All free museums and attractions to visit in Canada

If you are on a budget Canada still has a lot to offer for you culturally, including free museums, free activities and free attractions. 180 museums and attractions in Canada can be visited without charge.

Are you looking for free things to do in Canada? These are the best places to visit:

  1. Fort York National Historic Site1

    Fort York National Historic Site

    Fort York is a historic site located in the west of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is known for its military fortifications and associated buildings. The fort was built by the British Army and Canadian militias in the late 17th and early 18th centuries to defend the settlement of York and protect the new capital of the British colony of Upper Canada from the threat of military attack, especially from the newly independent United States.
  2. Contemporary Art Gallery2

    Contemporary Art Gallery

    The Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG) is a non-profit public art gallery situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art and features works from local, national, and international artists. The gallery is known for its focus on emerging local artists, contributing to the Canadian contemporary art scene.
  3. McCord Stewart Museum3

    McCord Stewart Museum

    The McCord Stewart Museum ( French : Musée McCord Stewart ) is a public research and teaching museum dedicated to the preservation, study, diffusion, and appreciation of Canadian history . The museum, whose full name is McCord Museum of Canadian History , is located next to McGill University , in th
  4. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic4

    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

    The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, situated in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, holds the distinction of being the oldest and largest maritime museum in Canada. It boasts a vast collection of over 30,000 artifacts, providing a comprehensive insight into the maritime history of the region.
  5. Riverdale Farm Toronto5

    Riverdale Farm Toronto

    Riverdale Farm, situated in the urban neighbourhood of Cabbagetown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a 3-hectare municipally operated farm. It provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience a working farm within the city's boundaries. The farm is maintained by the Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division, ensuring its upkeep and preservation for the enjoyment of both locals and tourists.
  6. Watson's Mill6

    Watson's Mill

    Watson's Mill, located in Manotick, Ontario, Canada, is a unique attraction as it is the only working museum in the Ottawa area and one of the few operating industrial grist mills in North America. This historic flour and gristmill offers a rare glimpse into the past, showcasing the industrial processes of the past in a fully operational setting.
  7. Naval Museum of Québec7

    Naval Museum of Québec

    Quebec City
    The Naval Museum of Quebec, also known as the Stanislas-Déry Naval Museum, is a unique institution located in the Old Port at 170 Dalhousie Street. It is the only museum in the Quebec region dedicated to naval history, making it a distinctive destination for those interested in maritime heritage.
  8. Toronto's First Post Office8

    Toronto's First Post Office

  9. Royal Saskatchewan Museum9

    Royal Saskatchewan Museum

    The Royal Saskatchewan Museum, founded in 1906 as the Provincial Museum, has a long-standing mission to protect and preserve specimens of natural history and objects of historical and ethnological interest. This commitment to preservation and education makes it a valuable destination for those interested in learning about Saskatchewan's rich history and diverse natural environment.
  10. Bank of Canada Museum10

    Bank of Canada Museum

  11. Spadina Museum11

    Spadina Museum

    Spadina House, also known as Spadina Museum, is a historic mansion located on Spadina Road in Toronto, Canada. The museum is operated by the City of Toronto's Culture Division and is a significant part of the city's cultural heritage. The mansion has been preserved largely as it existed historically, reflecting the contemporary styles from the 1860s to the 1930s.
  12. Gibson House Museum12

    Gibson House Museum

    Gibson House is a historical museum in Toronto , Ontario , Canada. It is located on Yonge Street, in the North York Centre neighbourhood of the former city of North York .
  13. The New Gallery13

    The New Gallery

    The New Gallery (TNG) is a non-commercial artist-run centre that presents and promotes contemporary art in Calgary , Alberta, Canada. TNG is a not-for-profit arts organization and does not sell art. Instead, it provides a venue for artists producing new work that may be experimental in nature or not
  14. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery14

    The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

    The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery is a public contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario at the Harbourfront Centre. As a non-collecting gallery, it focuses on presenting new and recent works by living Canadian and international artists. The gallery is a registered Canadian charitable organization and is supported by its members, sponsors, donors, and funding bodies at all levels of government.
  15. Glenbow15


    The Glenbow Museum, located in Calgary, Alberta, is a renowned art and history museum. It was established in 1954 by the philanthropist Eric Harvie. The museum is a significant cultural institution in the region, offering a deep dive into the history of southern Alberta through its permanent exhibitions.
  16. 16

    Maison Smith

    The museum offers an insight into the history and geology of Mount Royal, the original settlement of first inhabitants in Montreal.
  17. Bedford Institute of Oceanography17

    Bedford Institute of Oceanography

    The Bedford Institute of Oceanography ( BIO ) is a major Government of Canada ocean research facility located in Dartmouth , Nova Scotia . BIO is the largest ocean research station in Canada. Established in 1962 as Canada's first, and currently largest, federal centre for oceanographic research, B
  18. Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery18

    Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

    UBC-Point Grey
    The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Vancouver , British Columbia , on the campus of the University of British Columbia . The gallery is housed in an award-winning building designed by architect Peter Cardew and opened in 1995. It houses UBC's growing collection o
  19. OSEREDEOK - Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre19

    OSEREDEOK - Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre

    The Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre, also known as Oseredok, is a multifaceted institution located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It serves as a museum, gallery, and library, all dedicated to celebrating the Ukrainian Canadian community. As a visitor, you can explore a wide range of exhibits and collections that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Ukrainians in Canada.
  20. Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum20

    Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum

    The Canadian Football Hall of Fame (CFHOF) is a not-for-profit organization situated in Hamilton, Ontario. It is dedicated to commemorating the significant achievements in Canadian football. The CFHOF is a testament to the rich history and heritage of Canadian football, showcasing the sport's greatest accomplishments.
  21. 21

    High Park Zoo

  22. Gatineau Park22

    Gatineau Park

    Gatineau Park ( French : Parc de la Gatineau ) is a federal park located in the Outaouais region of Quebec , Canada. Administered by the National Capital Commission as part of the National Capital Region , Gatineau Park is a 361 square kilometres (139 sq mi) wedge of land extending north and west fr
  23. Griffin House Museum/historical Building23

    Griffin House Museum/historical Building

    The Griffin House, built in 1827 by Englishmen, was purchased by Enerals Griffin and his wife Priscilla in 1834. This historical building, located in Ancaster, offers a glimpse into the past and the lives of its former inhabitants. The Griffins, who were some of the first Black settlers in the area, had escaped from slavery and made a new life for themselves in Canada. Their story is a significant part of the history of the Griffin House.
  24. Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier24

    Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier

    Étienne Nivard Saint-Dizier (ca 1766 – May 16, 1820) was a merchant and political figure in Lower Canada . He represented Montreal West in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada from 1810 to 1814. He was born in Montreal , the son of Étienne Nivard Saint-Dizier and Anne-Amable Vallé. In 1789, he m
  25. Maison François Baby House25

    Maison François Baby House

    The François Bâby House is a historic residence located in Windsor, Ontario , Canada which was owned by the prominent local politician François Baby . The house is a two-storey, Georgian style, red brick house once known as La Ferme locally, and was a French-Canadian ribbon farm which was a long na
  26. 26

    Dicken's Sweets & British Museum

  27. Morningstar Mill27

    Morningstar Mill

    Morningstar Mill is a heritage site that spans 2.98 acres, located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It's a place where history comes alive, offering visitors a glimpse into the past. The site is rich in historical significance and offers a unique experience for those interested in history and heritage.
  28. Helmcken House28

    Helmcken House

    Helmcken House, located in Victoria, the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia, holds the distinction of being the oldest preserved building in the city. This historical landmark, built in 1852, offers a unique glimpse into the past, showcasing the architectural style and living conditions of the era.
  29. 29

    Winnipeg Police Museum

  30. Government House30

    Government House

    The Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, holds a significant place in the country's history. It was initially built as a residence for the lieutenant governor of the North West Territories. However, with the creation of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta from the Territories in 1905, and Regina becoming the capital of Saskatchewan, the Government House became the official residence of the lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan.
  31. 31

    Rosetta Mcclain Gardens

  32. Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre32

    Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre

    A museum reflecting the rich tradition and history of policing in Toronto city. There are wide collections of police equipment.
  33. Shearwater Aviation Museum33

    Shearwater Aviation Museum

    The Shearwater Aviation Museum is situated at CFB Shearwater in Shearwater, Nova Scotia. This location is easily accessible and offers a unique insight into the history of Canadian maritime military aviation. The museum is dedicated to acquiring, conserving, organizing, researching, and interpreting artifacts and documents that exemplify this rich history, making it a fascinating destination for both Canadian Forces personnel and the general public.
  34. 34

    Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

    The Chinese Cultural Centre is a multifaceted institution located in Vancouver's Chinatown. It serves as a community centre, a museum, and a municipal archives facility. This makes it a unique destination for tourists interested in Chinese culture and history, as well as the history of Vancouver itself.
  35. Archives and Museum35

    Archives and Museum

  36. Montgomery's Inn36

    Montgomery's Inn

    Montgomery's Inn is a museum in Etobicoke , Toronto , Ontario . Built in 1830 as a Georgian -style inn , it was named for its innkeeper, Thomas Montgomery (1790-1877). The inn ceased operations in 1856 and continued as a private farm house that was rented to tenant farmers by the Montgomery family u
  37. Symmes Inn Museum37

    Symmes Inn Museum

  38. The Fort Garry Horse38

    The Fort Garry Horse

    The Fort Garry Horse Museum & Archives, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a regimental museum that showcases the history of The Fort Garry Horse. This regiment of the Canadian Forces Army has a rich history that is displayed through a variety of artefacts, photographs, and archival material. Visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the regiment's journey from its inception to the present day.
  39. Richmond Hill Heritage Centre39

    Richmond Hill Heritage Centre

    Richmond Hill
    The Richmond Hill Heritage Centre, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, is a significant example of 1840s Regency-style architecture. This historical dwelling provides a glimpse into the architectural style and aesthetics of the mid-19th century, offering visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time.
  40. 40

    Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

    The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum is an aerospace museum located in Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport .
  41. Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario41

    Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario

  42. 42

    The Market Gallery

  43. 43

    Brass Art Albert Gilles

    A museum where you can see the fascinating collection of copper art made by one family for over 80 years.
  44. Maison Alphonse-Desjardins44

    Maison Alphonse-Desjardins

    A residence of famous pioneer of modern banking Alphonse Desjardins. The house offers an exposition focused on his life and legacy.
  45. Barnum House Museum45

    Barnum House Museum

    The Barnum House holds the distinction of being the first house museum to open in Ontario. It was restored and opened to the public by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario in 1940. This makes it a significant site for those interested in the preservation and celebration of architectural history.
  46. Teeterville Pioneer Museum46

    Teeterville Pioneer Museum

  47. Onsite Gallery47

    Onsite Gallery

  48. Edmonton Radial Railway Society48

    Edmonton Radial Railway Society

  49. The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum49

    The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum

    The Loyal Edmonton Regiment (LER) is an integral part of Canada's military history. As an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army's Primary Reserve, it has played a significant role in various military operations. The regiment is part of the 41 Canadian Brigade Group within the 3rd Canadian Division and is stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. Visitors to the museum can learn about the regiment's history, its role in the military, and its contributions to Canada's defense.
  50. Base Borden Military Museum50

    Base Borden Military Museum

    The Base Borden Military Museum is a significant military museum situated on the grounds of CFB Borden in Ontario, Canada. This location offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore Canada's military history in a setting that has been an integral part of that history.
  51. 51

    Fort Erie Railway Museum

    Fort Erie
  52. 52

    Centre de design de l'UQAM

  53. Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site53

    Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site

    Quebec City
    The Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site is a significant location in Canada's history, designated as a National Historic Site in 1958. It is managed by Parks Canada and is situated at the meeting point of the Saint Charles and Lairet rivers in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This site offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore Canada's rich history and natural beauty.
  54. 54

    Plug In Ica

    Art presented in this venue will most likely blow your mind away. Often enliven with performances.
  55. 55

    Living Prairie Museum

    The Living Prairie Museum is a unique natural preserve situated in the St. James-Assiniboia suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Spanning 30 acres, this museum is a testament to the tall grass prairie ecosystem, a once vast landscape now reduced to a few preserved areas. The museum offers a chance to explore this unique ecosystem right in the heart of a residential area.
  56. 56

    Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

    A community centre focused on native Canadian culture. Various performances such as drum lessons take place here.
  57. 57

    Harcourt House Artist Run Centre

    Harcourt House may refer to:
  58. Lieu historique national de Coteau-du-Lac58

    Lieu historique national de Coteau-du-Lac

    The Coteau-du-Lac Canal is a significant historical site in Canada, dating back to the 18th century. It is situated at the confluence of the Delisle and Saint Lawrence Rivers in Quebec. As a military canal, it played a crucial role in the transportation and defense systems of the time. Today, it stands as a testament to the engineering and strategic planning of the era.
  59. Airforce Heritage Museum and Air Park59

    Airforce Heritage Museum and Air Park

    The Air Force Heritage Museum and Air Park, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a significant site that showcases a variety of aircraft and artifacts that trace the history of the Canadian Air Force. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of the Canadian Air Force through these exhibits, gaining a deeper understanding of its evolution and contributions.
  60. 60

    Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum

    The Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum is a significant cultural institution in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. It is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history, heritage, and culture of the local area. This includes the City of Wetaskiwin, County of Wetaskiwin, and the Maskwacis Cree Four Nations. The museum serves as a vital resource for understanding the rich cultural tapestry of the region.
  61. Macdonald Museum61

    Macdonald Museum

  62. Greenwood Aviation Museum62

    Greenwood Aviation Museum

    The Greenwood Military Aviation Museum is situated in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. This museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of military aviation history and artifacts. It provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the rich history of aviation in a unique and engaging environment.
  63. TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library63

    TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library

  64. Prince of Wales Armouries64

    Prince of Wales Armouries

  65. 65

    St. Albert Botanic Park

    St. Albert
  66. 66

    Eby Farmstead

  67. Engine 374 Pavilion67

    Engine 374 Pavilion

    May 23, 1887, was a great day for Vancouver when CPR Engine 374 pulled the first transcontinental train into the city. This completed one of the great engineering feats of the century, linking the new nation of Canada from coast to coast.
  68. Museum London68

    Museum London

    Museum London, situated in London, Ontario, Canada, is a renowned institution that houses both art and history exhibits. This museum offers a unique blend of historical artifacts and artistic masterpieces, providing a comprehensive cultural experience for visitors.
  69. Riverview Park & Zoo69

    Riverview Park & Zoo

  70. Bradley Museum70

    Bradley Museum

  71. Benares Historic House71

    Benares Historic House

  72. City of Waterloo Museum72

    City of Waterloo Museum

  73. 73

    Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum

    Temiskaming Shores
  74. Mcmartin House74

    Mcmartin House

  75. Oshawa Museum75

    Oshawa Museum

    The Oshawa Museum, located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, is a historical museum founded by the Oshawa Historical Society. It serves a dual purpose, offering exhibits for the general public and acting as a storage facility for the city's historical documents. The museum is a significant resource for those interested in learning about the history of Oshawa and its surrounding areas.
  76. Heart's Content Cable Station76

    Heart's Content Cable Station

    Heart's Content
    Designated as a Provincial Historic Site in 1974, Heart's Content Cable Station is now a museum. Visitors can explore the many machines used during the station's operational years and learn about its history through interpretive displays. This provides a unique opportunity to delve into the past and understand the evolution of global communication.
  77. 77

    Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Museum

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment Museum is situated in the Belleville Armoury in Belleville, Ontario. This location is easily accessible and provides a unique setting for the museum, which is dedicated to preserving the history of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.
  78. Lost Villages Museum78

    Lost Villages Museum

    South Stormont
    Today, Ault Park is home to the Lost Villages Historical Society, which operates the Lost Villages Museum. This living museum incorporates a number of buildings that were moved from the villages. These buildings serve as a testament to the history and culture of the area, providing visitors with a unique insight into the past.
  79. 79

    The Japan Foundation, Toronto

    A Japanese cultural centre, offering traditional Japanese arts exhibition, dramatic performances and public readings.
  80. 80

    Neon Sign Museum

  81. 81

    Prairie Elevator Museum

    Plum Coulee
  82. 82

    Rayside-balfour Museum

    Greater Sudbury
  83. 83

    Dickinson House Museum

  84. 84

    Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art

    Progressive exhibition space connecting the urban experience and aboriginal roots. Now this is interesting!
  85. 85

    John Walter Museum

    A museum focused on pioneering era of Alberta. It depicts the way of life in the past. You can try it here on your own to really explore it.
  86. 86

    Chapel Gallery

    North Battleford
  87. 87

    Fairbanks Centre

  88. 88

    Museum of Surrey

  89. 89

    Surrey Archives

  90. 90

    Two Rivers Gallery

    Prince George
  91. 91

    Campbell Valley Nature House

    Langley Township
  92. 92

    Latcham Art Centre

  93. 93

    Ron Morel Memorial Museum

  94. 94

    Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum

    Port Colborne
  95. 95

    Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

    Carleton Place
  96. 96

    Kensington Veterans Memorial Military Museum

  97. 97

    Richmond Art Gallery

  98. 98

    Barbie Expo

  99. 99

    Governors' Cottage

  100. 100

    Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village

  101. 101

    Fairbairn House Heritage Centre

  102. 102

    Fultz House Museum

    Lower Sackville
    The Fultz House Museum is open to the public from 10am to 5pm every day during the months of July and August. This schedule allows visitors ample time to explore the museum and its exhibits, providing a comprehensive understanding of the region's history.
  103. 103

    Carmichael-Stewart House Museum

    New Glasgow
  104. 104

    The Paris Museum & Historical Society

  105. 105

    Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

  106. 106

    Nepisiguit Centennial Museum-Cultural Centre

  107. 107

    Cornwall Community Museum

  108. 108

    Discover Geraldton Interpretive Centre

  109. 109

    Taras Shevchenko Museum

  110. 110

    Prehistoria Museum

  111. 111

    City of Toronto Archives

  112. 112

    Art Museumrt Museum at the University of Toronto

  113. 113

    Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr’s Shrine

  114. 114

    Charleswood Museum

  115. 115

    UAlberta Paleontology Museum

  116. 116

    The Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre

  117. 117

    Beiseker Station Museum

  118. 118

    Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society

    Port Coquitlam
  119. 119

    Workers Arts and Heritage Centre

  120. 120

    Tim Horton's Museum

  121. 121

    1st Hussars Museum

  122. 122

    Miller Museum of Geology

  123. 123

    Gogama Heritage Museum

  124. 124

    Museum On the Boyne

  125. 125

    Mahone Bay Museum

    Mahone Bay
  126. 126

    Jet Aircraft Museum

    The Jet Aircraft Museum, located at the London International Airport in Ontario, Canada, is a charitable foundation aviation museum. It specializes in Canadian Forces jet aircraft, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the history and technology of these machines. The museum is easily accessible due to its location at the airport, making it a convenient destination for tourists.
  127. 127

    Artspace Peterborough

  128. 128

    Peterborough Museum & Archives

    The Peterborough Museum & Archives, previously known as the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives (PCMA), is a historical museum situated in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. It is conveniently located near the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of the Peterborough Lift Lock, making it an ideal stop for tourists interested in exploring the rich history of the region.
  129. 129

    Art Gallery of Peterborough

    The Art Gallery of Peterborough, located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, is a public art gallery that offers free admission. As a non-profit organization, it relies on the support of its members and the community. This gallery is an excellent destination for art enthusiasts and tourists alike, providing an opportunity to explore a diverse collection of artworks without any entry fee.
  130. 130

    Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site

  131. 131

    Art Gallery of Mississauga

    The Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) is a public, not-for-profit art gallery that is situated in the Mississauga Civic Centre on Celebration Square. This location is conveniently located across from the Square One Mall, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. The gallery is open six days a week, with Mondays being the only day it is closed. Admission to the gallery is free, and it offers guided exhibition tours, regular art social events, workshops for adult learners, and youth programmes for schools, universities, and community groups.
  132. 132

    Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

  133. 133

    Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame

    North Glengarry
  134. 134

    Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens

  135. 135

    Earth Sciences Museum

  136. 136

    Heritage Schoolhouse Museum and Archives

  137. 137

    Varley Art Gallery of Markham

  138. 138

    City of Vancouver Archives

  139. 139

    Coquitlam Heritage

  140. 140

    H.M.S. Tecumseth Centre

  141. 141

    Timmins Museum National Exhibitions Centre

  142. 142

    Pembina Threshermen's Museum

  143. 143

    Minto Museum and Information Centre

  144. 144

    Doc's Town Heritage Village

    Swift Current
  145. 145

    Swift Current Museum

    Swift Current
  146. 146

    Mockbeggar Plantation

  147. 147

    Summerland Museum and Archives

  148. 148

    Ladysmith Museum

  149. 149

    Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre

    UBC-Point Grey
  150. 150

    Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery

    Red Deer
  151. 151

    Saint Andrews Heritage Centre

    St. Andrews
  152. 152

    Bath Museum and Visitor Centre

  153. 153

    Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

  154. 154

    Spiritwood and District Museum

  155. 155

    Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum

  156. 156

    Old Court House Museum

  157. 157

    Cape George Heritage School Museum

    Cape George
  158. 158

    Gallery 2 - Grand Forks Art Gallery

    Grand Forks
  159. 159

    Strathcona County Museum & Archives

    Sherwood Park
  160. 160

    Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum

  161. 161

    The Elliott Premises

    Harbour Breton
  162. 162

    Antigonish Heritage Museum

  163. 163

    Trail Museum & Archives

  164. 164

    Grande Prairie Museum

    Grande Prairie
  165. 165

    Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station

  166. 166

    Waskesiu Heritage Museum

    Waskesiu Lake
  167. 167

    Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum

    Stony Plain
  168. 168

    Magrath Museam

  169. 169

    Raymore Pioneer Museum Inc.

  170. 170

    DesBrisay Museum

    The DesBrisay Museum is a significant historical institution in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. It provides a comprehensive display of the town's history and the surrounding area. The museum's collection includes a wide range of exhibits that depict the life and architecture of the region's inhabitants. Visitors can gain a deep understanding of the local culture and history through the museum's exhibits.
  171. 171

    Camrose and District Centennial Museum

  172. 172

    Uplands Cultural And Heritage Cente

  173. 173

    Félix-Leclerc House in Vaudreuil

  174. 174

    L'Epopée De Capelton

  175. 175


  176. 176

    Lieu historique national du chantier A.C. Davie

  177. 177

    Micromusée du Plan Bouchard

  178. 178

    Barrage Daniel-Johnson et centrale Manic-5

  179. 179

    Musée international d'art naïf de Magog

  180. 180

    Fogo Island Marine Interpretation Centre

    Seldom-Little Seldom

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