Museums & attractions included with a discount in CJP Pass in The Hague

CJP Pass

The CJP Pas/Culture Card (Cultuurkaart) is a pass for young people that is created to stimulate culture among Dutch youth. The pass is for Dutch youth up to the age of 30 and offers discount on admission tickets for all kinds of cultural activities, including film, theater, music and of course museums.

CJP Pass in The Hague

Museumkaart is valid in 20 museums and attractions in The Hague. These museums and attractions are displayed below. You can also view a list of museums in the Netherlands where CJP Pass is valid.

Museums with CJP Pass Place Valid?
Mauritshuis The Hague €12.50
Escher Museum The Hague 15% discount
Kunstmuseum Den Haag The Hague €11.50
Panorama Mesdag The Hague €8.50
Prison Gate Museum The Hague €7.50
Humanity House The Hague €6.50
Museon The Hague €9.00
Muzee Scheveningen Scheveningen €3.75
National Archive The Hague €3.00
Museum Meermanno The Hague €4.75
Prince William V Gallery The Hague €2.50
The Hague Museum of Photography The Hague €6.00
Huygensmuseum Hofwijck Voorburg €3.00
KM21 The Hague €6.00
The Historical Museum of The Hague The Hague €5.00
Swaensteyn Museum Voorburg €3.00
Kinderboekenmuseum The Hague €7.00
Literatuurmuseum The Hague €7.00
Sound and Vision The Hague The Hague €6.00
Jan van Goyenhuis The Hague €5.50