The best museums in Madrid in March 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Madrid, Spain, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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These are the best museums in Madrid:

  1. Royal Palace of Madrid1

    Royal Palace of Madrid

    The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish royalty but is used only for state ceremonies. Visitors can see the marvelous interior decorations, made using various materials, from marble to mahogany. The palace is also home to Royal Armoury of Madrid. Surrounded by large and p
  2. Prado National Museum2

    Prado National Museum

    The Prado National Museum holds and exhibits one of the largest collections of European art in the world. It contains more than 7,600 paintings, some of them on the display here and some on loan in other museums. Being one of the most visited art museums in the world, the Prado National Museum is ho
  3. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum3

    Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

    The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is a museum in Madrid that houses one of the largest collections of art in the world, with more than 1,600 paintings. The museum pays special attention to Italian primitive and Anglophone art. The highlights of the exhibitions in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum include El
  4. Online discount!Queen Sofia Arts Center4

    Queen Sofia Arts Center

    The Queen Sofia Arts Center (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) is a museum in Madrid that is named after Queen Sofía. The museum houses a ginormous collection of Spanish art of the 20th century, with works by Dalí, Picasso, Miró and many others. One of the highlights of the permanent exhibi
  5. National Archaeological Museum Madrid5

    National Archaeological Museum Madrid

    The National Archaeological Museum Madrid (Museo Arqueológico Nacional) is a museum in Madrid with numismatic, archaeological and ethnographical finds. Visitors can discover four floors of historical artifacts from different periods, from Prehistory and Protohistory, to the Middle Ages and the moder
  6. Sorolla Museum6

    Sorolla Museum

    The Sorolla Museum in Madrid holds and exhibits work by the artist Joaquín Sorolla, as well as members of his family such as his daughter Elena. Sorolla excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes and monumental works of social and historical themes. The museum is housed in what was originally
  7. CaixaForum7


    The CaixaForum in Madrid is a museum of post-modern art that aims to promote Spanish art, culture and science to general public. The CaixaForum is sponsored by Caixa Bank and organizes various exhibitions of both ancient and contemporary art, talks, workshops and concerts.
  8. Online discount!Zoo Aquarium de Madrid8

    Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

    The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid is a combination of a zoo that spans over is a 20-hectare with over 6000 animals of 500 different species, including Giant Pandas and White Tigers. It is one of the few zoos in the world that is home to giant pandas. The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid features the zoo, a petting z
  9. Cerralbo Museum9

    Cerralbo Museum

    The Cerralbo Museum is a museum in Madrid that is housed in a historical mansion where it exhibits an extensive collection of artwork (over 50.000 objects). The museum is named after the marquis of Cerralbo, who used to own it. What was once considered the greatest private art collection in Spain, c
  10. Naval Museum10

    Naval Museum

    This Naval Museum (Museo Naval) in Madrid offers a glimpse of the history of the Spanish navy from the 15th century up to more recent times. The large collection includes many artefacts such as maps, paintings and boat models. The aim of this museum is not only to guide visitors through the history
  11. Faunia Nature Park11

    Faunia Nature Park

    The faunia park is both a zoo and a botanical garden and was opened in 2001. The 14 hectare park accommodates about 4000 animals of 500 different species. The park is divided into different sections with their own climate and corresponding plants and animals. There is a jungle section with different
  12. Fundación MAPFRE Madrid – Sala Recoletos12

    Fundación MAPFRE Madrid – Sala Recoletos

  13. Museo Lázaro Galdiano13

    Museo Lázaro Galdiano

    The Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid features José Lázaro Galdiano´s collection of art from wide range of periods. It contains important collections of valuable works from the prehistoric period to the nineteenth century, with a focus on Iberian work, including paintings by great painters, such as Bo
  14. Círculo de Bellas Artes14

    Círculo de Bellas Artes

  15. Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Museum15

    Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Museum

    The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando is the academy where many notables such as Picasso, Dalí or Goya studied. The academy has been transformed into an exhibition space and now serves as an art museum: the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Museum. One of the higlights of this pla
  16. Museo del Romanticismo16

    Museo del Romanticismo

    The Museo del Romanticismo is a musuem in Madrid that is housed in an 18th-century palace with more than 20 rooms filled with interesting period artifacts from paintings and decorative arts, to furniture and sculptures. Visitors can explore the place where romantic writers used to gather. One of the
  17. Plaza Monumental de Toros de las Ventas17

    Plaza Monumental de Toros de las Ventas

  18. 18

    The Neomudéjar Museum

  19. 19

    Museum of Illusions Madrid

  20. Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales20

    Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales

  21. Corrala Cultural Center - Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions21

    Corrala Cultural Center - Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

    The Corrala Cultural Center is home to the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions. The museum's collection contains more than 8,000 pieces from all over Spain, from musical instruments and handicrafts to dresses or farming tools.
  22. Matadero Madrid22

    Matadero Madrid

  23. IKONO Madrid23

    IKONO Madrid

    The IKONO concept is revolutionizing the leisure sector by allowing its customers to enjoy different ikonic spaces where they can experience unique and incomparable moments. This challenges the creativity of visitors, who are the protagonists: with a young and groundbreaking project that offers
  24. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Museum24

    Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Museum

  25. Liria Palace - Casa de Alba Foundation25

    Liria Palace - Casa de Alba Foundation

    Liria Palace - Casa de Alba Foundation (Palacio de Liria - Fundacion Casa de Alba) is a Neo-classical palace that was built in the 18th and renovated in the 20th century. It houses a collection of European art, including paintings, engravings, sculptures and decorative arts. It holds works by famous
  26. House-Museum of Lope de Vega26

    House-Museum of Lope de Vega

    The House-Museum of Lope de Vega in Madrid is the house of the famous Spanish playwright and poet Lope de Vega who lived in the 16th century and became a prominent writer of the Golden Age. Rebuilt into a museum in 1935, its exhibition will guide you through both Vega's life and death, as he died in
  27. Museo del Aire27

    Museo del Aire

    The Museo del Aire (Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica de España) is an aviation museum in Madrid. The museum has about 150 aircraft on display in its exhibition galleries, over a complete surface of more than 66,000 m2, including outdoor displays. The museum mainly exhibits mainly planes and helic
  28. Espacio Fundación Telefónica28

    Espacio Fundación Telefónica

    The Espacio Fundación Telefónica is a "space" in madrid that emerged from Telefónica Foundation’s desire to increase the spread of knowledge and to promote exhibitions, meetings and activities that connect innovation, creativity and technology with society. It includes 6,000 m² for exhibitions, conc
  29. Madrid Railway Museum29

    Madrid Railway Museum

    The Madrid Railway Museum (Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid) is a museum in Madrid that is located in a former railway station. The building itself is interesting, built in the Spanish industrial style. Inside the museum visitors can explore the fascinating world of trains and locomotives where the e
  30. Madrid Wax Museum30

    Madrid Wax Museum

    The Madrid Wax Museum (Museo de Cera de Madrid) is a museum with a collection of wax sculptures representing famous people from history and contemporary personalities.
  31. 31

    Velázquez Tech Museum

  32. Anden 032

    Anden 0

  33. National Museum of Natural Sciences of Spain33

    National Museum of Natural Sciences of Spain

    The National Museum of Natural Sciences of Spain (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de España) is the natural history museum of Madrid. The museum was founded in 1772 by Carlos III at the location where the Prado is now located. Since 1887 the museum has been at its current location in the Palaci
  34. Museum of the Americas34

    Museum of the Americas

    The Museum of the Americas (Museo de América) is an anthropology museum in Madrid of which the main exhibition includes artistic, archaeological and ethnographic collections dedicated to American society, religion and communication dating back to Paleolithic period. The Museum of the Americas in Mad
  35. Museo de la Catedral de la Almudena35

    Museo de la Catedral de la Almudena

    The Almudena Cathedral is a Catholic church in Madrid that seems to have been built on the site of a medieval mosque that was destroyed in 1083 when Alfonso VI reconquered Madrid. Museo de la Catedral de la Almudena is the museum of the cathedral. A visit starts with two chambers of the Cathedral: t
  36. Museo Geominero36

    Museo Geominero

    The Museo Geominero is a geology museum in Madrid that houses collections of minerals, rocks and fossils from Spain and its former colonies, as well as pieces from significant sites elsewhere in the world. This geology museum is housed in the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España building.
  37. Museum of Costume37

    Museum of Costume

    The Museum of Costume (Museo del Traje) in Madrid is a museum where you can see collections of costumes dating back to the Middle Ages as well as pieces created by contemporary fashion designers. The exhibitions try to display the evolution of dress and fashion industry in Spain. To enrich the knowl
  38. Museo de Historia de Madrid38

    Museo de Historia de Madrid

    Museo de Historia de Madrid is the Museum of History of Madrid that illustrates the history of the city from 1561 when Madrid became the capital of Spain to the beginning of the twentieth century. The museum is housed in the former Royal Hospice of San Fernando, built in 1673. The permanent exhibiti
  39. Juan March Institute39

    Juan March Institute

  40. National Museum of Anthropology40

    National Museum of Anthropology

    The National Museum of Anthropology is a Spanish National Museum in Madrid that was Spain's first anthropological museum. The museum offers a global view of the different cultures existing on the planet, with collections that cover the five continents. It was inaugurated on April 29, 1875 by King Al
  41. Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas41

    Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas

    The National Museum of Decorative Arts (Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas) is a museum in Madrid that is one of the oldest museums in the city. The museum illustrates the evolution of industrial arts", including furniture, ceramics, glass, and textiles though its collections of mainly the 16th and
  42. Museo Casa de la Moneda42

    Museo Casa de la Moneda

    Museo Casa de la Moneda (The Museum of the Royal Mint) is a museum in Madrid that holds and exhibits the collection of the Spanish Royal Mint. The numismatic collection starts from its origins, passing through Greece, Rome, Hispania, the Middle Ages, the Catholic Monarchs, the House of Austria and t
  43. Museo de la Biblioteca Nacional43

    Museo de la Biblioteca Nacional

    The Biblioteca Nacional de España is the National Library of Spain, located in Madrid. It is a major public library and the largest in Spain and even one of the largest in the world. The Museum of the National Library of Spain (Museo de la Biblioteca Nacional ), formerly the Museum of the Book, is r
  44. Infante de Orleans Foundation Museum44

    Infante de Orleans Foundation Museum

  45. Museo de San Isidro45

    Museo de San Isidro

    The Museum of San Isidro, or the Museum of the Origins of Madrid is a cultural institution that holds and displays a collection that finds its foundation in the collection of the former Archaeological Institute and the Municipal Museum of Madrid. The museum illustrates the history of the city from p
  46. Madrid Planetarium46

    Madrid Planetarium

    The Madrid Planetarium is a planetarium that belongs to the Madrid City Council, designed by the Madrid architect Salvador Pérez Arroyo. The planetarium is located in the Enrique Tierno Galván Park. It offers free outdoor days and has individual and group sessions on astronomy.
  47. Palacio de Velasquez47

    Palacio de Velasquez

    Palacio de Velasquez (Velázquez Palace) is an exhibition hall in Madrid that is located in El Retiro Park. It was once used as a museum promoting ceramics and glass-making, but is now dedicated to temporary exhibitions of Spain's National Museum of Modern Art. Named after the architect Ricardo Veláz
  48. Museo Tiflológico48

    Museo Tiflológico

    Museo Tiflológico is a musuem in Madrid that is housed in a building with an area of 1,500 square meters where visitors can see and touch the exhibited pieces. The collections that are exhibited in the museum are related to three clear lines of acquisition and research: the rooms dedicated to the mo
  49. ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration49

    ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration

    The ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration is an artistic center Madrid that is more than just a collection of drawings, also featuring an impressive piece of modern architecture. The exhibitions show the evolution of graphic arts and illustrations from the 1890s to contemporary artists. The highlig
  50. Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque50

    Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) is a museum in Madrid that is housed in the historic barracks of the Conde Duque from the beginning of the 18th century. The collection of the Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid consists mainly of painting and graphic work, but

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