The best museums in Leerdam in December 2023

These are the top 5 best museums in Leerdam, the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Leerdam? These are the best ones:

  1. Nationaal Glasmuseum1

    Nationaal Glasmuseum

    The Nationaal Glasmuseum is housed in two villas that are connected with each other by covered footbridges. The collection of the museum consists of glass objects, both ornamental and normal glass. In addition to the permanent exhibition the museum also organises temporary exhibitions. In the ‘glasb
  2. AquaZoo-Leerdam2


    Aqua Zoo Leerdam consists of a large area of 400 m2 with more than 40 aquariums and terrariums with a capacity of 40 000 liters of water. In the underwater zoo, visitors learn about underwater life. Visitors are introduced to many species of fresh and saltwater fish, such as sharks, piranhas, starfi
  3. Statenbijbelmuseum3


    The Staten Bible Museum has a collection of centuries-old Bibles with etchings, engravings, lithographs, woodcuts and maps. The images were created by famous painters, etchers and mapmakers between 1530 and 1900. Notable specimens include a Liesvelt Bible from 1538, whose printer had to pay for it w
  4. Hofje van Aerden4

    Hofje van Aerden

    The Hofje van Aerden is located on the Linge River. The museum has a unique collection of paintings by 17th-century Dutch masters, including by Frans Hals, Cornelis de Heem and Gerard ter Borgh. There is also an 18th-century outdoor kitchen, an original Rococo mirror and a cast-iron peat stove.
  5. Dutch Bridge Museum5

    Dutch Bridge Museum

    The Dutch Bridge Museum is dedicated to the card game of bridge. It is the only museum of its kind in the world. The museum tells the story of bridge, from origin to modern game, from non-bridger to home-bridger and from club-bridger to world champion. In addition to various cards and magazines, the

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