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Bavaria Biertour

Armed with a tasting glass, the visitor experiences step by step how Bavaria beer is brewed. Find out about the quality of Bavaria beer, taste the ingredients, learn how Bavaria beer is brewed and learn about the family history. After the Bavaria Beer tour, each visitor (18+) receives a Bavaria gift. The Bavaria Beer Tour takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

ENBavaria Beer tour

Specialized & Alternative  Specialized & Alternative Profession & Craft Industrial heritage

Bavaria Biertour
Heuvel 5
5737 BX Lieshout

Visitor information Bavaria Biertour

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday open. Reservations are required.


10+ people (per person)€15.00
Less than 10 people (total) *€150.00


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Heuvel 5, Lieshout

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