Jan 11, 2020 – Mar 21, 2020

Exhibition 'Extraordinary Women' in Chesterfield Museum

An exhibition celebrating the amazing women of Chesterfield and telling their extraordinary stories.

Chesterfield Museum is celebrating the lives of local women who have made a significant contribution to their communities and the country overall.

The exhibition features the lives of many inspirational women, including political campaigners such as Emma Miller and Barbara Castle, and the story of suffragette Winifred Jones.

Visitors can also learn about Florence Robinson, who ensured that Robinsons had some of the best working conditions and work social facilities in Derbyshire. The exhibition also explores the story of Violet Markham, hero of social welfare, educational reformer and political pioneer, who became the first female Mayor of Chesterfield.

Not to mention all those amazing women who were central to education and health, and those who made their mark in business and culture.

The exhibition also includes the story of the ladies’ football tournament – which took place during the First World War – possibly the first of its kind to be played anywhere in Britain.

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