The best museums in The Hague in 2021

These are the top 20 best museums in The Hague, the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2021. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in The Hague:

  1. Mauritshuis1


    The Hague
    The Mauritshuis is home to the Best of Dutch painting from the Golden Age. The compact, yet world-renowned collection, is situated in the heart of The Hague, right next to the government centre. Masterpieces such as Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Remb
  2. Madurodam2


    The Hague
    Madurodam is a miniature park. Through models of buildings it illustrates a Dutch town and the Dutch society. Everything is recreated on a scale of 1 to 25. It includes buildings of historic city centers, modern residential areas, airports, roads, canals, port areas, natural areas and farmlands.
  3. Escher Museum3

    Escher Museum

    The Hague
    The Escher Museum is housed in ‘Paleis Lange Voorhout’, the former winter palace of Queen Emma. The museum is dedicated to the 20th century art of MC Escher. The museum features some 130 works by the Dutch graphic artist. Imporant in the museum is Metamorphosis III, a seven meter long woodcut. This
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  5. Louwman Museum4

    Louwman Museum

    The Hague
    The Louwman Museum features the world's oldest private collection of automobiles, including historic cars, motorcycles and carriages. The internationally oriented collection is collected by two generations of the Louwman family and includes approximately 250 classic automobiles. Each car tells its o
  6. Kunstmuseum Den Haag5

    Kunstmuseum Den Haag

    The Hague
    Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly known as Gemeentemuseum Den Haag) is a museum with a diverse collections of modern art, applied art, musical instruments and fashion. It owns the largest collection of works by Piet Mondrian and is the centre of the Hague School, owning works by Israel, Jongkind, Maris
  7. Panorama Mesdag6

    Panorama Mesdag

    The Hague
    Panorama Mesdag displays the 120 meter long and 14 meter high panoramic painting of Scheveningen from 1881, by the Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag. Because the painting is round, the observer is not in front of the painting, but inside the painting. The painting is a panoramic display of the sea
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  9. Prison Gate Museum7

    Prison Gate Museum

    The Hague
    Museum de Gevangenpoort is housed in a medieval prison. It consists of a courthouse, a cell block and a house for the jailer. The museum illustrates the story of crime and punishment throug the ages. It shows how prisoners were brought to trial, punished and imprisoned. The collection consists of in
  10. ProDemos - House for Democracy and the Rule of Law8

    ProDemos - House for Democracy and the Rule of Law

    The Hague
    ProDemos is located opposite of the ‘Binnenhof’ in The Hague. It is the house of democracy and the ‘rechtsstaat’. Visitors learn about the rules of democracy and the ‘rechtsstaat’ and experience the functioning of politics, democracy and the ‘rechtsstaat’. The Visitors Centre ProDemos organizes tour
  11. Humanity House9

    Humanity House

    The Hague
    The Humanity House shows what it means to have to survive in a conflict or a disaster. Visitors take part in an ‘experiential journey’ through the museum where they learn what it's like to be a refugee and to lose everything. the Humanity House is also a platform where exhibitions, debates, lectures
  12. De Mesdag Collectie10

    De Mesdag Collectie

    The Hague
    Museum De Mesdag Collectie is housed in the old house of the Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag. The museum exhibits paintings by French and Dutch masters of the 19th century, which were collected by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten. To decorate the house and the museum,
  13. Museon11


    The Hague
    The Museon in The Hague is a museum for culture and science. Visitors are inspired to discover the world and treat it with respect. In the central exhibition One Planet you learn in a fun way what you can do yourself to keep our earth livable. The temporary exhibitions are always interactive and sui
  14. National Archive12

    National Archive

    The Hague
    The National Archive features objects from about a thousand years of history of the Netherlands. It has 125 kilometres of documents, 14 million photographs and 300,000 historical maps. In addition, the library features around 60,000 reference books. The National Archive organizes exhibitions in whic
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  16. Museum Bredius13

    Museum Bredius

    The Hague
    Museum Bredius is housed in a 18th century mansion. It displays the private collection of the famous art historian Dr. Abraham Bredius (1855-1946). The collection partly consists of 17th century paintings and drawings by Dutch Masters. In total, the collection consists of more than two hundred paint
  17. Museum Meermanno14

    Museum Meermanno

    The Hague
    Museum Meermanno is housed in the former house of Baron Van Westreenen of Tiellandt. The museum is dedicated to books from both the present and the past. The permanent exhibition focuses on the development and the design of books. The museum features a 19th century book room, where incunabula, the e
  18. Prince William V Gallery15

    Prince William V Gallery

    The Hague
    The Prince William V Gallery is situated in the midst of the historical centre of The Hague. The Gallery is located at the Buitenhof, a five minute walk from the Mauritshuis. You can easily combine a visit to the Gallery with a visit to the Mauritshuis, or the nearby Prison Gate Museum Gevangenpoort
  19. The Hague Museum of Photography16

    The Hague Museum of Photography

    The Hague
    The Hague Museum of Photography is part of the Gemeentemuseum. The museum organizes about six exhibitions annually on various genres, disciplines and periods in the history of photography. Most exhibitions are focussed on ‘the image of man’. Unknown work is prominently presented. In addition, the mu
  20. KM2117


    The Hague
    GEM is a museum of contemporary art. It follows the developments in the world of contemporary art on a national and international level. There are about seven exhibitions per year that consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings, (video) installations, film and photography. GEM is part of the Gemeent
  21. Louis Couperus Museum18

    Louis Couperus Museum

    The Hague
    The Louis Couperus Museum is dedicated to the Dutch writer Louis Couperus. The collection consists of objects that are related to Couperus. The collection includes a portrait of his father and his office, but also a plastic effigy of the dressed in a 19th century costume. In addition, the museum exh
  22. West Den Haag19

    West Den Haag

    The Hague
  23. The Historical Museum of The Hague20

    The Historical Museum of The Hague

    The Hague
    The historical museum of The Hague is housed in a building from 1636 that was built for the gunners of the St. Sebastian's Guild. The museum is dedicated to the history of The Hague. The permanent collection includes paintings such as cityscapes from 1553 and silver and glass objects. In addition, t

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