All art museums and attractions to visit in Bruges

Bruges (Belgium) has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 9 art museums that are located in Bruges.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in Bruges? These are the ones:

  1. Basilica of the Holy Blood1

    Basilica of the Holy Blood

    The Museum of the Holy Blood tells the story of the relic of the Holy Blood that Count Thierry of Alsace is said to have brought with him from the Holy Land (1150). Showpiece of the museum is the reliquary of the Holy Blood, made by the Bruges goldsmith Jan Crabbe (1617), with thirty kilos of gold a
  2. Groeningemuseum2


    Six centuries of Belgian visual arts in one location, with work by Flemish primitives such as Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling and Gerard David, neo-classicism by Joseph Odevaere and Joseph Ducq, Flemish expressionism, and 20th century modern art by René Magritte, Roger Raveel, Raoul De Keyser.
  3. Liberty of Bruges3

    Liberty of Bruges

    The Liberty of Bruges is a country house from 1726 to 1795 where the seat of the government of the ‘Brugse Vrije’ was. It was built on the place where the second residence of the Count was situated. Since the late 18th century to 1984, the court was housed here. Now the City Archives have found a ho
  4. Museum of the Church of Our Lady Bruges4

    Museum of the Church of Our Lady Bruges

    The Church of Our Lady is a Gothic church from the 13th to 15th century. The collection of treasures includes twelve apostle sculptures that support the pillars, paintings by Jacques-Louis David, Bernard van Orley, Adriaan Isenbrandt, Pieter Pourbus and Gaspar de Crayer and the rococo pulpit with sy
  5. Museum St John’s Hospital Bruges5

    Museum St John’s Hospital Bruges

    Based on universal themes, relevant, current and stimulating stories will be told, about our collection, the historic hospital site - including the old pharmacy and herb garden - and (healthcare) history. The renewed museum will be a place that will speak to the heart. The new St John's Hospital wil
  6. Our Lady of the Pottery6

    Our Lady of the Pottery

    The Our Lady of the Pottery Museum is housed in a historic hospital complex from the 13th century. The museum collection includes paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture, stained glass, a silver collection, monastic and religious relics and healthcare items. The Gothic church with its baroque i
  7. Sint-Gilliskerk7


    The most important work of art within St. Gillis Church is the Polyptych of Hemelsdale by Pieter Pourbus, featuring scenes from the life of Jesus. There are also paintings on display by Jan Garemijn and Jacob Van Oost, among others.
  8. Gruuthuse Museum8

    Gruuthuse Museum

    The city palace of the lords of Gruuthuse is now an absolute highlight after a thorough restoration. The gables look magnificent. Renovated halls, a new museum concept, and special collection items are just waiting to be rediscovered. Gruuthusemuseum takes you to three crucial periods in the rich hi
  9. Gezellehuis9


    This location revolves entirely around Guido Gezelle (1830-1899), a significant poet and linguist in the Dutch language. His personality and work come to life in the multitude of manuscripts, photographs, and books. You will also find his writing desk, his travel case, and rosary. Gezelle was born i

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