Nov 1, 2014 – Nov 1, 2018

Exhibition 'Transport Galleries' in Kelham Island Museum

Showcasing some of the finest Sheffield-made vehicles of the 1920s, The Charlesworth Transport Gallery explores the story of transport in Sheffield and its essential part of our industrial history.

The development of factories and the "workshop of the world" was only possible as the transport network developed. Equally the development of the transport network was reliant on the technology of industry, particularly those in Sheffield.

Transport has played a vital role within Sheffield, both within its industries and for the city as a whole. As a major manufacturing centre, a good transport system was important to carry raw materials and goods in and out, as well as to transport workers and inhabitants around the city.

The upper transport gallery houses temporary exhibitions as well as the Sheffield Simplex Car. This is perhaps the most famous car made in Sheffield and it was produced at the Fitzwilliam Works in Tinsley.

The car was the idea of Earl Fitzwilliam, who thought Sheffield could produce the finest car in the world. This prototype is one of only three Simplex cars remaining, and is thought to be the last type of the car ever produced.

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