The best museums in Málaga in June 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Málaga, Spain, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Málaga:

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  2. Automobile and Fashion Museum2

    Automobile and Fashion Museum

    The Automobile Museum of Malaga (Museo Automovilistico y de la Moda ) is a museum dedicated to the automotive industry that is housed in the old building of the Royal Tobacco Factory of Malaga. The museum has over 90 vehicles on display from 1898 to the present day, constituting a representative var
  3. Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga3

    Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

    The Carmen Thyssen Museum (Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga) is an art museum in Málaga that mainly focuses on 19th-century Spanish painting, predominantly Andalusian. The main part of the collection of the museum is based on the collection of Carmen Cervera, the third wife of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen
  4. Museo Picasso Málaga4

    Museo Picasso Málaga

    The Museo Picasso Málaga is an art museum in Málaga, dedicated to Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright Pablo Picasso. Málaga is the city where Picasso was born. The Picasso Museum in Málaga is housed in the Buenavista Palace and holds around 285 work
  5. Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Málaga5

    Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Málaga

    The Contemporary Art Center of Malaga (CAC Málaga, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Málaga) is a cultural initiative of the City of Malaga that aims to disseminate the plastic arts of the twentieth and twenty-first century. CAC Málaga has an area of close to 2400 square meters available as exhibition
  6. Coleccion del Museo Ruso6

    Coleccion del Museo Ruso

    Coleccion del Museo Ruso (Colección del Museo Ruso San Petersburgo Málaga) is housed in the building of the former Royal Tobacco Factory in Malaga. It is the first European subsidiary of the Russian institution. The museum shows permanent collections in their exhibitions on an annual or semi-annual
  7. Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga7

    Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga

    Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga (The Glass and Crystal Museum) is a museum of decorative arts in Malaga. The museum is housed in an eighteenth-century building known as Posada de San Felipe Neri that, after its restoration, features some 900 m² of exhibition space. Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de
  8. Centre Pompidou Málaga8

    Centre Pompidou Málaga

    Centre Pompidou Málaga is related to the Parisian art institution Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The centre is divided into five topics: las metamorfosis (the metamorphosis), el cuerpo en pedazos (the body in pieces), el cuerpo político (the political body), autorretratos (self-portraits), and el
  9. Fundación Picasso - Museo Natal9

    Fundación Picasso - Museo Natal

    Fundación Picasso - Museo Natal aims to promote and promulgate the work of the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright Pablo Picasso. The building that is now home to the foundation and the birthplace museum is the birthplace of the artist. The museum d
  10. Museo de Málaga10

    Museo de Málaga

    The Museo de Málaga is a museum in Málaga that includes the collections of the former Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes and Museo Arqueológico Provincial. The museum holds a collection of more than 2,000 pieces related to the Fine Arts and over 15,000 related to Archaeology.
  11. Revello de Toro Museum11

    Revello de Toro Museum

    The Revello de Toro Museum, also known as Pedro de Mena's house-workshop (casa-taller de Pedro de Mena), is a pinacoteca in Málaga. The museum is located in the former home of Pedro de Mena. As its name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the painter from Málaga Félix Revello de Toro and holds a co
  12. Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares12

    Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares

    Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares (The Museum of Popular Arts and Customs) is an ethnographic museum in Malaga. The museum is housed in the Mesón de la Victoria, a 17th century inn located on the banks of the Guadalmedina River. The museum exhibits its collection in nineteen rooms that represent
  13. Museum Jorge Rando13

    Museum Jorge Rando

    Welcome to Museum Jorge Rando A credited member of the UNESCO pro-dialogue group The Museum Jorge Rando, which is dedicated to the painter of the same name, is an institution which houses the works of this artist from Málaga and whose mission will focus on the study, research, knowledge and dissem
  14. Aeronautical Museum of Malaga14

    Aeronautical Museum of Malaga

    The Málaga Airport Museum is housed in the former terminal building that served Málaga from 1948 until 1968. The museum holds and displays a collection of artifacts that pay tribute to the history of air transport in Málaga. Visitors can also visit the old control tower.
  15. Museo del Patrimonio Municipal15

    Museo del Patrimonio Municipal

    Museo del Patrimonio Municipal (The Municipal Heritage Museum, MUPAM) is a museum of art and history in Málaga housed in a building designed by Federico Orellana Ortega. The musuem holds a colelction of objects related to the city, consisting of 5,000 pieces owned by the City of Malaga, spanning the
  16. Centro De Ciencia Principia16

    Centro De Ciencia Principia

    The Science Center "Principia" (Centro De Ciencia Principia) is an interactive science museum in Malaga. It consists of the "Faraday Room" with experiments with a digital planetarium star projector, the "Tomás Hormigo Room" with over 80 interactive modules and an astronomical observatory.
  17. Museo del Vino Málaga17

    Museo del Vino Málaga

    Museo del Vino Málaga (The Málaga Wine Museum) is an oenological museum in Malaga. The museum is housed in the palace of Biedmas, a palace of the eighteenth century. It is divided into two floors that contain several thematic rooms. It holds more than 400 old objects related to wine, including bottl
  18. ArsMalaga18


    ArsMalaga is housed in a grand bishop's palace (Palacio Episcopal) from 1762, opposite the cathedral. The museum holds a collection of religious art as well as a collection of old African coins. Besides displaying its permanent collection, the museum organises temporary exhibitions.
  19. Museo Alborania19

    Museo Alborania

    Museo Alborania (The Alborania Museum), officially named Museo Alborania-Aula del Mar is a museum in Malaga dedicated to the Alboran Sea. The collection the musuem holds includes marine animal remains, consisting of over 1,000 species including shells and bone structures.
  20. 20

    Museum of Imagination


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