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France is a country in western Europe with more than 65 million inhabitants. The country is characterized by its French cuisine, the distinctive capital Paris, the mountain ranges (with Mont Blanc as the highest mountain in France), castles, fashion, wine, and the French language. Besides the mainland, the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea belongs to France.

For centuries, France was one of the centers of art and culture, which helped the country develop into a country with a rich culture and history. It has had worldwide influence on architecture, gastronomy, music and art.

By the end of the nineteenth century, French painting was at its peak. At that time the style of Impressionism in France became popular, with post-impressionism later on. Before that time it were the baroque and rococo styles that were popular in the country. The time of Impressionism produced the first wave of famous artists, with artists such as Manet, Degas and Monet. They were followed by post-impressionists Cézanne, Gauguin, Renoir and Seurat.

France is one of the top countries with the most places on the World Heritage list. The country is featured 44 times, with 44 places. Mont Saint-Michel, a rocky island about 1 kilometer from the coast near the village of Avranches in Normandy and the Castle of Versailles, a castle near Paris, are examples of the outstanding world heritage that France has to offer.

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