The best museums in Gdańsk in May 2023

These are the top 10 best museums in Gdańsk, Poland, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Gdańsk:

  1. European Solidarity Centre1

    European Solidarity Centre

    The European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk in Poland is a museum that is dedicated to the history of solidarity and opposition movements of Communist Eastern Europe, including the Polish trade union and civil resistance movement. The museum commemorates the revolution of Solidarity and the fall of com
  2. Oliwa Zoo Gdańsk2

    Oliwa Zoo Gdańsk

    The Oliwa Zoo Gdańsk s a zoological garden in Gdańsk situated in the forests of Oliwa. The zoo covers 123,76 hectares, which makes it the largest zoo in Poland in terms of space. The Zoo in Gdańsk is known for its collection of Andean condors (birds) and its breeding program of this species.
  3. Museum of the Second World War3

    Museum of the Second World War

    The Museum of the Second World War is a military museum in Gdańsk and is - as its name implies - dedicated to the Second World War. The museum is housed in a symbolic architectural space and exhibits more than 2,000 items divided in segments spread over three narrative blocks, namely: The Road to Wa
  4. Amber Museum4

    Amber Museum

    The Amber Museum in Gdańsk is the first museum in Poland solely devoted to amber. The museum holds a collection of exhibits related to amber that show amber in its natural state, methods of extraction, history of the trade routes, uses of amber in medicine, uses as a magical stone and as an artistic
  5. National Maritime Museum5

    National Maritime Museum

    The National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk is a maritime museum devoted to maritime history of Poland and its economy through the ages. The museum holds a collection of artifacts and documents related to boatbuilding, shipbuilding, river and sea navigation, fishery, sailing, military science and maritim
  6. Polish Post Office Museum6

    Polish Post Office Museum

    The Polish Post Office Museum is housed in the building that was not only the home of the postal service but also the building that acted as the centre of the Polish government's intelligence. The building got badly damaged, but was reconstructed after the war between 1949 and 1951. The building is
  7. Centrum Hewelianum7

    Centrum Hewelianum

    Centrum Hewelianum (The Hewelianum Center) in Gdańsk is located on the site of the former Gradowa Mountain Fort. Centrum Hewelianum combines the idea of a modern science center, an institution that promotes science and technology with attention to cultural heritage and historical legacy.
  8. Gdansk National Museum8

    Gdansk National Museum

    The National Museum in Gdańsk is one of the major museums in Gdańsk in Poland and is housed in a old late-Gothic Franciscan monastery constructed in the 15th and early 16th century with with vaulted ceilings and a large staircase. The museum includes permanent exhibitions themed as follows: Painting
  9. Gdansk History Museum9

    Gdansk History Museum

  10. Old Toy Gallery10

    Old Toy Gallery

    The Old Toy Gallery is a private museum in Gdańsk. The museum holds a collection with historical Polish toys from between 1920 and 1989. The collection includes dolls and stuffed animals, tin toys (including vehicles, dollhouse equipment and piggy banks), wooden toys (including blocks), plastic toys

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