The best museums in Mons in November 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Mons, Belgium, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Mons? These are the best ones:

  1. Collégiale Sainte-Waudru et Trésor de Mons1

    Collégiale Sainte-Waudru et Trésor de Mons

  2. François Duesberg Museum of Decorative Arts (1775-1825)2

    François Duesberg Museum of Decorative Arts (1775-1825)

    A unique space ! Opposite St. Waudru's Collegiate Church, discover an exceptional museum of decorative arts (1775-1825) with a multicultural, humanist and educational approach, and featuring not only a prestigious collection of clocks, unique in the world, but also majestic French gilt bronzes, sup
  3. Mons Memorial Museum3

    Mons Memorial Museum

    The Mons Memorial Museum covers three periods: the period 1830-1914; the Great War: 1914-1918 and World War II: 1940-1945. It displays collection pieces related to these three periods.
  4. Mundaneum-Archive Centre of the French Community of Wallonia-Brussel4

    Mundaneum-Archive Centre of the French Community of Wallonia-Brussel

    The Mundaneum is a museum and archive also called the Internet of Paper. It has a collection of some six kilometers of paper. It contains major collections such as the International Museum of the Press, the International Institute of Photography and personal notes by Otlet and La Fontaine.
  5. Mons Belfry and museum5

    Mons Belfry and museum

  6. Anciens Abattoirs6

    Anciens Abattoirs

  7. Muséum régional des Sciences Naturelles de Mons7

    Muséum régional des Sciences Naturelles de Mons

    Mons Regional Museum of Natural Sciences includes a regional collection of zoology. A notable piece in the museum is the skeleton of Julius Koch, aka the giant Constantin who was 2.56 meters tall.
  8. Obourg Geological Garden8

    Obourg Geological Garden

    The Geological Garden of Obourg presents geology, paleontology, mineralogy and other scientific topics in an understandable way and reveals their secrets.
  9. Chapelle Saint-Calixte - Musée du Château comtal9

    Chapelle Saint-Calixte - Musée du Château comtal

    At Musée et le Chateau Comtal, several panels and archaeological finds depict the history of the site.
  10. SILEX'S10


  11. Maison Losseau11

    Maison Losseau

  12. Mons Town Hall12

    Mons Town Hall

  13. 13

    Musée du Doudou

  14. Maison Van Gogh14

    Maison Van Gogh

    Maison Van Gogh is a house where Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh stayed between August 1879 and October 1880. The house is one of the places Van Gogh visited during his trip through Europe. Moreover, it is the house where he became a painter.
  15. 15


  16. 16

    Mons Fine Arts Museum

    BAM - Musée des Beaux-Arts Mons is housed in a modern building in the historic center of Mons. The museum features a large selection of Cobra works, Pop art, installations and other modern visual arts. It also has an old collection of Belgian and mainly Walloon works of art from the 15th to 19th cen
  17. 17

    Musée de la Route

    Musée de la Route is housed in the casemates on Place Nervienne, one of the last two groundless remnants of the fortifications erected by the Dutch Corps of Engineers between 1816 and 1826. The museum is devoted to road construction.
  18. 18

    Salle Saint-Georges

    Salle Saint-Georges was built in the early 17th century as a replacement for a chapel enclosed in the 15th century Town Hall. It hosts temporary cultural exhibitions and community-related events.
  19. 19

    Musée de Nimy - Nimy Museum

    Musée du vieux Nimy is dedicated to the 3,000 workers who worked daily in Nimy's factories and workshops in the recent past.
  20. 20

    Musée des Processions


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