The best museums in Nuremberg in June 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Nuremberg, Germany, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Nuremberg? These are the best ones:

  1. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds1

    Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

    The Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds is a museum in Nuremberg housed in the remains of the Congress Hall of the former Nazi party rallies. The museum features a permanent exhibition called "Fascination and Terror" on the causes, connections, and consequences of Nazi Germany and National
  2. Nuremberg Zoo2

    Nuremberg Zoo

    Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) is a zoo in Nuremberg, in the Nuremberg Reichswald (the Imperial Forest) that covers an area of 67 hectares and is home to approximately 300 animal species. The zoo is one of the largest zoos in Europe.
  3. Germanisches Nationalmuseum3

    Germanisches Nationalmuseum

    The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is the largest museum of cultural history in Germany, located in Nuremberg. The museum holds and exhibits a large collection of items related to German culture and art from prehistoric times to the present day. The collection consists of around 1,3 million objects of
  4. Nuremberg Toy Museum4

    Nuremberg Toy Museum

    The Nuremberg Toy Museum (Lydia Bayer Museum or Nürnberger Spielzeugmuseum) is a municipal museum in Nuremberg that depicts the cultural history of toys from antiquity to the present. The museum in Nuremberg is considered to be one of the most well known toy museums in the world. The collection that
  5. DB Museum5

    DB Museum

    The DB Museum is a railway museum in Nuremberg. Important historical railway vehicles include parts of the royal train for the Bavarian king, Ludwig II and an original coal wagon from 1829, the oldest steam locomotive in Germany still preserved in its original state, the Nordgau (built in 1853). Fur
  6. Nuremburg Trial Courthouse6

    Nuremburg Trial Courthouse

  7. City Museum at Fembo House7

    City Museum at Fembo House

    The Stadtmuseum Fembohaus (City Museum at Fembo House) is the city museum of Nuremberg that is dedicated to the history of Nuremberg that spans 950 years. The building that houses the City Museum is the Fembohaus, Nuremberg's only surviving large merchant's house of the late Renaissance. The museum
  8. Memorium Nuremberg Trials8

    Memorium Nuremberg Trials

    The Memorium Nuremberg Trials (Memorium Nurnberger Prozesse) is an institution in Nuremberg. From 1945 to 1949, the Nuremberg Trials took place in the jury courtroom of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. The Memorium Nuremberg Trials illustrates the history, course and aftermath of the processes. The
  9. Neues Museum9

    Neues Museum

    The Neues Museum Nürnberg (NMN) is a museum for modern and contemporary art and design in Nuremberg that is housed in a building designed by the architect Volker Staab. The museum features an exhibition area of around 3000 square meter in which it exhibits contemporary art as well as art and design
  10. Kunstbunker10


    The Historische Kunstbunker (Historic art bunker) is a tunnel complex under the Nuremberg Castle in Nuremberg. Visitors can participate in discovery tours to take a look at Nuremberg from a completely different side and discover places that have existed for many centuries but are hidden under the st
  11. Museum for Industrial Culture11

    Museum for Industrial Culture

    The Museum of Industrial Culture in Nuremberg is a museum of technology, culture and social history that documents the history of industrialization, focusing on examples of Nuremberg. The museum is housed in a hall of the former ironworks Julius Tafel (Tafelwerk) and covers around 6,000 m² of exhibi
  12. Museum of Communication12

    Museum of Communication

    The Museum of Communication is a museum in Nuremberg that is dedicated to communication, more specifically the the ways in which people communicate with each other. The museum contains four different exhibition rooms on sounds, images, texts, and internet. The collection that the Museum fur Kommunik
  13. Merks Motor Museum13

    Merks Motor Museum

    The Merks Motor Museum is a museum in Nuremberg that exhibits a private collection of shiny classic cars and motorcycles which are all made in Nuremberg.
  14. turmdersinne14


    The turmdersinne (Tower of the Senses) is an interactive museum/science center in Nuremberg. Visitors can try out various activities and experiments such as sensory stimuli and how things are processed on experimentation stations. In the turmdersinne even the perception of deception is made tangible
  15. Tucher Mansion Museum and Hirsvogel Hall15

    Tucher Mansion Museum and Hirsvogel Hall

    The Tucher Mansion Museum and Hirsvogel Hall is a museum in Nuremberg. The Tucherschloss was built as a city palace of the Nuremberg Patrician Tucher family. It is now a museum with exhibits on the history of the Tucher family and shows what was life like for the 16th century merchants. In addition
  16. Regiomontanus-Sternwarte16


    The Regiomontanus-Sternwarte Nürnberg is an astronomical observatory, aimed primarily at the public teaching of astronomy. It is located at the second highest point of the Nuremberg metropolitan area, the Rechenberg, in the St. Jobst district at about 338 meters. All the activities of the observator
  17. Natural History Museum17

    Natural History Museum

    The Natural History Museum in Nuremberg exhibits parts of the collections of the Natural History Society Nuremberg. The permanent exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Nuremberg covers the areas: ethnology, prehistory, archeology of Jordan, karst and speleology and geology. Zoology, entomology
  18. Museum 22 20 18 Kuhnertsgasse18

    Museum 22 20 18 Kuhnertsgasse

    The Handwerkerhäuser Kühnertsgasse are three listed former craft houses in Nuremberg, at Kühnertsgasse 18, 20 and 22. The oldest house number 22 was originally built in 1377 as a two-storey half-timbered house. The other two houses were built until 1434. The inhabitants rebuilt the houses several ti
  19. Kunstvilla Nürnberg19

    Kunstvilla Nürnberg

    The Kunstvilla Nürnberg is a municipal museum in Nuremberg that focuses on regional art. The museum is located in a listed neo-baroque merchant villa in the Marienvorstadt and is part of the KunstKulturQuartier. The total exhibition area is approximately 600 square meters. The permanent exhibition f
  20. Albrecht Dürer's House20

    Albrecht Dürer's House

    The Albrecht Dürer's House (Albrecht-Dürer-Haus) is a Nuremberg Fachwerkhaus and the home of painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance Albrecht Dürer from 1509 to his death in 1528. The house was built around 1420 and has five stories functioning as a museum dedicated to Dürer's li

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