Apr 21, 2023 – Sep 3, 2023

Exhibition 'In search of Tutankhamun' in National Museum of Antiquities

The desert in Egypt, nearly a hundred years ago: archaeologist Howard Carter is searching for the hidden tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. It's boiling hot, he's been at it for years, but to no avail. He has almost given up hope, but then ... you come to his rescue!

Smart detective work needed
Together with Howard Carter and his research team, you get to work. For example, clever sleuthing is needed to find the entrance to Tutankhamun's secret, three-thousand-year-old tomb. With the help of assignments, games, movies and stories, you'll help search the Egyptian Valley of the Kings.

The underground tomb of Tutankhamun
When you find the underground tomb, you will discover Tutankhamun's famous golden mummy chest there. You will also see the other riches he was buried with. In the burial chamber, you will take a look at the Egyptian realm of the dead. You will learn all about the pharaoh, his tomb, mummies and the Egyptian gods. For example, did you know that Tutankhamun was only nine years old when he became pharaoh? Bizarre!

Unraveling mysteries in the mummy lab
Furthermore, don't forget the modern mummy lab. Here you do tests and experiments. You examine mummies inside and out with high-tech scans. For example, you will discover what Tutankhamun looked like, how he died when he was only 19 years old and how to write your own name in hieroglyphics. In doing so, you will help researchers of today unravel the mysteries that still surround Tutankhamun.

Egyptian artifacts
The mummy chest, golden mask and all the other items from Tutankhamun's tomb are in Egypt. Unfortunately, they are too fragile and precious to travel to the Netherlands just like that. In In Search of Tutankhamun you will see copies of these objects, so you can get an idea of what treasures the pharaoh was buried with. You will also see beautiful things from our museum collection that come from Tutankhamun's time, such as tomb statues, magic amulets with spells and papyrus sheets with hieroglyphics. Very special is a boomerang with Tutankhamun's name on it.

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