Jan 28, 2023 – Apr 29, 2023

Exhibition 'Many Lives of Books: Exploring the Work of Book Conservators' in American Bookbinders Museum

To the layperson, book conservation suggests book repair: taking a book that has been damaged through age, use, or accident, and fixing it so that it can go back into service. But conservators look at a damaged book and see not only the physical damage, but the story the book itself has to tell. The goal: to retain as much of the book’s physical history as possible, while making it strong enough to continue as a resource.

Join us for a look between the covers, at the paper, binding–and the stories that books reveal to a trained eye. From the beginnings of conservation through the Florence flood of 1966, to modern techniques and the tools of the conservator’s workbench, this exhibit provides a window into what it takes to preserve the story of a book.

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