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Exhibition 'A-Maze-N Funhouse' in EnterTRAINment Junction

Our A-Maze-N Funhouse is a whole bunch of wacky family fun! The whole place is themed like an old, nostalgic circus midway and is home to 5 different carnival-like walkthroughs year-round. First off is our Curtain Chaos - a maze created out of hanging red and white curtains for you to get lost in. Think you can make your way out without getting confounded by the surprises within?! Clown College is a quaint walk through a clown's mind! Full of optical illusions that are sure to have you standing on your head, you'll find the infamous Ames Room and a genuine tilt room as you learn all our clowns' secrets! Don't worry, all the live clowns have left the building - all that's left is their chaotic fun! Our Mirror Maze is sure to confuse and amaze - try to go from one exit to the other without winding back up at the start (or running into a wall that seemingly isn't there!). In Outer Limits, journey through space via wormhole in our vortex tunnel, where you can view astounding planet and star fields. The trek ends with a black-hole simulation in our claustrophobia hallway - feel the overwhelming force of one of the most mysterious events found in our universe! Crazy Caper is a challenge to all who enter - try your best to find and steal the Ringmaster's key without getting caught! Alarms, traps, and challenges await all who enter - and a neat projection floor loaded with games for all who attempt! During July, November, and December, take our Christmas Journey where you walk through the North Pole to meet Mrs. Clause in her kitchen! After visiting with her, you can meet Santa himself and get your mid-year or pre-Christmas check up to see if you make the Nice List! Get your picture with Mr. Clause and make a memory to keep!

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