All art museums and attractions to visit in Minneapolis

Minneapolis (Minnesota) has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 7 art museums that are located in Minneapolis.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in Minneapolis? These are the ones:

  1. Walker Art Center1

    Walker Art Center

    Minneapolis, MN
    The Walker Art Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a renowned art museum that was established in 1879 by Thomas Barlow Walker, a lumberjack. This institution has a rich history and has been a significant part of the city's cultural landscape for over a century.
  2. Edna S. Purcell House2

    Edna S. Purcell House

    Minneapolis, MN
    The Purcell-Cutts House, originally known as the Edna S. Purcell house, is a significant example of Prairie School architecture located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The house was designed in 1913 by the architectural firm of Purcell, Feick and Elmslie for the architect William Purcell and his family. The design of the house is notable for its long, narrow floor plan that breaks away from traditional Victorian concepts about room divisions.
  3. Minneapolis Institute of Art3

    Minneapolis Institute of Art

    Minneapolis, MN
    The Minneapolis Institute of Art, established in 1883, is a significant art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. It is one of the largest museums in the country, boasting a collection of over 100,000 objects that cover a historical period of 5,000 years. This vast collection offers visitors a chance to explore art from different eras and cultures, making it a fascinating destination for art enthusiasts.
  4. American Swedish Institute4

    American Swedish Institute

    Minneapolis, MN
    The American Swedish Institute (ASI) is a museum and cultural center located in the Phillips West neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The institute is dedicated to preserving and studying the historic role that Sweden and Swedish Americans have played in US culture and history. It serves as a gathering place for people to share experiences around themes of culture, migration, the environment, and the arts, all informed by enduring links to Sweden.
  5. Weisman Art Museum5

    Weisman Art Museum

    Minneapolis, MN
    In 1993, the Weisman Art Museum moved to its current location, a building designed by the renowned Canadian-born American architect Frank Gehry. The museum was renamed in honor of the art collector and philanthropist Frederick R. Weisman, marking a new chapter in its history.
  6. The Museum of Russian Art6

    The Museum of Russian Art

    Minneapolis, MN
    The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, holds a unique position as the only major institution in North America that is entirely dedicated to the celebration and preservation of Russian art and culture. This spans across all periods of Russia's rich and diverse history. The museum was founded by Raymond and Susan Johnson, who are renowned art collectors. Their dedication to Russian art has resulted in a collection that provides a comprehensive overview of Russian culture and history through its art.
  7. Goldstein Museum of Design7

    Goldstein Museum of Design

    Minneapolis, MN
    The Goldstein Museum of Design, also known as GMD, is located on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. It is an integral part of the university's College of Design. Founded in 1976, it is the only museum in the Upper Midwest that specializes in designed objects.

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