aquarium of Genoa (Acquario di Genova) is the largest aquarium in Italy. The 3,100 sqm aquarium that includes 70 tanks containing a total of 6,000,000 liters is located in the old harbor area of Genoa. The tanks reproduce the habitat of numerous fish and reptiles. Highlights in the aquarium are
  32. Domus Aurea32

    Domus Aurea

    The Domus Aurea, literally translated as the 'House of Gold', was a grand palace constructed by Emperor Nero on the Oppian Hill in the heart of ancient Rome. This construction was initiated after the great fire of 64 AD. The palace was a symbol of opulence and extravagance, with its luxurious inlays of gold, precious stones, and ivory.
  33. Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte33

    Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte

    Museo nazionale di Capodimonte (The National Museum of Capodimonte) houses galleries of ancient art, one of contemporary art and a historic apartment. The collection mainly consists of paintings, from two main collections, namely the Farnese collection, which includes Italian as well as internationa
  34. Museo Galileo34

    Museo Galileo

    Museo Galileo is a museum in Florence where visitors can learn about the history of science. Housed in Palazzo Castellani, the museum boasts a great collection of scientific instruments from the Medici Collection dating back to the 15th century. The permanent exhibition is devoted to Galileo, even G
  35. Galata Museo del Mare35

    Galata Museo del Mare

    The Galata Museum (Galata - Museo del Mare) is the largest museum of its kind (that focuses on the Mediterranean) and is located at the Porto Antico in Genoa in the Palazzo Galata. In addition to the replica of a full-size Genoese galley, the museum features interactive exhibition spaces that illust
  36. Naples Underground36

    Naples Underground

    In the underground of Naples lies a labyrinth of tunnels, tanks and cavities that form a real city which is the negative of the city on surface. The underground city spreads below the entire old town, its myths and legends are still alive in the imagination of all the neapolitans.. Come with us int
  37. Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro37

    Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

    Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro (Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro) holds and displays the Treasure of San Gennaro, which is composed of art works and donations collected in 7 centuries of Popes, Kings, Emperors, famous and ordinary people. It mainly consists of jewelry, statues, busts, fabrics
  38. Museo di San Marco38

    Museo di San Marco

    Museo di San Marco is an art museum in Florence that is housed in a medieval Dominican convent designed in the 15th century by a notable Italian architect Michelozzo, one of the pioneers of Renaissance architecture in Florence. The extensive collection of artworks contains paintings and frescoes by
  39. 39

    Trajan's Markets

  40. Museo di Palazzo Vecchio40

    Museo di Palazzo Vecchio

  41. 41

    Royal Palace of Naples

  42. 42

    Palazzo Braschi

  43. Museo del Novecento43

    Museo del Novecento

    The Museo del Novecento is a musuem in Milan that focuses on artworks by 20th century Italian and foreign artists. Its collection includes about 400 works, mostly paintings, photographs and sculptures that were made from 1902 till the 1970s. Major highlights include works by Braque, Picasso, Matisse
  44. Duomo Museum44

    Duomo Museum

    The Duomo Museum in Milan (Museum of the Duomo of Milan) is a museum that originates from the cathedral, from which all the works on display have been taken. The museum is housed inside the Royal Palace. A tour through the museum also includes the Church of San Gottardo in Corte. The tour through th
  45. Online discount!Vasari Corridor45

    Vasari Corridor

    The Vasari Corridor in Florence is an enclosed passageway that was built in 1565 by Cosimo I de' Medici. Linking the Palazzo Pitti and the Palazzo Vecchio, this corridor is decorated with paintings by Raphael, Bernini, Rubens, and Rembrandt. There are windows in the middle of Ponte Vecchio that off
  46. Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci46

    Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

    The Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci is a science and technology museum in Milan. It is named after Italian polymath of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci. With around 16,000 exhibits, it is the largest museum of its kind in Italy. The main building was once a monastery. The a
  47. Online discount!Pantheon47


    The Pantheon is an ancient temple in Rome, rebuilt in the 2nd century AD. It is one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in the world, thanks to its transformation into a church in the 7th century and its continuous use and maintenance since then. This makes it a unique historical site that offers a glimpse into the architectural prowess of the ancient Romans.
  48. Cathedral of Naples, Chapel of St. Januarius48

    Cathedral of Naples, Chapel of St. Januarius

    The Royal Chapel of the Treasure of St. Januarius, also known as the Reale cappella del Tesoro di San Gennaro, is a significant part of the Cathedral of Naples in Italy. This chapel is dedicated to St. Januarius, who is the patron saint of the city. It is the most lavishly decorated chapel in the cathedral, showcasing contributions from the premier Baroque artists in Naples.
  49. Sforza Castle Museums49

    Sforza Castle Museums

    The Sforza Castle is a 15th century Renaissance castle surrounded by massive walls and built by the Duke of Milan (Francesco Sforza) as his residence. Today, it houses many museums, including The Museum of Ancient Art, the Egyptian Museum, the Applied Arts Collection, the Museum of Musical Instrumen
  50. Pinacoteca Ambrosiana50

    Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

    The Pinacoteca Ambrosiana is an art museum in Milan that was named after Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan. The museum is located in the Palazzo dell Ambrosiana, where the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, a historic library in Milan, is housed. The collection of the museum is divided over 24 rooms and includ
  51. MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale51

    MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale

    MAO - Museo d'Arte Orientale (The Museum of Oriental Art in Turin) is a museum in Turin that is housed in a 17th-century palazzo. This oriental art museum holds one of the most important collections of Asian art in Italy, containing some 2200 works that represent cultural and artistic traditions fro
  52. Galleria Palatina52

    Galleria Palatina

    The Galleria Palatinain Florence is the main gallery of the Pitti Palace that contains more than 500 Renaissance paintings from the private art collection of the Medici family. It was first opened to the public by the House of Lorraine in 1828. The collection includes masterpieces by Raphael, Titian
  53. Palazzo Barberini53

    Palazzo Barberini

    The Palazzo Barberini is a Renaissance palace that is the joint work of three of the most admired architects of the era - Bernini, Borromini and Maderno. The interior boasts splendid works of art, too. You can find paintings by masters like Tizian or Caravaggio here, as well as the famous "La Fornar
  54. Galleria Colonna54

    Galleria Colonna

    Galleria Colonna is a museum in Rome that is housed in the Palazzo Colonna that was built in the 15th century by Pope Martinus V member of the noble Colonna family. The Galleria Colonna holds and exhibits a collection of art that includes works by Titian, Guercino, Reni, Bronzino (Venus, Cupid), Jac
  55. Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna55

    Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna

    Established in 1883, the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna is all about modern art. It hosts more than 5,000 artworks, both paintings and sculptures, that date from the 18th century all the way to the 1960s. Among its collection are the works of world-renowned artists like Cezanne, Van Gogh, or Mone
  56. Stibbert Museum56

    Stibbert Museum

    The Stibbert Museum in Florence holds and exhibits a collection of over 36,000 artifacts, including a large collection of armour from Eastern and Western civilizations. The museum is housed in a villa that was once the home of English art collector and businessma Frederick Stibbert. It has 57 rooms
  57. Monastero dei Benedettini57

    Monastero dei Benedettini

  58. La Triennale di Milano58

    La Triennale di Milano

    Milan is the beating heart of the design world and La Triennale di Milano is the place to go to if you are interested in contemporary art and design. This design and art museum hosts frequently changing special exhibitions and events focusing on these, or related topics, such as urban planning or me
  59. 59

    Leonardo da Vinci Experience

  60. Palazzo Reale60

    Palazzo Reale

    The roots of the existence of the Palazzo Reale in Milan go back to the Middle Ages when it served as a seat of the government of Milan. It gained major importance during the era of Napoleon when Milan was the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy and the palace was a seat of the viceroy. During Worl
  61. Civic Museum of Ancient Art61

    Civic Museum of Ancient Art

    The City Museum of Ancient Art (Museo civico d'arte antica) is a museum in Turin that is housed in the Palazzo Madama palace. The museum is mostly known for its collection of paintings from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. The museum consists of a total of 35 rooms on four floors. The
  62. Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily 194362

    Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily 1943

    The Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily 1943 (Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943) is a museum in Catania that is dedicated to the Allied landing on the southern coast of Sicily on July 10, 1943. The invasion of Sicily is considered the beginning of the liberation of Italy from fascism
  63. Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala63

    Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala

    The Gallerie di Piazza Scala or Gallerie d'Italia - Piazza Scala is a modern and contemporary art museum in Milan that was founded in 2011 and holds and exhibits around 195 works of art from Antonio Canova to Umberto Boccioni and Salvatore Garau. The collection has a strong representation of 19th ce
  64. Online discount!Palazzo Ducale64

    Palazzo Ducale

    The Doge's Palace in Genoa (Palazzo Ducale) was once the home of the Doges of Genoa. Today it is a museum and a centre for cultural events and arts exhibitions. Shops and restaurants are located in the courtyards and colonnade. Because the palace originated from the merger of a number of medieval bu
  65. Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano65

    Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano

    The Baths of Diocletian (Thermae Diocletiani) was a large public thermal complex in ancient Rome. The Baths of Diocletian were located on the summit of the Viminal. The complex was built from 298, commissioned by Emperor Maximian and was inaugurated in 306. Since Maximian was in power the lesser of
  66. Centrale Montemartini66

    Centrale Montemartini

    Located on Via Ostiense in Rome, Centrale Montemartini is the newest exhibition space among the municipal museums of Rome. In front of an industrial-archaeological backdrop, it houses about 400 Roman statues as well as tomb inscriptions and mosaics. Set in the oldest power plant in Rome, the museum
  67. Bagatti Valsecchi Museum67

    Bagatti Valsecchi Museum

    The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is an important historic house museum nestled in downtown Milan. Nose around & see how aristocratic Milanese lived. The Renaissance art, decorative arts, furniture, scientific & musical instruments, sun dials, majolica, arms & armor and the rooms are preserved just as t
  68. Brancacci Chapel68

    Brancacci Chapel

    Located in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, the Brancacci Chapel is notable for its outstanding frescoes made by Masaccio and Masolino, great Italian Renaissance painters. The work on the chapel was finished by Filippino Lippi. Some of the highlights include The Temptation of Adam and Eve and
  69. Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia69

    Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia

    The Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia is the National Etruscan Museum in Rome, housed in the Villa Giulia that was built for pope Julius III. The first rooms of the museum feature artefacts organized according to a double principle: topographical and chronological. Furthermore, the museum incl
  70. Museum of the Old Florentine House - Palazzo Davanzati70

    Museum of the Old Florentine House - Palazzo Davanzati

    Built in the 14th century by the wealthy Davizzi family, the Palazzo Davanzati is layered with history. The palace houses the Museum of the Old Florentine House and is the best-preserved medieval home in Florence and was furnished with art and furniture from that period. After restoration in 2012, i
  71. Museum and Crypt of Capuchins71

    Museum and Crypt of Capuchins

    The Museum and Crypt of Capuchins is located in a crypt under the church Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. The museum presents bones of nearly 4000 Capuchin friars stored in the crypt. The bones are arranged into macabre decorations. The Capuchins have been using the church since 1631. So
  72. Juventus Museum and Tour72

    Juventus Museum and Tour

    The Juventus Museum and Tour is about reliving all the history and triumphs of Juventus, through technology, multimedia and memorabilia. In addition to the Museum visit, visitors can sample the most exclusive areas of Allianz Stadium by combining the museum visit with the Allianz stadium tour. Here
  73. Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento73

    Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento

    The Museo nazionale del Risorgimento italiano (National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento) is housed in the Palazzo Carignano in Turin. The museum is the first, the biggest and the most important among the Risorgimento museums in Italy. The museum holds a collection that includes weapons, flags, un
  74. Ara Pacis museum74

    Ara Pacis museum

    The Ara Pacis museum (or Museum of the Ara Pacis) is a museum in Rome that houses the Ara Pacis of Augustus, an ancient monument that was initially inaugurated on January 30, 9 B.C. The Ara Pacis Augustae is an altar dedicated to the Roman goddess of peace: Pax. It was commissioned by the Roman Sena
  75. Museo Poldi Pezzoli75

    Museo Poldi Pezzoli

    The Museo Poldi Pezzoli is a museum in Milan that was founded in the 19th century from the private collection of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli and his mother, Rosa Trivulzio, from the Gian Giacomo Trivulzio family. The museum holds and exhibits works by artists including Sandro Botticelli, Antonio Poll
  76. Royal Armoury of Turin76

    Royal Armoury of Turin

    The Royal Armoury of Turin (Armeria Reale) is one of the world’s most important collections of arms and armour. The collection is formed by the Savoy family, a royal family that was established in 1003 in the historical Savoy region. Highlights in the collection the museum holds include: the sword o
  77. Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele77

    Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele

  78. Royal Palace Museum78

    Royal Palace Museum

    The Palazzo Reale or Palazzo Stefano Balbi is the Royal Palace in Genoa and is one of the major historic buildings in Genoa. It is a museum complex consisting of the historic residence, the adjoining garden and the art gallery, the gallery of the Royal Palace, which is one of the main galleries in t
  79. Jewish Museum of Rome79

    Jewish Museum of Rome

    The Jewish Museum of Rome is situated in the basement of the Great Synagogue of Rome. The museum is dedicated to the history of the Jewish presence in Rome, which began in the second century BCE, but it also presents works of art produced by this Jewish community. A visit to the museum includes a gu
  80. Museo Civico Archeologico80

    Museo Civico Archeologico

    The Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna (Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna) is a history museum in Bologna that is housed in the 15th century Palazzo Galvani, once known as the Hospital of Death. The Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna is one of the most important archeological museums with
  81. Basilica di San Lorenzo81

    Basilica di San Lorenzo

  82. Farmacia Storica degli Incurabili82

    Farmacia Storica degli Incurabili

    The Ospedale degli Incurabili (Hospital for the Incurables) or Complesso degli Incurabili is an ancient hospital complex in Naples. Part of the complex, including the pharmacy, are now the Museo delle arti sanitarie of Naples. The museum exhibits archival documents, furnishings, silverware, sculptur
  83. Museo per la Memoria di Ustica83

    Museo per la Memoria di Ustica

    The Museo per la Memoria di Ustica (Museum for the Memory of Ustica) is a museum in Bologna that is part of the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna. The museum was established to commemorate the victims of the Ustica massacre. The museum houses the remains of the DC-9 reconstructed and exhibited in the
  84. La Specola - Museum of Zoology and Natural History84

    La Specola - Museum of Zoology and Natural History

    La Specola - Museum of Zoology and Natural History is a natural history museum in Florence. The name is a reference to the astronomical observatory founded here in 1790. The museum's collection is based on the Medici Natural History Collection and is best known for its collection of anatomical wax m
  85. Museum of the History of Bologna85

    Museum of the History of Bologna

    The Museum of the History of Bologna (Museo della Storia di Bologna) is a museum in Bologna that is housed in The Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio, a Medieval Gothic-style palace. In the museum visitors learn more about the history of Bologna. The interactive museum covers the period from the Etruscans to th
  86. Museo Pietro Micca86

    Museo Pietro Micca

    Museo Pietro Micca (The Pietro Micca Civic Museum and the Musuem of the siege of Turin in 1706) is a museum in Turin dedicated to Pietro Micca, a Sabaudian soldier who became a national hero for his sacrifice in the defence of Turin against the French troops. The museum is housed in a two-storey bui
  87. Casa Milan87

    Casa Milan

  88. Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps88

    Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps

    The Palazzo Altemps is a palace in Rome that was designed in the 15th century by Melozzo da Forlì for Girolamo Riario. In 1997 it was inaugurated as a museum and became part of the National Roman Museum showing ancient works of art with sculptures from Renaissance collections such as the Boncompagni
  89. Sinagoga e museo ebraico89

    Sinagoga e museo ebraico

  90. Ducati museum90

    Ducati museum

    The Ducati Museum is a museum in Bologna that is dedicated to the Ducati motorcycle brand. The museum is located at the Ducati factory and holds a collection of Ducati motorcycles and some early non-automotive products. The collection illustrates the history of Ducati motorcycles and is told in a pe
  91. Sant'Anna dei Lombardi91

    Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

  92. Pietrarsa railway museum92

    Pietrarsa railway museum

    The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa (Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa) is a railway museum in/near Naples that is housed in what was originally the old Bourbon workshop Officine di Pietrarsa where steam machines for ships and boilers for locomotives were built. The museum features 5 pav
  93. 93

    Mausoleum of Augustus

  94. Borgo Medievale94

    Borgo Medievale

  95. Gallerie di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano95

    Gallerie di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano

    The Gallerie di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano (The Galleries of Palazzo Zevallos) is a museum in Naples housed inside Palazzo Zevallos. The collections of the museum include pieces from the Neapolitan seventeenth century up to to the twentieth century.
  96. Online discount!VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome96

    VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome

    The VIGAMUS - The Video Game Museum of Rome is an interactive museum in the Italian capital Rome that is dedicated to the history of video games. It features a permanent exhibition that is divided into different eras of video game history, starting off with the Magnavox Odyssey. The collection of V
  97. Museum of Natural History97

    Museum of Natural History

    The Museo civico di storia naturale in Milan (Museum of Natural History in Milan) is one of the most important natural history museums in Italy. The museum contains 23 exhibition rooms on two levels with a total exhibition area of 5,500 m². About 100 dioramas show scenes of fauna and flora in variou
  98. Leonardo3 Museum - The World of Leonardo da Vinci98

    Leonardo3 Museum - The World of Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo3 – The World of Leonardo da Vinci is a museum in Milan that illustrates the discovery of Leonardo da Vinci, the artist and inventor, with working models of his machines and digitalized restorations of his paintings.
  99. 99

    Dialogue in the Dark

    Dialogue in the Dark Genoa is a museum in Genoa that is located on a ship in the Darsena area of the Old Port. It is dedicated to the rehabilitation and integration of people with visual impairment. Dialogue in the Dark takes visitors on a journey to explore daily environments & routines through the
  100. Basilica di Santa Maria di Castello100

    Basilica di Santa Maria di Castello

    The church of Santa Maria di Castello is a Catholic religious building in the historic center of Genoa, on the hillside in the district of Molo. It is one of the oldest Christian places of worship in Genoa and one of the most intact Romanesque buildings in the city. The Museum of Santa Maria di Cast

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