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Exhibition 'Discover the Modern' in Kunstmuseum Den Haag

These days, history is no longer presented as a chronological series of events that is held to represent ‘the whole truth’. Fresh insights reveal new connections and the ebb and flow of political, social and economic trends produce new feelings or concerns, which then find expression in art.

The 19th-century idea of strictly chronological museum presentation is now outdated. Moreover, today’s visitors come to the museum with different expectations: they want to take a more active role and to discover their own narratives in the art on display. This is why, on 28 April, the Gemeentemuseum is opening an entirely new exhibition entitled Discover the Modern. Based on visionary, poetic and human connections, the show reveals the personalities behind the work of top artists like Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondriaan, Francis Bacon, Constant and Louise Bourgeois – the artist’s doubts and difficulties, exuberance and sensuality, search for utopia or playfully child-like approach to creation.

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