All history museums and attractions to visit in Gloucester

Gloucester (Massachusetts) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 5 history museums in Gloucester, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in Gloucester? These are the ones:

  1. Cape Ann Museum1

    Cape Ann Museum

    Gloucester, MA
    The Cape Ann Museum, situated in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a renowned institution that combines art and history in its exhibits. The museum's collections and programs primarily focus on the artists and art colonies of Cape Ann, including the Rocky Neck Art Colony and the Folly Cove Designers. It also showcases objects from Gloucester's fishing and maritime history, and granite quarrying history, providing a comprehensive insight into the region's rich cultural and industrial past.
  2. Beauport Museum2

    Beauport Museum

    Gloucester, MA
    Beauport, also known as the Sleeper–McCann House, Little Beauport, or the Henry Davis Sleeper House, is a historic house located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA. This house holds a significant place in history and offers a unique glimpse into the past. It was built in 1908 and served as the summer home of interior decorator and antique collector Henry Davis Sleeper. The house is situated on the rocks overlooking Gloucester Harbor, providing a picturesque view for visitors.
  3. Sargent House Museum3

    Sargent House Museum

    Gloucester, MA
  4. Hammond Castle Museum4

    Hammond Castle Museum

    Gloucester, MA
  5. 5

    James Babson Museum

    Gloucester, MA

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