The best museums in Nebraska in October 2023

These are the top 100 best museums in Nebraska, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Nebraska? These are the best ones:

  1. Joslyn Art Museum1

    Joslyn Art Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The Joslyn Art Museum, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a testament to the love and memory of businessman George A. Joslyn. Inaugurated in 1931 by his wife, Sarah H. Joslyn, the museum stands as a beacon of art and culture in the region. It's a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of art, all while appreciating the dedication and passion of its founders.
  2. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium2

    Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

    Omaha, NE
    Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is a proud member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), an international organization dedicated to animal care and conservation. The zoo is also recognized as one of the most species-rich zoos in the USA, housing a wide variety of animals from different habitats around the world.
  3. Willa Cather Childhood Home3

    Willa Cather Childhood Home

    Red Cloud, NE
    The Willa Cather House , also known as the Willa Cather Childhood Home , is a historic house museum at 241 North Cedar Street in Red Cloud, Nebraska . Built in 1878, it is the house where author Willa Cather (1873–1947) grew up. Cather's descriptions of frontier life in Nebraska were an important
  4. Durham Museum4

    Durham Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The Durham Museum (formerly known as the Durham Western Heritage Museum ) is located at 801 South 10th Street in downtown Omaha, Nebraska . The museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying the history of the United States' western region. The museum is housed in Omaha's former Union Station .
  5. International Quilt Museum5

    International Quilt Museum

    Lincoln, NE
    The International Quilt Museum, situated at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska, is renowned for housing the world's largest known public collection of quilts. This museum, also known as the Quilt House, is a significant destination for quilt enthusiasts and historians alike, offering a unique insight into the art and history of quilting.
  6. Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum6

    Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum

    Lincoln, NE
    The Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum is a unique institution dedicated to preserving and documenting the history of Nebraska's tractor test law. Operated by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the museum is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. It offers a unique insight into the history and development of tractor testing laws and practices.
  7. General Crook House Museum7

    General Crook House Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The General George Crook House Museum is situated in the historic Fort Omaha, specifically in the Miller Park neighborhood of North Omaha, Nebraska. This location is not only significant for its historical value but also for its accessibility and proximity to other attractions in the area. Visitors can easily find the museum and enjoy the surrounding neighborhood, which is rich in history and culture.
  8. John G. Neihardt State Historic Site8

    John G. Neihardt State Historic Site

    Bancroft, NE
    The John G. Neihardt State Historic Site, also referred to as the Neihardt Center, is situated in Bancroft, Nebraska, United States. The site is dedicated to the life and works of Nebraska Poet Laureate John Neihardt, featuring museum exhibits that provide insight into his life and legacy. It is an ideal destination for those interested in literature, history, and the arts.
  9. El Museo Latino9

    El Museo Latino

    Omaha, NE
    El Museo Latino is a museum featuring Latino and Hispanic art and history that is located at 4701 South 25th Street in South Omaha, Nebraska . Established in 1993, by Magdalena García, it is the first Latino art and history museum and cultural center in the Midwest .
  10. Lincoln Children's Museum10

    Lincoln Children's Museum

    Lincoln, NE
    Intriguing museum full of interactive exhibits that challenges kids to learn in an entertaining way.
  11. Omaha Children's Museum11

    Omaha Children's Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The Omaha Children's Museum, located at 500 South 20th Street in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a space for young people to learn and explore. The museum's mission is to engage the imagination and create excitement about learning, making it an ideal destination for families with children.
  12. Great Plains Black History Museum12

    Great Plains Black History Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The Great Plains Black History Museum is situated on the first floor of the historic Jewell Building in North Omaha, Nebraska. This location is significant as it is a part of the rich history of the area. The museum was previously located at 2213 Lake Street in the Near North Side neighborhood in North Omaha, housed in the Webster Telephone Exchange Building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  13. Historic Florence Bank Museum13

    Historic Florence Bank Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The building that once housed the Bank of Florence now serves as the Bank of Florence Museum. It is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and holds the distinction of being the oldest building in Omaha, Nebraska. This museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the city's rich history.
  14. Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum14

    Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

    South Bend, NE
    The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum is a unique institution that focuses on the aircraft and nuclear missiles of the United States Air Force during the Cold War. This museum offers a deep dive into a significant period of military and aviation history, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the technology and strategies used during this time.
  15. Kregel Windmill Factory Museum15

    Kregel Windmill Factory Museum

    Nebraska City, NE
    The Kregel Windmill Factory Museum, originally known as the Kregel Wind Mill Company, has a rich history dating back to 1879. It was during this year that the company began producing water pumping windmills in Nebraska City, Nebraska. This historical context provides a unique insight into the industrial heritage of the region.
  16. Old Freighters Museum16

    Old Freighters Museum

    Nebraska City, NE
  17. Wildwood Historic Center17

    Wildwood Historic Center

    Nebraska City, NE
  18. Arbor Lodge18

    Arbor Lodge

    Nebraska City, NE
    Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and Arboretum is a mansion and arboretum situated at 2600 Arbor Avenue, Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States. This location is a National Historic Landmark and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1969. It is a significant site for tourists interested in history, architecture, and nature.
  19. American Historical Society of Germans From Russia Museum19

    American Historical Society of Germans From Russia Museum

    Lincoln, NE
  20. University of Nebraska State Museum20

    University of Nebraska State Museum

    Lincoln, NE
    The University of Nebraska State Museum, also known as Morrill Hall, is a natural history museum that was founded in 1871. It is located on the University of Nebraska Lincoln City Campus, near the corner of 14th and Vine Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. The museum features Nebraska biodiversity, paleontology, and cultural diversity.
  21. Museum of American Speed21

    Museum of American Speed

    Lincoln, NE
    The Museum of American Speed is a non-profit institution that is committed to the preservation and exhibition of artifacts that represent the history of American automotive. This museum is a testament to the evolution of the American automotive industry and offers a unique insight into its rich history.
  22. Museum of Nebraska Art22

    Museum of Nebraska Art

    Kearney, NE
    The Museum of Nebraska Art, also known as MONA, is the official art museum of the state of Nebraska. It is located in the city of Kearney and is administratively affiliated with the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The museum is home to the Nebraska Art Collection, which includes works by artists who were born in Nebraska, have lived in Nebraska, or have some connection to Nebraska. The museum also hosts regular rotating exhibitions by living or historic artists who have some connection with the state.
  23. Fort Kearney Museum23

    Fort Kearney Museum

    Kearney, NE
  24. Trailside Museum of Natural History24

    Trailside Museum of Natural History

    Crawford, NE
    The Trailside Museum of Natural History is situated in the historic Army Theatre at Fort Robinson State Park. This location is three miles west of Crawford, Nebraska on U.S. Route 20. The museum is housed in a building that has a rich history, having served as a theater and gymnasium for the Fort Robinson army post.
  25. Sarpy County Museum25

    Sarpy County Museum

    Bellevue, NE
    The Sarpy County Museum, situated at 2402 Clay St in Bellevue, Nebraska, is a repository of a vast collection of artifacts and historical resources. These collections provide a comprehensive coverage of the history of Sarpy County, Nebraska, including the cities of Bellevue, Gretna, La Vista, Papillion, and Springfield.
  26. Pony Express Station Museum26

    Pony Express Station Museum

    Gothenburg, NE
  27. Boys Town Hall of History27

    Boys Town Hall of History

    Boys Town, NE
    The Boys Town property holds significant historical value as it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and was designated as a National Historic Landmark on February 4, 1985. This recognition underscores the importance of Boys Town in the history of child care and family support in the United States.
  28. 100th Meridian Museum28

    100th Meridian Museum

    Cozad, NE
  29. Robert Henri Museum29

    Robert Henri Museum

    Cozad, NE
  30. Museum of the Fur Trade30

    Museum of the Fur Trade

    6, NE
    The Museum of the Fur Trade, located near Chadron, Nebraska, is housed in the faithfully reconstructed Bordeaux Trading Post. Built during 1845-46 by James Bordeaux, the post has been restored using weathered old lumber from a nearby ranchhouse, maintaining the same location and post-holes. This meticulous reconstruction offers visitors a glimpse into the past, providing a tangible connection to the history of the fur trade.
  31. Meriwether Lewis Dredge Museum of Missouri River History31

    Meriwether Lewis Dredge Museum of Missouri River History

    Brownville, NE
    The dredge Captain Meriwether Lewis, a U.S. National Historic Landmark, is a significant piece of American history. It is one of the few surviving examples of its type, built with the purpose of controlling flooding and improving navigation along the nation's rivers. This makes it a unique and interesting site for visitors interested in history and engineering.
  32. Pioneer Village32

    Pioneer Village

    Minden, NE
    Pioneer Village is a museum and tourist attraction located along U.S. Highway 6 in Minden, Nebraska, United States. It offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the history and culture of the region.
  33. Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles33

    Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles

    Lexington, NE
    The Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles (HMMV) is located in Lexington, Nebraska. It is a non-profit organization that is managed by volunteers and funded through donations and grants. This museum is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and display of historic military equipment of all types, as a tribute to those who have served in the military.
  34. Wayne County Museum34

    Wayne County Museum

    Wayne, NE
    The Dr. W. C. Wightman House holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. This listing signifies the house's importance in the nation's history and its architectural significance. Visitors to the Wayne County Museum can appreciate the house's historical value and architectural beauty.
  35. O'connor House Museum Complex35

    O'connor House Museum Complex

    Homer, NE
    The Cornelius O'Connor House was recognized for its historical significance and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. This listing acknowledges the house's contribution to the nation's cultural heritage.
  36. Burt County Museum36

    Burt County Museum

    Tekamah, NE
    The Burt County Museum is housed in the E.C. Houston House, a historic two-story building in Tekamah, Nebraska. This house was constructed by Joseph Wixer between 1904 and 1905 for E. C. Houston. The architectural design of the house is in the Classical Revival style, which adds to its historic charm.
  37. Sturdevant-McKee Museum37

    Sturdevant-McKee Museum

    Atkinson, NE
    The Sturdevant-McKee Museum, also known as the Brantly Sturdevant House, is a historic Queen Anne style house located at 308 S. Main St. in Atkinson, Nebraska. Built in 1887, the house is a significant part of the town's history and offers a glimpse into the past. The museum is housed in this historic building, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore the rich history of the area.
  38. Plains Historical Museum38

    Plains Historical Museum

    Kimball, NE
    The Plains Historical Museum is housed in the Fraternal Hall, a building of significant historical and architectural value. Constructed in 1903-04, the building is located at the intersection of 2nd and Chestnut Streets in Kimball, Nebraska. It is a fine example of Classical Revival architecture, a style that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  39. 39

    Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

    Chadron, NE
    The Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center is a museum that pays tribute to the life and works of author Mari Sandoz. It also focuses on the High Plains region of the western United States, which was the setting for many of Sandoz's works. This museum provides a unique opportunity to delve into the history and culture of the High Plains region, as well as the life of one of its most notable authors.
  40. William Jennings Bryan House40

    William Jennings Bryan House

    Lincoln, NE
    Former home of the U.S. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan. It was restored to the original 1900s state and serves as a museum.
  41. Fort Robinson History Center41

    Fort Robinson History Center

    Crawford, NE
    Fort Robinson, originally known as Camp Robinson, is a significant historical site in Nebraska. Established on March 8, 1874, by the United States Army, it is located near the present-day town of Crawford. The fort was named in honor of Lieutenant Levi H. Robinson and served as a military post during significant periods in American history.
  42. Stuhr Museum42

    Stuhr Museum

    Grand Island, NE
    The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, located in Grand Island, Nebraska, is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the pioneers who settled the plains of central Nebraska in the late 19th century. This museum provides a unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the pioneers, offering a glimpse into their lives and experiences.
  43. Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center43

    Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

    Gordon, NE
  44. 44

    Sokol South Omaha Czechoslovak Museum

    Omaha, NE
    The Czechoslovak Museum, also known as Sokol South Omaha Czechoslovak Museum, is situated at 2021 U Street in South Omaha, Nebraska, United States. This location is easily accessible and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the rich history and culture of the Czech and Slovak people in Omaha.
  45. 45

    The Fontenelle Forest Nature Center

    Bellevue, NE
  46. 46

    Arbor Day Farm

    Nebraska City, NE
  47. 47

    Nebraska City Museum of Firefighting

    Nebraska City, NE
  48. 48

    National Museum of Roller Skating

    Lincoln, NE
    This museum aims to preserve and present the history of roller skating. Holds both permanent and temporary exhibitions.
  49. 49

    University of Nebraska Morrill hall Planetarium

    Lincoln, NE
  50. 50

    Museum of Nebraska History

    Lincoln, NE
  51. 51

    Rock Island Depot Railroad Museum

    Fairbury, NE
  52. 52

    Fairbury City Museum

    Fairbury, NE
  53. 53

    Kearney Area Childrens Museum

    Kearney, NE
  54. 54

    Trails and Rails Museum

    Kearney, NE
  55. 55

    John Philip Falter Museum

    Falls City, NE
  56. 56

    Richardson County Historical Museum

    Falls City, NE
  57. 57

    Richardson County Military Museum

    Falls City, NE
  58. 58

    Scamahorn Museum

    Gordon, NE
  59. 59

    Tri-State Oldtime Cowboys Memorial Museum

    Gordon, NE
  60. 60

    Hastings Museum

    Hastings, NE
    The Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History, situated in Hastings, Nebraska, holds the distinction of being the largest municipal museum between Chicago and Denver. This museum offers a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of exhibits and collections, making it a significant destination for those interested in both natural and cultural history.
  61. 61

    Webster County Historical Museum

    Red Cloud, NE
  62. 62

    Burlington Depot

    Red Cloud, NE
  63. 63

    Cherry County Historical Society Museum

    Valentine, NE
  64. 64

    Legacy of the Plains Museum

    Gering, NE
  65. 65

    Sod House Museum

    Gothenburg, NE
  66. 66

    Gothenburg Historical Museum

    Gothenburg, NE
  67. 67

    Gage County Historical Society and Museum

    Beatrice, NE
  68. 68

    Homestead Heritage Center - National Park Service

    Beatrice, NE
  69. 69

    The Leon Myers Stamp Center

    Boys Town, NE
  70. 70

    Boys Town Father Flanagan House

    Boys Town, NE
  71. 71

    Louis E May Museum

    Fremont, NE
  72. 72

    Dawson County Historical Society Muesum

    Lexington, NE
  73. 73

    Heritage Center II

    Hay Springs, NE
  74. 74

    Heritage Center I

    Hay Springs, NE
  75. 75

    1908 Gruber House

    Saint Paul, NE
  76. 76

    Howard County Historical Village

    Saint Paul, NE
  77. 77

    Cody Park Railroad Museum

    North Platte, NE
  78. 78

    Hitchcock County Museum

    Trenton, NE
  79. 79

    Sherman County Historical Society

    Loup City, NE
  80. 80

    Elkhorn Valley Museum

    Norfolk, NE
  81. 81

    Otoe County Museum of Memories

    Syracuse, NE
  82. 82

    Saunders County Historical Society

    Wahoo, NE
  83. 83

    Bess Streeter Aldrich House and Museum

    Elmwood, NE
  84. 84

    Valley Community Historical Museum

    Valley, NE
  85. 85

    Dundy County Historical Society & Museum

    Benkelman, NE
  86. 86

    Dalton Prairie Schooner Museum

    Dalton, NE
  87. 87

    Seward County Historical Society Museum

    Goehner, NE
  88. 88

    Wilber Czech Museum

    Wilber, NE
  89. 89

    Nuckolls County Historcial Society

    Superior, NE
  90. 90

    Thayer County Museum and Historical Society

    Belvidere, NE
  91. 91

    Dixon County Museum

    Allen, NE
  92. 92

    Musbach Museum

    Scribner, NE
  93. 93

    Sioux County Historical Museum

    Harrison, NE
  94. 94

    Courthouse Museum

    Arthur, NE
  95. 95

    Sellors Barton Museum

    Ainsworth, NE
  96. 96

    Klown Doll Museum of Plainview, Nebraska

    Plainview, NE
  97. 97

    Cambridge Museum

    Cambridge, NE
  98. 98

    Platte County Historical Society Museum

    Columbus, NE
  99. 99

    Bartels Museum and Marxhausen Gallery of Art

    Seward, NE
  100. 100

    Butler County Nebraska Historical Society

    David City, NE

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