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Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia is a unique destination for those interested in medical history. Affiliated with the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the museum boasts a collection of over 20,000 items. These range from anatomical and pathological specimens to medical instruments and illustrations, providing a comprehensive look into the history of medicine.

The Significant Donation of Thomas Dent Mütter

The Mütter Museum's collection saw significant growth in 1856 when Thomas Dent Mütter donated his personal collection. This donation, which included over 1700 specimens, greatly expanded the museum's holdings and helped establish its reputation as a leading institution in the field of medical history.

Notable Artifacts at the Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum houses a variety of notable artifacts. These include a part of the equipment of Benjamin Rush, a wooden stethoscope allegedly made by René Laënnec himself, Florence Nightingale's sewing kit, an electrometer gifted by Marie Curie in 1921, and a model of the first functional heart-lung machine built in 1953. These items provide a fascinating insight into the evolution of medical technology and the individuals who contributed to its advancement.

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Mütter Museum
South 22nd Street 19
PA 19103 Philadelphia

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South 22nd Street 19, Philadelphia

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