The best museums in Pittsburgh in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Pittsburgh, United States, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Pittsburgh? These are the best ones:

  1. Duquesne Incline1

    Duquesne Incline

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Duquesne Incline is a funicular that is located near the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, scaling Mt. Washington. This unique transportation system provides a unique way to explore the city and its surroundings, offering a different perspective of Pittsburgh. It's a great way to experience a piece of the city's history while also enjoying the scenic views.
  2. Senator John Heinz History Center2

    Senator John Heinz History Center

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Senator John Heinz History Center, located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and is the largest history museum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The museum is named after U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III and is a significant educational institution that aims to engage and inspire a diverse audience by preserving regional history and presenting the American experience with a Western Pennsylvania connection.
  3. Carnegie Museum of Natural History3

    Carnegie Museum of Natural History

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is home to approximately 22 million specimens, making it one of the world's leading institutions for paleontological collections. The museum's exhibits are organized into 20 distinct galleries, each offering a unique perspective on the natural world.
  4. Carnegie Museum of Art4

    Carnegie Museum of Art

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Carnegie Museum of Art, situated in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a renowned art institution with a rich history. Originally, it was known as the Department of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute. The museum's first gallery was opened to the public on November 5, 1895, and since then, it has grown significantly in size and reputation.
  5. The Frick Pittsburgh5

    The Frick Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Frick Pittsburgh is a collection of museums and historical buildings situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These establishments are centered around the 19th-century residence of the Frick family, known as "Clayton". This complex offers a unique insight into the life and times of Henry Clay Frick, a renowned industrialist and art collector.
  6. Fort Pitt Museum6

    Fort Pitt Museum

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Fort Pitt Museum is a unique indoor/outdoor museum located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Administered by the Senator John Heinz History Center, the museum is situated at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers, a significant geographical and historical point. The museum offers a rich exploration of the history of Fort Pitt and its role in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the founding of Pittsburgh.
  7. Pittsburgh Zoo & Ppg Aquarium7

    Pittsburgh Zoo & Ppg Aquarium

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is divided into various sections, each showcasing different types of animals. The African Savanna section features animals from Africa, primarily large cats. The Forest Passage section is home to animals from Asia. The Islands and Water's Edge sections display animals from coastal and arctic regions. This layout allows visitors to experience a variety of wildlife from different parts of the world.
  8. Nationality Rooms8

    Nationality Rooms

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Nationality Rooms are a unique collection of 31 classrooms located within the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. Each room is designed and donated by a different national or ethnic group that has contributed to the development of the city of Pittsburgh. These rooms serve not only as functional classrooms but also as a testament to the diverse cultural heritage of the city.
  9. Mattress Factory9

    Mattress Factory

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is renowned for its site-specific installation art, a form of art that is designed to exist only in the location for which it was created. This unique approach to art makes each visit to the museum a unique experience, as the installations are deeply intertwined with the museum's architecture and space.
  10. The Andy Warhol Museum10

    The Andy Warhol Museum

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Andy Warhol Museum, situated on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, holds the distinction of being the largest museum in North America dedicated solely to a single artist. This museum is a testament to the life and works of the Pittsburgh-born pop art icon, Andy Warhol.
  11. Carnegie Science Center11

    Carnegie Science Center

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Carnegie Science Center, one of the four Carnegie Museums, is situated in the Chateau neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is conveniently located across the street from Heinz Field, making it easily accessible for tourists visiting the area. As the most visited museum in Pittsburgh, it offers a wide range of interactive exhibits spread across four floors.
  12. St. Anthony's Chapel12

    St. Anthony's Chapel

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Saint Anthony Chapel is a Catholic chapel located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The chapel was built in 1880 and is known for its vast collection of religious relics.
  13. Uss Requin13

    Uss Requin

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Since 1990, the USS Requin has been stationed at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving as a museum ship. Visitors can explore the submarine and learn about its history and the role it played in the United States Navy. It provides a unique opportunity to delve into naval history and technology.
  14. Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall14

    Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum is a significant landmark in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It is recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, which is a testament to its historical and cultural value. The museum is dedicated to honoring all branches of military veterans and service personnel, making it a unique destination for those interested in military history.
  15. Children's Museum of Pittsburgh15

    Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Allegheny Post Office, also known as the Old North Post Office or The Landmarks Museum, is a historic building that dates back to 1897. It is situated in the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This architectural gem offers a glimpse into the city's rich history and is a significant part of the local heritage.
  16. Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum16

    Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum

    Pittsburgh, PA
  17. Wood Street Galleries17

    Wood Street Galleries

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Wood Street Galleries is a visual arts project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. It is conveniently located in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making it easily accessible for tourists. The gallery is a part of the city's vibrant cultural scene and offers a unique experience for art enthusiasts.
  18. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens18

    Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden located in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a complex of buildings and gardens that is situated near the Carnegie Museums in Oakland. This location offers a variety of experiences for visitors, from exploring the diverse plant species to admiring the architectural beauty of the conservatory buildings.
  19. Stephen Foster Memorial Museum19

    Stephen Foster Memorial Museum

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Stephen Collins Foster Memorial, located at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serves as both a performing arts center and a museum. It is home to the Stephen Foster Archives, a collection dedicated to the life and works of the renowned American songwriter, Stephen Foster.
  20. Bicycle Heaven20

    Bicycle Heaven

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Bicycle Heaven, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, holds the distinction of being the world's largest transportation museum dedicated solely to bicycles. This unique museum was founded by Craig Morrow and houses his personal collection of bicycles gathered over many years.

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