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Exhibition 'Walking with Gaudí' in The Gaudí Exhibition Center

Barcelona holds most of the work of Antoni Gaudí, a basic factor that defines the background
of creativity, innovation and design that define it. Gaudí is the architect with the most World
Heritage Sites. But do we know how this man has transported us to new states of consciousness?
What do we know about the many facets of this genius –about his capacity for invention,
his innovative techniques, the rationality, functionality and symbolism of his works?

The exhibition Walking with Gaudí will enable us to find the answers to these mysteries and
allow us to enjoy Gaudí fully. It will allow us to rediscover an incomparable building, the Pia
Almoina monument with its Roman wall, a true portal to Barcelona’s famous Gothic Quarter
and a place of shelter for those in need for centuries. It will allow us to take in the Museu Diocesà
de Barcelona’s collections of masterworks spanning two millennia with commentary
from Gaudí himself. It will amaze us with a unique collection of original works by Gaudí. It will
enable us to delve into the magical world of new technologies thanks to Samsung and the
extensive work of international researchers from numerous universities within what has been
named Gaudí Exhibition Center.

All of this shapes a new and incredibly rich space, a new recreational space, a new space for
knowledge, a new space where original works can be discovered by the public, a new space
where technology and research are placed at the service of the people, a bold new space that
addresses one of the most exuberant, surprising and unique personalities in the history of the
world: Gaudí.

Walking with Gaudí is returning to the origin to be original, as Gaudí said in one of his most
famous quotes. His voice will guide us along its enigmatic paths: the Earth, nature, faith, tradition,
places, materials, Mediterranean light, colours, history, craft, though, the nation, social
concern, technical and scientific mastery, rationality and service to the people, the search for
beauty and more. In Walking with Gaudí we will discover the worlds that influenced Gaudí
and share in his fascinating journey towards new worlds he discovered with his talent and
extraordinary technique.

Pere Jordi Figuerola Rotger

Curator of the exhibition Walking with Gaudí
Curator of the Museu Diocesà de Barcelona

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