The best museums in Hamburg in 2022

These are the top 20 best museums in Hamburg, Germany, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2022. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Hamburg:

  1. Miniatur Wunderland1

    Miniatur Wunderland

  2. International Maritime Museum2

    International Maritime Museum

    The International Maritime Museum is housed in a former warehouse. It is a private museum that houses Peter Tamm's collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms, maritime art and many photographs. Peter Tamm was chairman of the board of the Axel Springer AG, the largest digital publishing
  3. Hamburger Kunsthalle3

    Hamburger Kunsthalle

    The Hamburger Kunsthalle is the art museum in Hamburg and is one of the largest museums in Germany. The Kunsthalle covers seven centuries of European art, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The museum is divided into four main sections: the Gallery of Old Masters, the Gallery of 19th-century A
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  5. Dialogue in the Dark4

    Dialogue in the Dark

    Dialogue in the Dark is a museum experience where visitors explore the exhibition in complete darkness led by blind people to understand what is their life is like.
  6. Hamburg Zoo5

    Hamburg Zoo

    The Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg is a zoo of which the collection began in 1863 with animals that belonged to amateur animals collector Carl Hagenbeck Sr. The zoo itself was founded in 1907 and is mostly known for for being the first zoo to use open enclosures surrounded by moats.
  7. Chocoversum by Hachez6

    Chocoversum by Hachez

    Chocoversum by Hachez is a chocolate museum that offers a variety of delicious goods. You can attend an informative guided tour to learn about how chocolate is made from bean to bar, including loads of tasting.
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  9. Museum of Hamburg History (Hamburgmuseum)7

    Museum of Hamburg History (Hamburgmuseum)

    The Hamburg Museum, or Museum of Hamburg History, is a history museum on this history of the city of Hamburg that was established in 1922. The museum has many objects preserved by the Society of Hamburg History that was founded in 1839. The museum is known for displaying miniature scale models that
  10. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe8

    Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

    The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg is a museum of fine, applied and decorative arts that features various collections, including special Islamic art, expressionistic art and a Japanese teahouse. So don't hesitate and come explore. Be sure to check the official website prior to your visit fo
  11. U-Boot Museum Hamburg9

    U-Boot Museum Hamburg

    The U-Boot Museum Hamburg (Submarine Museum Hamburg) is housed in the Soviet submarine B-515, which was a Tango-class submarine of the Soviet and Russian Navies. The submarine is also referred to as U-434, which derives from the number painted on the vessel. The crew of the submarine consisted of 78
  12. Panoptikum10


  13. Prototyp Car Museum11

    Prototyp Car Museum

    Prototyp Car Museum features a permanent exhibition that is specialized in German sports and racing cars developed after the Second World War, which were technically based on pre-war constructions like the Volkswagen. The museum is privately funded and tries to focus on the designers of the cars and
  14. Deichtorhallen12


    The Deichtorhallen is one of largest art centers for contemporary art and photography in Europe. The two historical buildings dating from the 1910s are iconic in style, with their open steel-and-glass structures. The museum organizes various exhibitions in both the Halle für Aktuelle Kunst and the H
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  16. Bucerius Kunst Forum13

    Bucerius Kunst Forum

    The Bucerius Kunst Forum is an international exhibition centre that is named after Gerd Bucerius, a German politician and journalist, one of the founding members of Die Zeit. The Bucerius Kunst Forum organizes three to four exhibitions per year, in cooperation with other museums and collections. The
  17. Kunstverein14


  18. Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial15

    Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial

    The Neuengamme concentration camp was a network of concentration camps in the North of Germany that consisted of the main camp, Neuengamme, and its more than 85 subcamps. With more than 100000 prisoners that came through The Neuengamme camp and its subcamps, it became the largest concentration camp
  19. BallinStadt - Port of Dreams16

    BallinStadt - Port of Dreams

    BallinStadt - Port of Dreams is a place with interactive exhibits and photos devoted to immigration to America in the last three centuries.
  20. Krameramtswohnungen Museum17

    Krameramtswohnungen Museum

  21. Deutsches Zollmuseum18

    Deutsches Zollmuseum

    The Deutsches Zollmuseum museum located in the former warehouse district displays its collection of almost 1,000 objects connected with the history of customs. There is also a library with more than 6000 historical books on the subject.
  22. Speicherstadtmuseum19


    The Speicherstadtmuseum is located in the former warehouse with an authentic atmosphere. In the warehouse all the goods were stored to be transported to another destination. The Speicherstadtmuseum mostly illustrates the importance of trade for Hamburg with historical photos and many interesting exh
  23. Johannes Brahms Museum20

    Johannes Brahms Museum

    The Johannes Brahms Museum is devoted to the famous composer that displays various objects related to him, including his piano.

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