The best museums in Valkenburg (LB) in December 2023

These are the top 5 best museums in Valkenburg (LB), the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Valkenburg (LB)? These are the best ones:

  1. Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg1

    Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)
    Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg illustrates the world of mining. In an underground, in mining style decorated film room, a promotional film is shown of the State Mines (DSM) from the sixties. The film gives an overview of the mining industry. Ex-miners show the world of coal mining, while visitors walk al
  2. Gemeentegrot2


    Valkenburg (LB)
    The Municipal Cave was created in the past when the Romans needed the marl from the soil as a building material. Fossils and shell layers show the natural conditions of the past. The Municipal Cave also provides an overview of various artistic expressions and living conditions of different generatio
  3. Museum Romeinse Katakomben3

    Museum Romeinse Katakomben

    Valkenburg (LB)
    The Romeinse Katakomben are an underground labyrinth with replicated catacombs. It is a replica of a part of the catacombs in Rome. There are carved holes that serve as horizontal burial niches. In addition there are sculptures, chapels, wash places, marble plaques, light and air shafts and other su
  4. Museum Land van Valkenburg4

    Museum Land van Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)
    Museum Land van Valkenburg focuses on the most interesting aspects of the region both historically and culturally, from the origins of the ‘Mergelland’ to developments in artistic field at the present and recent past. The permanent exhibition brings together the geology and archeology of Valkenburg
  5. Kasteelruïne - Fluweelengrot Valkenburg5

    Kasteelruïne - Fluweelengrot Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)

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