The best museums in Charleston in 2022

These are the top 20 best museums in Charleston, United States, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2022. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Charleston:

  1. Old Slave Mart Museum1

    Old Slave Mart Museum

    The Old Slave Mart is a building located at 6 Chalmers Street in Charleston, South Carolina that once housed an antebellum slave auction gallery. Constructed in 1859, the building is believed to be the last extant slave auction facility in South Carolina. In 1975, the Old Slave Mart was added to t
  2. South Carolina Aquarium2

    South Carolina Aquarium

    The South Carolina Aquarium , located in Charleston , South Carolina , opened on May 19, 2000 on the historic Charleston Harbor. It is home to more than ten thousand plants and animals including North American river otters , loggerhead sea turtles , alligators , great blue herons , owls , lined seah
  3. Charleston Museum3

    Charleston Museum

    The Charleston Museum is a museum located in the Wraggborough neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina . It is one of the oldest museums in the United States. Its highly regarded collection includes historic artifacts, natural history, decorative arts and two historic Charleston houses.
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  5. Nathaniel Russell House Museum4

    Nathaniel Russell House Museum

  6. The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon5

    The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

  7. Gibbes Museum of Art6

    Gibbes Museum of Art

    The Gibbes Museum of Art , formerly known as the Gibbes Art Gallery , is an art museum in Charleston, South Carolina . Established as the Carolina Art Association in 1858, the museum moved into a new Beaux Arts building at 135 Meeting Street, in the Charleston Historic District , in 1905. The Gibb
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  9. The Calhoun Mansion7

    The Calhoun Mansion

    The Williams Mansion (formerly called the Calhoun Mansion ) is a Victorian house at 16 Meeting St., Charleston, South Carolina . The mansion is open for public tours.
  10. Heyward-washington House Museum8

    Heyward-washington House Museum

  11. Joseph Manigault House9

    Joseph Manigault House

  12. Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum10

    Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

    The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums are a private collection of more than a million manuscripts and documents in the United States, the largest such collection in the world. It was founded in 1983 by California real estate magnates David and Marsha Karpeles, with the goal of stimulating interest
  13. Animal Forest11

    Animal Forest

  14. Mace Brown Museum of Natural History12

    Mace Brown Museum of Natural History

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  16. Macaulay Museum of Dental History13

    Macaulay Museum of Dental History

    A local curiosity - this museum features a solid collection of dental memorabilia and a fully furnished 1900's dental office.
  17. Charleston Library Society14

    Charleston Library Society

  18. William Aiken House15

    William Aiken House

  19. 16

    Confederate Museum

  20. Palmetto Carriage Barn17

    Palmetto Carriage Barn

  21. 18

    Children's Museum of the Lowcountry

  22. 19

    John Rivers Communication Museum

  23. 20

    The Citadel Daniel Museum


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