All art museums and attractions to visit in Mexico

Mexico has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 58 art museums that are located in Mexico.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in Mexico? These are the ones:

  1. Frida Kahlo Museum1

    Frida Kahlo Museum

    Mexico City
    The Frida Kahlo Museum ( Spanish : Museo Frida Kahlo ), also known as the Blue House ( La Casa Azul ) for the structure's cobalt-blue walls, is a historic house museum and art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo . It is located in the Colonia del Carmen neighborhood
  2. Palace of Fine Arts2

    Palace of Fine Arts

    Mexico City
    The Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts ) is a prominent cultural center in Mexico City . It has hosted notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and literature in Mexico and has held important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography. Consequently, the Palacio de Bellas Arte
  3. Diego Rivera Mural Museum3

    Diego Rivera Mural Museum

    Mexico City
    Museo Mural Diego Rivera is a museum in Mexico City where Diego Rivera 's 1946–47 mural Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central is located.
  4. Soumaya Museum4

    Soumaya Museum

    Mexico City
    The Museo Soumaya is a private museum in Mexico City and a non-profit cultural institution with two museum buildings in Mexico City — Plaza Carso and Plaza Loreto. It has over 66,000 works from 30 centuries of art including sculptures from Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica , 19th- and 20th-century Mexican a
  5. Museum of Modern Art5

    Museum of Modern Art

    Mexico City
    The Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art) is located in Chapultepec park, Mexico City , Mexico. The museum is part of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura and provides exhibitions of national and international contemporary artists. The museum also hosts a permanent collection
  6. National Art Museum6

    National Art Museum

    Mexico City
    The Museo Nacional de Arte ( MUNAL ) (English: National Museum of Art ) is the Mexican national art museum, located in the historical center of Mexico City . The museum is housed in a neoclassical building at No. 8 Tacuba, Col. Centro, Mexico City. It includes a large collection representing the his
  7. Cancún Underwater Museum - MUSA7

    Cancún Underwater Museum - MUSA

    The Cancún Underwater Museum, also known as MUSA, is a unique non-profit organization located in Cancún, Mexico. Its primary focus is on the art of conservation, using underwater sculptures as a means to promote coral life and provide a fascinating attraction for visitors. The museum's dedication to environmental preservation makes it a unique destination for those interested in both art and nature.
  8. 8

    Mystika Immersive

  9. Palacio de Cultura Banamex – Palacio Iturbide9

    Palacio de Cultura Banamex – Palacio Iturbide

    Mexico City
    The Palace of Iturbide (1779 to 1785) is a large palatial residence located in the historic center of Mexico City at Madero Street #17. It was built by the Count of San Mateo Valparaíso as a wedding gift for his daughter. It gained the name “Palace of Iturbide” because Agustín de Iturbide lived ther
  10. Museo Tamayo10

    Museo Tamayo

    Mexico City
    Museo Rufino Tamayo is a public contemporary art museum located in Mexico City 's Chapultepec Park , that produces contemporary art exhibitions, using its collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as artworks from the collection of its founder, the artist Rufino Tamayo .
  11. Dolores Olmedo Museum11

    Dolores Olmedo Museum

    Mexico City
    The Museo Dolores Olmedo (or the Dolores Olmedo Museum ) is an art museum in Xochimilco , Mexico City , based on the collection of the Mexican businesswoman Dolores Olmedo . The museum will be relocated to Chapultepec in 2024.
  12. National Museum of San Carlos12

    National Museum of San Carlos

    Mexico City
    The Museo Nacional de San Carlos (English: National Museum of San Carlos ) is a Mexican national art museum devoted to European art, located in the Cuauhtémoc borough in Mexico City . The museum is housed in the Palace of the Count of Buenavista , a neoclassical building at Puente de Alvarado No. 50
  13. Anahuacalli Museum13

    Anahuacalli Museum

    Mexico City
    The Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum is a museum and arts center in Mexico City , located in the San Pablo de Tepetlapa neighborhood of Coyoacán , 10 minutes by car from the Frida Kahlo Museum , as well as from the tourist neighborhood of this district. The Anahuacalli (from the Nahuatl word, whose m
  14. Museo Jumex14

    Museo Jumex

    Mexico City
    The largest private contemporary art collection in Latin America.
  15. Amber Museum15

    Amber Museum

    San Cristóbal de las Casas
    Beautiful museum carefully documenting the local tradition of amber mining and crafting: there are some really amazing pieces on display!
  16. Academy of San Carlos16

    Academy of San Carlos

    Mexico City
  17. Rufino Tamayo Museum17

    Rufino Tamayo Museum

    Museo Rufino Tamayo is a public contemporary art museum located in Mexico City 's Chapultepec Park , that produces contemporary art exhibitions, using its collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as artworks from the collection of its founder, the artist Rufino Tamayo .
  18. Arte Carrillo Gil Museum18

    Arte Carrillo Gil Museum

    Mexico City
  19. Museum of José Luis Bello y González19

    Museum of José Luis Bello y González

    The José Luis Bello y González Museum, situated in Puebla, Mexico, is home to the extensive collection of industrialist José Luis Bello y González and his son José Mariano Bello y Acedo. The collection includes works from America, Europe, and Asia, spanning various genres such as oil paintings, talavera, feather art, cabinetry, porcelain, ivories, crystals, and metals.
  20. Amparo Museum20

    Amparo Museum

    The Museo Amparo , located in the historic center of Puebla City , is one of the most important historical museums in Mexico . It was inaugurated in 1991 and sponsored by the Amparo Foundation, which was founded in 1979 by Manuel Espinoza Yglesias in honor of his wife. The museum is housed in two c
  21. Museo Estatal De Arte Popular Oaxaca21

    Museo Estatal De Arte Popular Oaxaca

    San Bartolo Coyotepec
    The Museo Estatal de Arte Popular de Oaxaca (State Museum of Popular Art of Oaxaca) or MEAPO is a small museum in the municipality of San Bartolo Coyotepec just south of the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. It is run by the state of Oaxaca to showcase the entity's handcrafts and folk art tradition , throu
  22. Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art22

    Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art

    Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (English: Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey ), abbreviated as MARCO, is a major contemporary art museum , located in the city of Monterrey , in Nuevo León state of northeastern Mexico . MARCO organizes major exhibitions with regional and international c
  23. Rafael Coronel Museum23

    Rafael Coronel Museum

    Rafael Coronel (24 October 1932 – 7 May 2019) was a Mexican painter. He was the son-in-law of Diego Rivera . His representational paintings have a melancholic sobriety, and include faces from the past great masters, often floating in a diffuse haze. In what was the convent of San Francisco de Almolo
  24. José Guadalupe Posada Museum24

    José Guadalupe Posada Museum

    The José Guadalupe Posada Museum is located in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes , capital of the State of Aguascalientes , and birthplace of the graphic artist José Guadalupe Posada . The Museum displays the original signed printed plates with which he created his graphic images.
  25. Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez25

    Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez

    The Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguérez is dedicated to showcasing the work of the artist Manuel Felguérez and the history of abstract art in Mexico. Visitors can expect to see a wide range of abstract art pieces, learn about the evolution of this art form in Mexico, and gain insights into the artist's creative process and influences.
  26. Cultural Center Casa Lamm26

    Cultural Center Casa Lamm

    Mexico City
    The Casa Lamm Cultural Center is the best known landmark in Colonia Roma . It was a house built in the early 20th century when Colonia Roma was a new neighborhood for the wealthy leaving the historic center of Mexico City . In the 1990s, the house was restored to open as a cultural center in 1994, w
  27. Alvarez Bravo Museum of Photography27

    Alvarez Bravo Museum of Photography

    The Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo is a photographic exhibition centre in the city of Oaxaca , Mexico . The centre is named after the Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902–2002). It is located in the Graphic Arts Institute of Oaxaca .
  28. Francisco Goitia Museum28

    Francisco Goitia Museum

    Do you really love art? Don't miss the opportunity to see the unique collection of approx. 170 pieces of Zacatecas' greatest artists.
  29. Pedro Coronel Museum29

    Pedro Coronel Museum

    For all fans of art there is a museum with Pedro Coronelonó's paintings and as well as with a collection of modern European art.
  30. Borda House Taxco Cultural Center30

    Borda House Taxco Cultural Center

    The beautiful historical building houses a small exhibition dedicated to local history, particularly the silver mining and trade.
  31. José Luis Cuevas Museum31

    José Luis Cuevas Museum

    Mexico City
    The José Luis Cuevas Museum is located just off the Zócalo within the Historic center of Mexico City , in Mexico City , Mexico. The museum and Church of Santa Inés were built as parts of the Convent of Santa Inés ( Agnes of Rome ) complex. The museum is in the convent's colonial era residential hall
  32. Museo de Arte de Querétaro32

    Museo de Arte de Querétaro

    Visit the museum which is located in the beautiful building of a former cloister. Admire the Baroque architecture as well as artworks.
  33. Museum of Religious Art Ex Convento de Santa Mónica33

    Museum of Religious Art Ex Convento de Santa Mónica

    The former monastery now serves as a museum of religious art. Many masterpieces are on display here.
  34. Museo de Arte de Zapopan34

    Museo de Arte de Zapopan

    Often deemed to be the best museum of modern art in the whole of Guadalajara, the museum has four galleries that hold various exhibits.
  35. 35

    House of Dolls

    Note the unusual decoration on the walls of this building - you'll see paintings of people. Many exhibitions take place here.
  36. Museo de la Canción Yucateca A.C.36

    Museo de la Canción Yucateca A.C.

    If you are interested in folk art and in music, poetry and literature in particular, then come to this hugely interesting museum.
  37. Museo José Luis Bello y Zetina37

    Museo José Luis Bello y Zetina

    This private collection of various precious artworks will amaze you. There is also period furniture on display here.
  38. 38

    Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato

    While some are here to appreciate the artworks, others come here to attend courses in drama, history or enjoy concerts and lectures.
  39. San Pedro Museum of Art39

    San Pedro Museum of Art

    Covering a thousand square meters, this museum displays various kinds of art from different eras of mankind.
  40. University Museum of Contemporary Art40

    University Museum of Contemporary Art

    Mexico City
  41. Museo de Aguascalientes41

    Museo de Aguascalientes

  42. La Tallera42

    La Tallera

  43. Robert Brady Museum43

    Robert Brady Museum

  44. Museo Regional de Querétaro44

    Museo Regional de Querétaro

    A museum where you can admire artifacts such as sculptures, ceramics, weapons, paintings and clothing from the Queretaro region.
  45. Parroquia San José El Calvario45

    Parroquia San José El Calvario

    The tiny brick tower is a museum dedicated to the art of photography. The whole place breathes of history.
  46. 46

    MUSA Museum of the Arts University of Guadalajara

    The museum houses frequent temporary international exhibitions as well as a large collection of Mexican art.
  47. 47

    Museum of Oaxacan Painters

    If interested in art, do not miss out on this opportunity to visit this interesting gallery. Regularly changing exhibitions of local artists.
  48. 48

    William Spratling Museum

    The William Spratling Museum ( Museo Guillermo Spratling ) is a museum in Taxco , Guerrero , Mexico. The museum contains 293 archeological pieces that were part of William Spratling 's personal collection. There are bone and shell pieces, objects made with semi-precious stones, as well as jars and
  49. 49

    Contemporary Art Museum

    This museum is just.. wonderful. Fresh showcase of both Mexican and international artists arranged in awe-inspiring concepts.
  50. 50

    Olga Costa-Jose Chavez Morado Museum of Art

    An admirable display of Morado and Costa's collection consisting of 16th-18th century ceramics, furniture, glassware and paintings.
  51. 51

    Gene Byron Museum

    Gene Byron converted her house into a living museum to exhibit her crafts and paintings. She also organises workshops for art enthusiasts.
  52. 52

    Museum of Art of Mazatlán

    A museum of contemporary Mexican art that has impressive exhibition of paintings, photographs, sculptures and prints.
  53. 53

    Museum of Contemporary Art of Tamaulipas

    This museum is a great place to visit for all lovers of contemporary art. It also supports perspective Mexican artists.
  54. 54

    Cultural Centre House No. 6

    You can get various tourist information at this center, buy some souvenirs or attend theatrical performances.
  55. 55

    Erasto Cortés Workshop Museum

    Discover the most amazing pieces of art made by Erasto Cortéz, a 20th century Mexican painter and sculptor.
  56. 56

    El Nigromante Ignacio Ramirez Cultural Center

    San Miguel de Allende
    The art school is well worth art connoisseurs' attention: there are several exhibition halls dedicated to different media.
  57. 57

    Acapulco Culture Centre

    Displays archaeological artifacts, art by both local and international artists and hosts all kinds of workshops.
  58. 58

    Mexicolors Gallery

    A gallery that is focused on photography. You can buy here amazing art canvas prints, they are great souvenir and may be used as great decoration.

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