Permanent exhibition

Exhibition 'Asia - Continent of Contrasts' in Übersee-Museum

Events in Asia have influenced the cultures of the Western world for hundreds of years. In the West, the largest continent on earth has Europe as its neighbour. Asia has many faces. These are characterised by tradition on the one hand and modern day living on the other. The exhibition of the Übersee-Museum reveals a world that is looked at from six exciting perspectives, inviting visitors to explore this contrast for themselves – be it the Silk Road or a megacity, traditional theatre or the bright glittery world of Bollywood, and plenty more.

Starting with the religions, the museum’s excursion through Asia takes the visitors on a journey along the legendary Silk Road route, leading them to Shanghai with its futuristic architecture. The great diversity of Asian theatre is reflected in figures, masks and costumes on the one hand and the modern-day media and entertainment industries on the other. In the night-time rainforests and mangrove forests visitors can marvel at Asia’s great diversity of fauna and flora, which is competing for space with the agriculture industry. The foray ends in the Japanese garden, where the Asian life principle of peace and motion is manifested.

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