The best museums in Munich in December 2023

These are the top 20 best museums in Munich, Germany, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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  1. BMW Welt1

    BMW Welt

    BMW Welt is the presentation and distribution center for the current products of the BMW car brand and a conference and symposium center in Munich. All kinds of cars, motorbikes, innovations and examples of technology are exhibited in the Markenwelt (Brand World). The building is not only an exhibit
  2. Munich Residence2

    Munich Residence

    The Munich Residence (Münchner Residenz) was a classicist-style city residence in Munich. Bavarian dukes, electors from 1623 and Bavarian kings from 1806 to 1918 stayed here. This complex is Germany's largest palace within city walls and one of Europe's most important museums for room decoration. It
  3. Deutsches Museum3

    Deutsches Museum

    Located on an island in the middle of the city, the Deutsches Museum is the largest museum devoted to science and technology worldwide. Explore the collection of over 100 000 objects ranging from candelabras to a U1 submarine, or watch one of the interesting interactive programs that change on a dai
  4. Hellabrunn Zoo4

    Hellabrunn Zoo

    Tierpark Hellabrunn or the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich was founded in 1911 and is home to around 15.000 animals relating to 665 species (including the aquarium). This zoo in Munich is divided into 15 themes. It was the first Geo-zoo, where animals from every continent live together. The park is situate
  5. Alte Pinakothek5

    Alte Pinakothek

    The Alte Pinakothek is a museum that is part of the Munich Kunstareal in Munich, with paintings by Renaissance and Baroque artists in particular. Construction began in 1826 and the building was finished in 1836, making it the then largest museum building in the world. The museum holds a couple of th
  6. BMW Museum6

    BMW Museum

    Spanning an area of some 5 000 square meters, the BMW Museum in Munich features exhibitions detailing the history of the BMW brand, but also a collection of the company's best cars and motorbikes. Sit in one of the vehicles and play a VR game that will allow you to feel like you are really driving i
  7. Nymphenburg Palace7

    Nymphenburg Palace

    Designed by Agostino Barelli, the name of this palace literally translates as the Castle of the Nymphs. When the Bavarian royalty in the 17th century wanted to take a summer break, they would go to the Nymphenburg Palace. Today, it is open to the public and home to several historical museums. You ca
  8. New Pinakothek8

    New Pinakothek

    The Neue Pinakothek is a museum of painting and sculpture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which is part of the Kunstareal München in Munich. The museum. The Neue Pinakothek in Munich shows a selection of 400 works from the total collection of 3000 paintings and 300 sculptures. The collec
  9. Municipal Gallery in Lenbach House9

    Municipal Gallery in Lenbach House

    The Municipal Gallery in Lenbach House is a museum in Munich that is housed in the former villa of the German painter Franz von Lenbach, built between 1887 and 1891. The museum primarily displays work by painters that worked in Munich in the 18th and 19th centuries. The paintings of the Münchner Sch
  10. Pinakothek der Moderne10

    Pinakothek der Moderne

    The Pinakothek der Moderne is a museum in Munich that is part of the Kunstareal Munich. The Pinakothek der Moderne accommodates four different museums, namely: Sammlung für Moderne Kunst (with all modern art movements with their most important representatives), Die Neue Sammlung (the history and dev
  11. NS-Dokumentationszentrum Munchen11

    NS-Dokumentationszentrum Munchen

    The NS-Dokumentationszentrum Munchen is a museum in Munich that is dedicated to the history of the city and of Bavaria between the First and Second World Wars, with particular attention to the political and social consequences of Nazism. Opened to the public on 1 May 2015, the museum was built symbo
  12. FC Bayern Erlebniswelt12

    FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

    The FC Bayern Erlebniswelt is Germany's biggest club museum that takes visitors on a journey from the foundation in 1900 to the present day, immersing visitors in the story of Germany’s most successful club. Numerous trophies, exhibits, and innovative media technology come together at the FC Bayern
  13. Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum13

    Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum

    The Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum is a museum in Munich with exhibits on the aspects of transport from various angles. The museum displays exhibits on the subject of traffic and mobility. On 12,000 square meters, vehicles, including motor vehicles, locomotives, cars, bicycles and trams are exhibi
  14. Glyptothek14


    The Glyptothek Munich is a museum for ancient Greek and Roman statues, which is located in the Kunstareal Munich of the Bavarian capital Munich. The Glyptothek was commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig I to a design by the neoclassical architect Leo von Klenze and opened to the public in 1830. Th
  15. State Collection of Egyptian Art15

    State Collection of Egyptian Art

    The State Collection of Egyptian Art in Munich (Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst) is an archaeological museum in Munich that holds and exhibits the state collection of Ancient Egypt art with exhibitions both on the predynastic as well as the dynastic periods. The State Collection of Egyptian
  16. Bavarian National Museum16

    Bavarian National Museum

    The Bavarian National Museum (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum) is a museum of applied art in Munich that holds and exhibits objects originating from the Middle Ages onward. The museum was founded in 1855 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria and houses a varied collection of sculptures and visual art collecti
  17. SEA LIFE Munich17

    SEA LIFE Munich

    Sea Life Munich is one of eight Sea Life Centers in Germany. It was opened in 2006 and depicts life in the Isar and the Danube to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In over 33 basins with 700,000 liters of water around 3,000 sea creatures are held relating to 150 species. A ten meter long unde
  18. Museum Brandhorst18

    Museum Brandhorst

    The Brandhorst Museum is a museum for modern and contemporary art in Munich. The modern art collection "Sammlung Brandhorst" is presented by Udo Brandhorst, the heir of the German Henkel group. In the museum building, with an exhibition area of 3200 m², a collection of works by classical modernists
  19. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum19

    Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

    The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum (The Bier- und Oktoberfestmuseum) is a museum in Munich devoted to the history of beer (on the ground floor) and Oktoberfest (on the upper floors). This beer museum in Munch is housed in an old building that dates from 1327. The museum includes various exhibitions inh
  20. Munich Municipal Museum20

    Munich Municipal Museum

    The Munich Municipal Museum (Munich Stadtmuseum) is the city's main museum that houses various exhibitions on topics related to Munich on three floors, with focus on the culture. The museum is housed in the former municipal arsenal and stables, both of the late Gothic period. The museum features var

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