The best museums in Arnhem in 2022

These are the top 10 best museums in Arnhem, the Netherlands, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2022. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Arnhem:

  1. Burgers' Zoo1

    Burgers' Zoo

    In Burgers' Zoo, visitors travel around the world. The animals live in 'eco-displays’ that simulate the natural habitat of the animals. Burgers' Zoo has the world's largest indoor rainforest in which thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish life. It also features ‘Burgers’ Desert’ with camels,
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  3. Netherlands Open Air Museum2

    Netherlands Open Air Museum

    The Netherlands Open Air Museum presents an overview of the Dutch history of two centuries ago to the more recent history. It focusses on the culture associated with the everyday lives of ordinary people. It features various antique houses, farms, factories, mills, a farmer bar and shops from differ
  4. Warmuseum Arnhem3

    Warmuseum Arnhem

    Warmuseum Arnhem is dedicated to the Second World War. It illustrates the events of the Second World War in the area of Arnhem. The museum features authentic objects from the period 1940 to 1945. The collection of the museum includes various vehicles, weapons, uniforms, ammunition, fake IDs and rati
  5. Museum Arnhem4

    Museum Arnhem

    Museum Arnhem is housed in a former gentlemen's club from 1873. The museum is dedicated to modern art from the Netherlands. The collection includes works from 1890 to the present. New Realism, surrealism and magic realism, are some of the styles that are covered in the museum. An important part of t
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  7. Nederlands Watermuseum5

    Nederlands Watermuseum

    The Nederlands Watermuseum is housed in the former ‘Bagijnemolen’. It is an interactive museum that covers everything related to water in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world. More than fifty presentations illustrate how the sewer system works, how much water the human body consists of
  8. Museum Bronbeek6

    Museum Bronbeek

    Museum Bronsbeek illustrates the Dutch colonial history. Most focus is on the Royal Dutch East Indies Army - KNIL - and the colonized opponents. The permanent exhibition features footage, stories of eyewitnesses and authentic weapons and uniforms that illustrate the story of the Dutch East Indies th
  9. Museum Schatkamer Walburgis7

    Museum Schatkamer Walburgis

    The Sint-Walburgisbasiliek dates back to the 14th century and is the oldest church building in Arnhem. In the Middle Ages it was a collegiate church. One of the side chapels is decorated as a treasury that features liturgical objects, such as ciboria, candlesticks and chalices. Important are a chass
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  11. Museum Vliegbasis Deelen8

    Museum Vliegbasis Deelen

    Museum Vliegbasis Deelen illustrates the air war over Dutch territory in the period 1939 to 1945. About 7,500 planes crashed in the Netherlands during World War II. The collection of the museum includes pilot clothing, aircraft armament, navigation equipment and many remains of plane wrecks.
  12. Nederlands Wijnmuseum9

    Nederlands Wijnmuseum

  13. Huis Zypendaal10

    Huis Zypendaal

    Huis Zypendaal is a country house from the 18th century with outbuildings and a garden. The rooms on the main floor are decorated in an old style. The house is open to visitors that are guided by a guide. The gardens and the park combine the romantic English landscape style and the formal French sty

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