The best museums in Gothenburg in May 2023

These are the top 10 best museums in Gothenburg, Sweden, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Gothenburg:

  1. Universeum1


    Universeum is a science centre and museum in Gothenburg where animals and nature mix with technology and experiments. The Universeum is divided into six sections, each containing experiment workshops and a collection of various animals. The sections include 'Kalejdo', with crime-investigation, laser
  2. Slottsskogen2


  3. Volvo Museum3

    Volvo Museum

    The Volvo Museum in Gothenburg documents the history and development of the Sweden's most renowned car brand: Volvo. Visitors can explore the Volvo legacy through a wide range of exhibitions that showcase not only Volvo’s iconic cars, from the first ÖV 4 to the current cars, trucks, buses and other
  4. Museum of Gothenburg4

    Museum of Gothenburg

    The Museum of Gothenburg is a a cultural history museum housed in the 18th-century East India that was originally built as the Swedish East India Company offices. Museum of Gothenburg features permanent exhibitions, but also organises temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions include: 'Prehis
  5. Gothenburg Museum of Art5

    Gothenburg Museum of Art

    The Gothenburg Museum of Art is a leading museum of Nordic art in Gothenburg in Sweden. The museum holds a collection that includes art from the 15th century until today,with an emphasis on Nordic art. The collection of Nordic art from around 1900 is especially important. A key part of it is the lav
  6. Maritiman6


    Maritiman is a floating maritime museum in Gothenburg on the Göta Älv. Visitors can learn lots about life at sea in a playful way. The museum's collection comprises 19 vessels, including Cargo ship Fryken, Destroyer Småland, ESAB IV, Flodsprutan II, Gothenburg barge, Lightship Fladen, Minelayer Kalm
  7. Aeroseum7


    Aeroseum is a museum in Gothenburg that holds collections of historic aviation machines from the Cold War, as well as modern aircraft, helicopters, and other verhicles and machines. The hangar lies 30 meters below the ground and was originally built for Göta Flygflottilj (F9 – No. 9 Wing), at the Sä
  8. Göteborg Natural History Museum8

    Göteborg Natural History Museum

    The Göteborg Natural History Museum is Gothenburg's oldest museum with almost 200 years of history that holds collections of animals from all over the world. The museum includes the world’s only mounted blue whale and an African elephant, birds and fish from. Furthermore there are exhibitions on Ear
  9. Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus9

    Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus

  10. Maritime Museum & Aquarium10

    Maritime Museum & Aquarium

    The Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg is a museum about life under, above and at the water surface. Visitors to the museum can learn about Nordic and tropical waters and their fascinating sea life. The exhibition '400 years of Swedish shipping', includes objects from the Swedish American Line

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