All history museums and attractions to visit in New South Wales

New South Wales (Australia) is a good place to visit if you are interested in history. Below we list all 12 history museums in New South Wales, to lose yourself in the place's cultural heritage and local history.

Are you a real history buff and are you looking for the best history museums to visit in New South Wales? These are the ones:

  1. Cockatoo Island1

    Cockatoo Island

    Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove River in Sydney Harbour , New South Wales , Australia. Cockatoo Island is the largest of several islands that were originally heavily timbered sandstone knolls . Originally the Island rose to 18 metres (
  2. Australian National Maritime Museum2

    Australian National Maritime Museum

    The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) is a maritime museum that was established in 1991. It is located in Darling Harbour, Sydney, and is managed by the Australian government. This museum is one of the six museums directly managed by the federal government and is the only one located outside the Australian capital territory.
  3. Sydney Observatory3

    Sydney Observatory

    The Sydney Observatory is situated on Observatory Hill in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This location offers a unique vantage point for observing the night sky and is easily accessible for tourists visiting the city.
  4. The Rocks Discovery Museum4

    The Rocks Discovery Museum

    Three floors packed with history of the most magical district in Sydney. Learn about the development of the area, from pre-European era to the present. The exhibitions are interactive and highly engaging, kids will love it. Explore various archaeological artefacts and hear stories about events and p
  5. Eden Killer Whale Museum5

    Eden Killer Whale Museum

    The Eden Killer Whale Museum is situated in the beautiful coastal town of Eden, New South Wales, Australia. This location offers visitors a chance to explore the museum and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area.
  6. Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre6

    Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre

  7. Junee Roundhouse Museum7

    Junee Roundhouse Museum

    The Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum is a preservation site for the former Junee Locomotive Depot. This depot was a significant railway station located on the Main Southern line in Junee, Australia. The museum offers a glimpse into the rich history of the railway system in the region.
  8. 8

    Mosman Drill Hall

  9. 9

    North Head Sanctuary

  10. 10

    Woolwich Dock

  11. 11

    Headland Park

  12. 12

    Marine Biological Station


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