Nov 1, 2015 – Nov 1, 2020

Exhibition 'Flying Aircraft' in IWM Duxford

Explore the two former RAF Type 2 hangars where some of the privately-owned historic aircraft are restored, maintained and prepared for flight.

At IWM Duxford we run an active airfield. Since 1977 our runway has been open to private fliers and over the years it has been used by a variety of historic and modern aircraft.

One of the largest and most famous aircraft to operate from IWM Duxford is the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Sally B, star of the film Memphis Belle. Sally B and other privately-owned ‘warbirds’ based at IWM Duxford are in frequent demand for air displays and filming, both in the UK and abroad.

During opening hours a small team of professional air traffic controllers, working from a Second World War control tower, provide flight information services to pilots based at IWM Duxford and to others flying in and out of the airfield.

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