The best museums in Limburg in September 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Limburg, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Limburg? These are the best ones:

  1. Dierentuin GaiaZOO1

    Dierentuin GaiaZOO

    In the GaiaZOO the visitor travels across the world in one day. From Africa to the rainforests of the Amazon and to the far North. The includes gorillas, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs and lions. In addition it contains animals that are found in no other zoos in the Netherlands, including musk foxes, wo
  2. Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg2

    Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)
    Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg illustrates the world of mining. In an underground, in mining style decorated film room, a promotional film is shown of the State Mines (DSM) from the sixties. The film gives an overview of the mining industry. Ex-miners show the world of coal mining, while visitors walk al
  3. Gemeentegrot3


    Valkenburg (LB)
    The Municipal Cave was created in the past when the Romans needed the marl from the soil as a building material. Fossils and shell layers show the natural conditions of the past. The Municipal Cave also provides an overview of various artistic expressions and living conditions of different generatio
  4. Hoensbroek Castle4

    Hoensbroek Castle

    Hoensbroek Castle is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The oldest part of the castle dates back to 1250. There are more than forty authentically furnished rooms in the museum. The rooms are decorated in the style of different periods, from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. The collec
  5. Mondo Verde5

    Mondo Verde

    Mondo Verde in Landgraaf is a 25-acre, theme and amusement park. The emphasis in the park is on international gardens with their associated culture, but it also features animals. Exhibits include Chinese gardens, vegetation from Morocco or northern Russia and a desert. In the park, visitors discover
  6. Thermenmuseum6


    The Thermenmuseum is located around the excavations of a Roman public bath from 100 AD. It is the best preserved and largest ancient building in the Netherlands. The heritage of Coriovallum is displayed, which was the Roman predecessor of the current city of Heerlen. In addition to the two thousand
  7. Bonnefanten museum7

    Bonnefanten museum

    Bonnefanten: surprisingly distinctive in ancient and contemporary art. Alongside modern and contemporary art, old masters find their place in the iconic building designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The Bonnefanten museum tells stories through the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions
  8. Natural History Museum of Maastricht8

    Natural History Museum of Maastricht

    The Natural History Museum of Maastricht is dedicated to the nature in Limburg. The museum has three permanent exhibits that illustrate the nature of Limburg. The exhibition Biology is dedicated to contemporary nature. The exhibition Geology covers tropical swamps and the ‘Krijtzee’. And the exhibit
  9. Hertog Jan-Brouwerij9

    Hertog Jan-Brouwerij

    The Hertog Jan-Brouwerij is located at the spot where a hundred years ago four friends opened the first Hertog Jan brewery. Beer is still brewed here. During a visit to the brewery, the visitor gets a tour through the entire brewing process. When the tour is finished, visitors can visit ‘Café Hertog
  10. Limburgs Museum10

    Limburgs Museum

    At the Limburgs Museum in Venlo, discover how the history of the Netherlands began thousands of years ago. This is where the first people and farmers settled. With interactive exhibitions, events and the best stories for young and old, the museum brings the history and culture of Limburg to life. Wh
  11. Discovery Museum11

    Discovery Museum

    Discovery Center Continium is a museum on science and engineering. The museum illustrates the development of science and technology in the past, the present and the future. The museum covers historical themes such as Maastricht earthenware and coal mining, but also newer developments are discussed s
  12. Openluchtmuseum Eynderhoof12

    Openluchtmuseum Eynderhoof

    The Limburgs Openluchtmuseum Eynderhoof is a village that demonstrates life in the Peel region around 1900. The museum is located in a green countryside setting and is managed, staffed and maintained by volunteers. This do museum focuses largely on games, food, drinks and crafts, but is also about d
  13. Museum het Petershuis13

    Museum het Petershuis

    Museum Het Petershuis is housed in a late Medieval house. The museum owns a collection of contemporary and archaeological objects from Gennep. The permanent collection includes models, archaeological finds and historical information about Gennep. The museum focusses on Germanic peoples and Romans an
  14. Museum Romeinse Katakomben14

    Museum Romeinse Katakomben

    Valkenburg (LB)
    The Romeinse Katakomben are an underground labyrinth with replicated catacombs. It is a replica of a part of the catacombs in Rome. There are carved holes that serve as horizontal burial niches. In addition there are sculptures, chapels, wash places, marble plaques, light and air shafts and other su
  15. Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof15

    Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof

    Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof is housed in the Spanish ‘Gouvernement’, a 16th century chapter house at the Vrijthof. The museum displays changing exhibitions with surprising and ground-breaking themes: from entertainment to pop culture and contemporary art. In Grand Cafe Soiron, in the covered courtya
  16. Kasteelpark Born16

    Kasteelpark Born

    Born Castle Park is a zoo located on the land where the castle's ornamental garden used to be. Swans, geese and ducks swim in the castle moats. But visitors also pass deer, predators, monkeys, alpacas, porcupines and many other animal species. In addition, there is the Tickle House, where walking br
  17. SCHUNCK17


    The collection of SCHUNCK consists of two sub collections: the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Dutch painting and the collection Aad de Haas. The first collection reflects on the developments in Dutch painting after 1950 and thus the collection can also function as a touchstone, as well as hig
  18. Missiemuseum Steyl18

    Missiemuseum Steyl

    Missiemuseum Steyl exhibits objects from different parts of the world that were collected by missionaries. The museum is divided into an anthropological department and a natural history department. In the anthropological department mainly works of art and objects from countries such as Ghana, Japan,
  19. Museum van Bommel van Dam19

    Museum van Bommel van Dam

    Museum van Bommel van Dam is a museum of modern art with a wide variety of temporary exhibitions on paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography. The collection consists mainly of paintings, drawings, graphic works and some sculptures. The main part is made by Dutch artists from the 20th century.
  20. Peelmuseum20


    The Peel Museum is a museum in the Peel (an area in Brabant and Limburg) where the life, life and work of the beginning of the last century is exhibited. During a visit to the museum, there is always a guide present if desired who can tell the story of the peat extraction and the subsequent extracti
  21. Museum De Locht21

    Museum De Locht

    Museum de Locht is housed in an authentic North Limburg ‘langgevelboerderij’. It is a regional museum that focusses on the growing of asparagus and mushroom. The museum illustrates how people lived and worked in the countryside in the period from 1850 to 1950 and shows the whole process of growing a
  22. Het Nieuwe Domein - Erfgoed22

    Het Nieuwe Domein - Erfgoed

    Museum De Domijnen is housed in a 19th century school. The museum illustrates the regional history and displays contemporary art. The collection on the ground floor consists of international avant-garde art including video art and photography. On the upper floor the visitor learns about the region i
  23. Museum Land van Valkenburg23

    Museum Land van Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)
    Museum Land van Valkenburg focuses on the most interesting aspects of the region both historically and culturally, from the origins of the ‘Mergelland’ to developments in artistic field at the present and recent past. The permanent exhibition brings together the geology and archeology of Valkenburg
  24. Het Cuypershuis24

    Het Cuypershuis

    The Cuypershuis is housed in a building from 1853, designed by Pierre Cuypers. The museum is dedicated to Cuypers, who was an architect, artist, designer and organizer. The museum exhibits objects from the former studios, including tools, design drawings, models and a ‘pointing machine’. The museum
  25. Sint Hubertus Kunstcentrum25

    Sint Hubertus Kunstcentrum

    Designed by architect Alphons Boosten and built in 1937, St. Hubertus Church (national monument) contains art treasures of Limburg artists and Montfortan heritage. On display are works by Charles Eyck, Henri Jonas, Charles Vos, Joep Nicolas and a dozen other Limburg artists. The Montfortan heritage
  26. Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur26

    Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur

    Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur is housed in the tithe barn of Castle Holtmühle. The collection includes both contemporary and historical ceramics and illustrates the clay industry in Tegelen from the Roman period till mid-20th century. It shows, among other things, the development of the ceramic industr
  27. Nederlands Mijnmuseum27

    Nederlands Mijnmuseum

    The Nederlands Mijnmuseum is housed in the former shaft of ‘Shaft II’of the Oranje Nassau Mines. The building is featured in the top 100 UNESCO monuments. The collection includes mining tools, hammer drills, mining lamps, caps and documentaries that illustrate the history of mining, with special foc
  28. Museum Terug in de Tijd28

    Museum Terug in de Tijd

  29. Museum Vaals29

    Museum Vaals

    Museum Vaals is housed in a monumental monastery chapel. The museum shows, among other things, a collection of over 200 statues of saints with a height of 1 meter to as much as 3.5 meters alternately combined with contemporary painting.
  30. Maas Binnenvaartmuseum30

    Maas Binnenvaartmuseum

    This is a Museum for about and by inland navigation, run by volunteers ( former boaters ).
  31. Het Aardbeienmuseum31

    Het Aardbeienmuseum

    Horst (LB)
    The Strawberry Museum portrays the history of the popular strawberry. Attention is also paid to all sorts of facts about the strawberry. There is also a strawberry collection on display with all sorts of strawberry-inspired trinkets.
  32. Elsmuseum32


    The Elsm Museum is located in the production area of the former Hennekens distillery in Beek. The original distillation equipment and authentic objects and materials show visitors a glimpse into Beek's industrial past. Volunteers take care of maintenance and tours. On the upper floor a temporary exh
  33. Cultuurhistorisch Museum Asselt33

    Cultuurhistorisch Museum Asselt

  34. Historical Collection Ground Based Air Defense34

    Historical Collection Ground Based Air Defense

    The exhibit provides an overview of the deployment and equipment of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Guided Weapons Groups. The collection consists of machine guns, light and heavy anti-aircraft guns and various radar systems for detecting anti-aircraft targets. There is also equipment from the Cold
  35. Historiehuis Roermond35

    Historiehuis Roermond

    The History House in Roermond focuses on the history of Roermond. Themes there include trade, changes in power, monasteries, art workshops and Christopher, the city's oldest resident.
  36. Fortuna Museum (Fortuna Sittard)36

    Fortuna Museum (Fortuna Sittard)

    The Fortuna museum is a unique place where the history of the country's first professional club comes to life. A place of inestimable value for Fortuna Sittard, its fans and for the true soccer fan. Be surprised and experience the beautiful and glorious past of Fortuna'54, Sittardia and Fortuna Sitt
  37. Kasteel Wijlre estate37

    Kasteel Wijlre estate

    Welcome to Kasteel Wijlre estate! Kasteel Wijlre is an estate for art and nature. At the estate, contemporary art and architecture meet cultural heritage and nature, intertwining five centuries. See the exhibitions in the art pavilion Hedge House and the historic Coach House and stroll through
  38. Thorn Museum38

    Thorn Museum

    The Thorn Museum is housed in a medieval abbey. The museum illustrates the history of the town of Thorn. The museum displays art historical objects and multimedia on topics that include abbesses and noble ladies. An eyecatcher in the museum is Panorama Thorn, a work by Dutch painter Frans van den Be
  39. Botanische Tuin Kerkrade39

    Botanische Tuin Kerkrade

    The Botanische Tuin Kerkrade is a botanical garden that does not belong to a university, established in 1939. A collection of indigenous and exotic plants grow inside and outside of greenhouses. There is also a subtropical greenhouse. The collection includes a pine family, Cryptomeria and flora from
  40. Leudalmuseum40


    The Leudalmuseum illustrates the cultural history and nature of the Leudal. The permanent collection is divided into four themes: fauna, archaeology, local history and history. The fauna collection includes animals and eggs. The archaeological section focusses on archaeological cultures in the Leuda
  41. Marres, House for Contemporary Culture41

    Marres, House for Contemporary Culture

    From the historical house in the center of Maastricht, Marres explores contemporary art in the widest possible sense. The museum was founded in 1998 and takes its name from the brewers’ family Marres that lived in the house in the twentieth century. Marres develops exhibitions, organizes workshops
  42. Historiehuis van de Maasvallei42

    Historiehuis van de Maasvallei

    Historiehuis van de Maasvallei (Historyhouse of the river Maas-valley houses a knowledge and information center about the Dutch-Belgian Maas-valley. With an experience room, library, mini cinema and visual and digital presentations. Here visitors will find information and inspiration about the histo
  43. Museum W43

    Museum W

    The municipal museum of Weert is open to the public again after a major renovation, restoration and redesign. Under the name Museum W, the museum is taking a new substantive course with a renewed arrangement of the permanent collection and an exhibition program of contemporary art and design. The de
  44. Streekmuseum Stevensweert / Ohé en Laak44

    Streekmuseum Stevensweert / Ohé en Laak

    Streekmuseum Stevensweert - Ohe en Laak illustrates the history of Stevensweert and Ohé en Laak. The collection includes objects found during the dredging process. Paintings, interior pieces, a model and excavated finds illustrate the story of the lost castle Walburg.
  45. Bureau Europa45

    Bureau Europa

    Bureau Europa is an institute for architecture and design in Maastricht. Exhibitions on design and architecture are organized from a social civil standpoint. The institute focuses on Europe and the Euroregion. In addition to exhibitions, Bureau Europa also organizes readings and debates to stimulate
  46. Museum van de Vrouw46

    Museum van de Vrouw

    Museum van de Vrouw is dedicated to the life of ordinary women. The museum illustrates the development of women's lives and the connection with current topics and traditions. The collection consists of approximately 35,000 objects, including women's clothing, cooking utensils, toys and makeup.
  47. Museum Peel en Maas47

    Museum Peel en Maas

    Streekmuseum 't Land van Peel en Maas is housed in the former monastery Kerkebosch. The museum illustrates the history of the region of Peel en Maas. Among other things, the museum exhibits works by Dutch-American sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri. It also covers Romans in Maasdal and Peel and the deportati
  48. De Kopermolen48

    De Kopermolen

    The Kopermolen is a centre for art and culture. Exhibitions are organized that last for six weeks before they are changed. The exhibitions are always on artists from the region. The museum organizes exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, glass art, photos and other art forms. The art that
  49. Odapark49


    Odapark is a centre for contemporary art. It features a tearoom and sculpture forest where exhibitions are organized on contemporary art. Exhibitions are organized with works by artists from the Netherlands, but also from other countries. The exhibits are usually associated with a specific theme and
  50. Drukkunstmuseum50


    The Drukkunstmuseum is housed in a 19th century house. The museum illustrates the history of printing. Among other things, the museum features an old ‘drukkerij’ from around 1900 where a number of old printing presses are exhibited that are still functional. There are three central themes in the mus

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