Apr 6, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019

Exhibition 'John Grayson: Enamel | Substrate - Revaluing Lost Craftsmanship' in Wolverhampton Art Gallery

John Grayson is a craft maker and PhD candidate who has spent the last five years researching Eighteenth-Century South Staffordshire Enamels to reveal the secrets of their manufacture more than 200 years ago.

South Staffordshire Enamels were decorative objects such as snuff boxes and candlesticks. Made from thin copper foil, and coated with layers of lustrous enamel, these ornate items were highly desirable.

This exhibition presents Grayson’s practice-led research exploring the lost craftsmanship used in their manufacture; particularly the making of the copper substrate that gives each enamel its shape. Grayson’s project reveals how the objects were constructed and the techniques replicated today ensure that the technology remains relevant to contemporary making.

Co-curated by Ruthin Craft Gallery, Vittoria Street Gallery and Wolverhampton Art Gallery

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