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Exhibition 'A Vase for the Princess' in Kunstmuseum Den Haag

The history of Dutch delftware is now the source of inspiration for a wonderful new children’s art book: A Vase for the Princess is a highly attractive and entertaining picture book about two little mice. Dutch town mouse Titus and Chinese mouse Lin make friends and find themselves visiting a seventeenth-century Delft pottery. The book’s illustrations are by internationally renowned, prize-winning illustrators Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. A Vase for the Princess is the eighth in the series of children’s art books currently being publishing by the Gemeentemuseum in collaboration with Uitgeverij Leopold.

The book tells how Chinese mouse Lin arrives in Holland on board a vessel of the Dutch East India Company. Town mouse Titus befriends him and together they visit Delft, where they find themselves in a pottery tasked with producing the finest vase there ever was for the Dutch princess… This charming children’s art book with its wonderful illustrations will appeal enormously to children’s imaginations. The endearing little mice will take readers back in time and offer them an inside view of the Delft pottery industry of the seventeenth century. The Dutch-language version (entitled Een vaas voor de prinses) will be on sale in the Gemeentemuseum’s own shop and in all good bookshops from 1 December, while the limited English-language edition will be available exclusively from the museum shop.

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