The best museums in Costa Rica in December 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Costa Rica, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Costa Rica? These are the best ones:

  1. San José de Orosi’s Religious Art Museum1

    San José de Orosi’s Religious Art Museum

    This is a museum of art which is connected to religion. It is located next to the old church from 1743.
  2. National Museum of Costa Rica2

    National Museum of Costa Rica

    The National Museum of Costa Rica is housed in the former Bellavista Barracks, a significant historical site. The barracks were transformed into a museum following the abolition of the army as a permanent institution in December 1948, marking a significant moment in the country's history.
  3. 3

    Cartago Municipal Museum

  4. 4

    Ecomuseo de la Cerámica Chorotega

    San Antonio
  5. Jade Museum5

    Jade Museum

  6. Museum of Costa Rican Art6

    Museum of Costa Rican Art

    Mata Redonda
    You can see works of the most famous Costa Rican artists in this museum. There are all forms of visual arts displayed.
  7. Monteverde Theme Park7

    Monteverde Theme Park

    The park is home to a butterfly farm that houses approximately 30 live butterfly species and other insects. In addition, there are over 25 species of frogs and other amphibians from around the country, all kept in a climate-controlled habitat. This provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn about these fascinating creatures in a safe and controlled environment.
  8. Jade Museum8

    Jade Museum

    San José
  9. Dante Alighieri9

    Dante Alighieri

    San Vito
    One of Dante Alighieri's most notable works is The Divine Comedy (La divina commedia), which is considered one of the most significant pieces of literature written during the Middle Ages. This work is also believed to have laid the foundation for the Italian language, further emphasizing Dante's influence on Italian culture and history.
  10. Las Pumas Rescue Center10

    Las Pumas Rescue Center

    Cantón Cañas
    The Las Pumas Rescue Center, also known as Centro de Rescate Las Pumas, is a rural park spanning approximately 14 hectares or 35 acres. It is situated in the southern part of Cañas, within the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. This location offers a unique opportunity for tourists to explore the rich biodiversity of the region.
  11. Simón Bolívar Zoo and Botanical Garden11

    Simón Bolívar Zoo and Botanical Garden

    Parque Nacional Simón Bolívar, also known as Zoológico Simón Bolívar, is an urban park spanning approximately 14 hectares. It is conveniently located in downtown San José, the capital city of Costa Rica. This central location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting the city.
  12. 12

    Museum of Contemporary Art and Design

    The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, also known as Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, is located in the capital city of Costa Rica, San José. Established in 1994, the museum is dedicated to showcasing contemporary Central American art and design, while also featuring international works. This institution serves as a platform for the most recent trends and dynamics in the world of contemporary art and design.
  13. Pre-Columbian Gold Museum13

    Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

    San José
    The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, also known as Museo del Oro Precolombino, is a historical, archaeological, and cultural museum located in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. It is situated in an underground building beneath the Plaza de la Cultura, in the heart of the city. This museum is home to collections belonging to the Central Bank of Costa Rica.
  14. 14

    The Bat Jungle Tour

  15. 15

    Africa Safari Adventure Park

    The Africa Safari Adventure Park, previously known as África mía Safari, is a private wildlife park that spans approximately 100 hectares. It is situated in El Salto, which is to the south of the city of Liberia in Costa Rica. This location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting the city.
  16. Alajuelense Cultural Center16

    Alajuelense Cultural Center

  17. Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture17

    Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture

    The Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture, also known as Centro Costarricense de la Ciencia y la Cultura, is a unique museum complex located in Costa Rica. The center is housed in a building that has a rich history, having served as the central penitentiary from 1910 to 1979. This historical context adds a layer of intrigue to the center, making it a fascinating destination for tourists interested in both science and culture, as well as history.
  18. Monteverde Butterfly Garden18

    Monteverde Butterfly Garden

  19. Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría19

    Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría

  20. Site Museum Farm 620

    Site Museum Farm 6

  21. Museo de Cultura Popular21

    Museo de Cultura Popular

    San José
    The Museo de Cultura Popular is situated in the Santa Lucía district of the Barva canton, in the Province of Heredia, Costa Rica. This location is rich in history and culture, making it an ideal place for tourists who are interested in learning more about Costa Rican heritage.
  22. 22

    Wildlife Refuge Monteverde

  23. 23

    Refugio Animal de Costa Rica

    Cantón Santa Ana
  24. 24

    Natural Science Museum La Salle

    Mata Redonda
    This museum was established in 1960 as a part of La Salle University. It covers paleontology, zoology, archeology etc.
  25. 25

    ICE’s Museum of the History of Technology

    Mata Redonda
    The museum presenting history of electricity and telecommunication in Costa Rica in a socio-economic context.
  26. Los Cusingos26

    Los Cusingos

    El General
  27. 27

    Numismatic Museum

    This museum displays the history of currency and exchange in Costa Rica. It also shows barter system and various tokens.
  28. 28

    Museo de Insectos Universidad de Costa Rica

    San Pedro
    A museum of the University of San José. They have a collection of many species of insects. It reflects Costa Rican biodiversity.
  29. 29

    Museo del Cacao - Cocoa Trails

  30. 30

    Centro Cultural Herediano Omar Dengo

    San Francisco
  31. 31

    Museo Comunitario Indígena de Boruca

  32. 32

    Museo Postal, Telegráfico y Filatélico

  33. 33

    Casa de la Cultura de San Rafael de Heredia

    Cantón San Rafael
  34. 34

    Ecomuseo de las Minas de Abangares

  35. 35

    Sea Turtle Conservancy Visitor's Center

  36. 36

    Casa de la Cultura Alfredo González Flores

  37. 37

    San Ramon Regional Museum

    Cantón San Ramón
  38. 38

    Casa de la Cultura

    San Vito
  39. 39

    Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres Ferrer

    Cantón San Ramón
  40. 40

    Galería Talentum

  41. 41

    Museo de Guanacaste

  42. 42

    Omar Salazar Obando Museum

    Cantón Turrialba
  43. 43

    Casa de la Cultura y el Calipso Walter Ferguson

  44. 44

    The Joaquín García Monge Museum

    Cantón Desamparados
  45. 45

    Historic Museum Casona Santa Rosa

  46. 46

    Jardín Botánico La Catalina

  47. 47

    Museo de la Carreta y el Campesino Costarricense

  48. 48

    Casa de La Cultura de Pococí

  49. 49

    Museo de Culturas Indígenas Dra. María Eugenia Bozzoli

    La Virgen
  50. 50

    Museo Regional de la Provincia de Limón


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