Museums & attractions included with a discount in Museumkaart in Alkmaar


The Museumkaart (Dutch Museum Card) offers the cardholder unlimited (often) free access to many museums in the Netherlands. Before April 2003, the card was called Museumjaarkaart. The card is valid for 1 year after purchase, as its old name implies. The Dutch Museum Card (Museumjaarkaart) can be used by residents of the Netherlands as well as residents of other countries.

Museumkaart in Alkmaar

Museumkaart is valid in 4 museums and attractions in Alkmaar. These museums and attractions are displayed below. You can also view a list of museums in the Netherlands where Museumkaart is valid.

Museums with Museumkaart Place Valid?
Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar Alkmaar Valid
Dutch Cheese Museum Alkmaar Valid
Nationaal Biermuseum De Boom Alkmaar Valid
Grote Kerk Alkmaar Alkmaar Valid