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If you are on a budget Pennsylvania (United States) still has a lot to offer for you culturally, including free museums, free activities and free attractions. 78 museums and attractions in Pennsylvania can be visited without charge.

Are you looking for free things to do in Pennsylvania? These are the best places to visit:

  1. Liberty Bell Center1

    Liberty Bell Center

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Liberty Bell, located in Philadelphia, is a significant symbol of American independence. It was rung when the American Declaration of Independence was first publicly read on July 8, 1776. This historical event has cemented the bell's status as a national symbol of the United States.
  2. United States Mint2

    United States Mint

    Philadelphia, PA
    The United States Mint is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury responsible for producing coinage for the United States to conduct its trade and commerce , as well as controlling the movement of bullion . It does not produce paper money; that responsibility belongs to the Bureau of Engraving an
  3. Duquesne Incline3

    Duquesne Incline

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Duquesne Incline is a funicular that is located near the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, scaling Mt. Washington. This unique transportation system provides a unique way to explore the city and its surroundings, offering a different perspective of Pittsburgh. It's a great way to experience a piece of the city's history while also enjoying the scenic views.
  4. Gettysburg National Military Park4

    Gettysburg National Military Park

    Gettysburg, PA
    The Gettysburg National Military Park protects and interprets the landscape of the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War . Located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania , the park is managed by the National Park Service . The GNMP properties include most of the Gettysburg Battlefield , many
  5. The Frick Pittsburgh5

    The Frick Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Frick Pittsburgh is a cluster of museums and historical buildings located in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States and formed around the Frick family's nineteenth-century residence known as "Clayton". It focuses on the interpretation of the life and times of Henry Clay Frick (1849–1919), indu
  6. Congress Hall6

    Congress Hall

    Philadelphia, PA
    Congress Hall is conveniently located on Chestnut Street, adjacent to Independence Hall. It is part of the Independence National Historical Park, a site that encompasses several historical landmarks. Its location makes it an accessible destination for tourists interested in exploring the rich history of Philadelphia and the United States.
  7. Hershey's Chocolate World7

    Hershey's Chocolate World

    Hershey, PA
    Hershey's Chocolate World, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a visitor center that is open all year round. It offers a unique experience for chocolate lovers, with a variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. Whether you're interested in learning about the history of Hershey's chocolate, creating your own candy bar, or embarking on a chocolate tasting journey, there's something for everyone at Hershey's Chocolate World.
  8. Philadelphia Mint8

    Philadelphia Mint

    Philadelphia, PA
    This place exhibits first coining press and you can also watch coining operations from above. No reservations are necessary.
  9. Parkway Central Library9

    Parkway Central Library

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Parkway Central Library, also known as the Free Library or Central Library, is the primary public library building and administrative headquarters of the Free Library of Philadelphia system. It is the largest library in the system, with 54 branches, and is the only research library. The library is located on Vine Street, between 19th and 20th Street, and opened in 1927. Four stories and the ground floor are open to the public.
  10. Fragments of Franklin Court10

    Fragments of Franklin Court

    Philadelphia, PA
    Franklin Court is a complex of museums, structures, and historic sites located within the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This site is where Benjamin Franklin, an American printer, scientist, diplomat, and statesman, resided from 1763 until his death in 1790. The complex was designed by the firm of Venturi and Rauch and opened in 1976 as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration.
  11. National Museum of American Jewish History11

    National Museum of American Jewish History

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, also known as The Weitzman, is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum situated at 101 South Independence Mall East (S. 5th Street) at Market Street in Center City Philadelphia. The museum was established in 1976 and has since been a significant cultural and historical site. It offers a comprehensive insight into the American Jewish history, making it a worthwhile visit for those interested in cultural and historical explorations.
  12. Institute of Contemporary Art12

    Institute of Contemporary Art

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Institute of Contemporary Art, also known as ICA, is a contemporary art museum situated in Philadelphia. It is closely associated with the University of Pennsylvania and is conveniently located on its campus. This makes it easily accessible for visitors who are exploring the university or the surrounding area.
  13. Science History Institute13

    Science History Institute

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Science History Institute, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American institution dedicated to promoting the understanding of the history of science. It is a place where visitors can explore the rich history of scientific discovery and its impact on our lives. The institute houses a library, a museum, archives, a research center, and a conference center, offering a comprehensive experience for those interested in the history of science.
  14. Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial14

    Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial is a significant historical site located at 301 Pine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is dedicated to preserving the home of Tadeusz (Thaddeus) Kościuszko, a Polish patriot and hero of the American Revolution. This memorial offers a unique opportunity to learn about the life and work of this remarkable individual, who played a crucial role in the fight for American independence.
  15. St. Anthony's Chapel15

    St. Anthony's Chapel

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Saint Anthony Chapel is a Catholic chapel located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The chapel was built in 1880 and is known for its vast collection of religious relics.
  16. Fireman's Hall16

    Fireman's Hall

    Philadelphia, PA
    One of the best known firemuseums in the country displays many collections of history of firefighting in Philly.
  17. Wood Street Galleries17

    Wood Street Galleries

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Wood Street Galleries is a visual arts project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. It is conveniently located in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making it easily accessible for tourists. The gallery is a part of the city's vibrant cultural scene and offers a unique experience for art enthusiasts.
  18. Bartram's Garden18

    Bartram's Garden

    Philadelphia, PA
    Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia holds the distinction of being the oldest existing botanical garden in North America. It was established in 1728 by John Bartram, a Quaker, botanist, and co-founder of the American Philosophical Society. This historical significance adds a unique charm to the garden, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in botany and history.
  19. D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.19

    D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.

    Pottsville, PA
  20. Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site20

    Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site

    Cresson, PA
    The railroad line made ship traffic over the Allegheny Mountains possible, thus connecting the Ohio River with the Susquehanna. This was a significant achievement in the transportation history of the United States, as it allowed for the movement of goods and people across difficult terrain.
  21. National Marian Anderson Museum21

    National Marian Anderson Museum

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Marian Anderson House is a historic home located in the Southwest Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . Built circa 1870 in the same neighborhood where opera singer and civil rights advocate Marian Anderson was born 27 years later, this two-story, brick rowhouse dwelling was
  22. Ormiston Mansion22

    Ormiston Mansion

    Philadelphia, PA
    Ormiston Mansion is a late Georgian period house located in east Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. The 2 and a half story building is made of red brick, giving it a distinctive and historic appearance. Its location in the park offers visitors a chance to explore both the mansion and the surrounding green spaces.
  23. Allentown Art Museum23

    Allentown Art Museum

    Allentown, PA
    The Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley is a significant regional art institution located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The museum was established in 1934 by a group led by Walter Emerson Baum, a renowned Pennsylvania impressionist painter. The museum's foundation is deeply rooted in the local art community, making it a significant part of Allentown's cultural heritage.
  24. Merchants' Exchange Building24

    Merchants' Exchange Building

    Philadelphia, PA
  25. Portrait Gallery In the Second Bank25

    Portrait Gallery In the Second Bank

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Second Bank of the United States, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the second national Hamiltonian bank authorized by the federal government. It operated from February 1816 to January 1836. This historical institution played a significant role in the financial history of the United States, making it an interesting destination for those interested in the country's economic past.
  26. The Library Company26

    The Library Company

    Philadelphia, PA
    Among the most notable items in the museum's collection are the Mayflower Compact, a significant collection of pamphlets from the 17th century and the American War of Independence, various maps, and complete series of works from the 18th and 19th centuries. These artifacts provide a unique insight into the historical and cultural development of the United States.
  27. New Hall Military Museum27

    New Hall Military Museum

    Philadelphia, PA
  28. The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center28

    The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center

    Philadelphia, PA
    The Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a historic site that was once the city's second municipal waterworks. It was designed in 1812 by Frederick Graff and constructed over a period of 60 years from 1812 to 1872. The waterworks was operational until 1909 and during its time, it was highly praised for its design and became a popular tourist attraction.
  29. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum29

    John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

    Philadelphia, PA
  30. Bicycle Heaven30

    Bicycle Heaven

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Bicycle Heaven, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, holds the distinction of being the world's largest transportation museum dedicated solely to bicycles. This unique museum was founded by Craig Morrow and houses his personal collection of bicycles gathered over many years.
  31. Randyland31


    Pittsburgh, PA
    Randyland, located in the North Side section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an art museum that stands out as one of America's most colorful public art landmarks. This unique museum showcases found object art, a form of art that repurposes everyday objects into creative and visually striking pieces. The vibrant colors and eclectic collection make it a visually appealing destination for tourists.
  32. Historic Rock Ford Plantation32

    Historic Rock Ford Plantation

    Lancaster, PA
    Historic Rock Ford, also known as the General Edward Hand House, is a significant historic site located in southeastern Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The house is surrounded by the scenic Lancaster County Central Park, providing a picturesque setting for visitors. The property is privately owned and operated by the Rock Ford Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of this important site.
  33. Grand Army of the Republic Museum33

    Grand Army of the Republic Museum

    Scranton, PA
  34. Palmer Museum of Art34

    Palmer Museum of Art

    State College, PA
    The Palmer Museum of Art is a significant cultural institution located on the University Park campus of Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. It serves as the university's art museum and is a key destination for art enthusiasts and tourists alike.
  35. The Frost Entomological Museum35

    The Frost Entomological Museum

    State College, PA
    The Frost Entomological Museum houses an impressive collection of approximately 1.3 million arthropod specimens. In addition to this, the museum also provides a public exhibition and educational space. This allows visitors to not only view the vast collection but also learn more about the specimens and their significance.
  36. The Liberty Bell Museum36

    The Liberty Bell Museum

    Allentown, PA
    The Liberty Bell Museum, also known as the Liberty Bell Shrine Museum, is a non-profit organization situated in Zion's United Church of Christ in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This museum is located in the church where the Liberty Bell, a globally recognized symbol of America's independence, was hidden from the British Army during the American Revolutionary War.
  37. The David Bradford House - Bradford House Museum37

    The David Bradford House - Bradford House Museum

    Washington, PA
    The David Bradford House, located at 175 South Main Street in Washington, Pennsylvania, is a historic house museum that was completed in 1788. It was the residence of David Bradford, a prominent figure in the Whiskey Rebellion. The house holds significant architectural and historical value and was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1983.
  38. Fort Necessity National Battlefield38

    Fort Necessity National Battlefield

    Wharton Township, PA
    Fort Necessity National Battlefield is a protected area in the United States, specifically located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. This historical site offers visitors a glimpse into the past, as it was the location of the Battle of Fort Necessity during the Seven Years' War. It's a significant place for those interested in history, particularly military history.
  39. Westmoreland Museum of American Art39

    Westmoreland Museum of American Art

    Greensburg, PA
    The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is a dedicated space for American art. The museum has a special focus on the art of southwestern Pennsylvania, providing a unique perspective on the region's artistic contributions.
  40. Newlin Grist Mill40

    Newlin Grist Mill

    Concord Township, PA
    The Newlin Mill Complex, also known as The Newlin Grist Mill, is a significant historical site in Concord Township, Pennsylvania. The water-powered gristmill was built in 1704 by Nathaniel and Mary Newlin and remained in commercial operation until 1941. This long history of operation gives the mill a unique place in the local history and makes it a fascinating site for visitors interested in historical architecture and industrial heritage.
  41. The Highlands Mansion and Gardens41

    The Highlands Mansion and Gardens

    Whitemarsh, PA
    The Highlands is a historic property situated near Fort Washington, in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This location is steeped in history and offers a unique glimpse into the past. The property includes a late 18th-century Georgian mansion and formal gardens, providing a picturesque setting for visitors.
  42. Richard Wall House Museum42

    Richard Wall House Museum

    Cheltenham, PA
  43. Valley Forge - National Park Service43

    Valley Forge - National Park Service

    Upper Merion Township, PA
    Valley Forge in Pennsylvania is a significant historical site as it was here that General George Washington established his winter quarters in December 1777. This location, 40 km from Philadelphia, was strategically chosen due to its elevated position which allowed the American army to effectively defend against potential attacks from the British troops.
  44. Flight 93 National Memorial44

    Flight 93 National Memorial

    Stonycreek, PA
  45. Appalachian Trail Museum45

    Appalachian Trail Museum

    Gardners, PA
    The Appalachian Trail Museum is situated in the scenic Pine Grove Furnace State Park, near Gardners, Pennsylvania. This location makes it an ideal stop for those exploring the park or the nearby areas. The museum is dedicated to the builders, maintainers, and hikers of the Appalachian Trail, providing a rich history and insight into the trail's development and use over the years.
  46. 46

    Rosenwald-wolf Gallery

    Philadelphia, PA
    Displays work of students of the University of Art. Get carried away by the art of the youngest generation!
  47. 47

    Franklin Court Printing Office

    Philadelphia, PA
  48. 48

    Wills House Museum

    Gettysburg, PA
  49. 49

    Car & Carraige Museum

    Pittsburgh, PA
  50. 50

    Pittsburgh Glass Center

    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Pittsburgh Glass Center serves as a gallery, glass studio, and public-access school. Its primary focus is on teaching, creating, and promoting studio glass art. This unique combination of functions makes it a fascinating destination for those interested in the art of glassmaking, whether they are beginners or experienced artists.
  51. 51

    Bucks County Civil War Museum

    Doylestown, PA
  52. 52

    Lancaster Museum of Art

    Lancaster, PA
  53. 53

    Phillips Museum of Art

    Lancaster, PA
  54. 54

    Ems Museum and Art Gallery

    State College, PA
  55. 55

    Matson Museum of Anthropology

    State College, PA
  56. 56

    Mascaro-Steiniger Turfgrass Museum

    State College, PA
  57. 57

    Tyrone History Museum

    Tyrone, PA
  58. 58

    Musselman-Vesta Iron Furnace Center

    Marietta, PA
  59. 59

    Ashland Area Historic Preservation Society

    Ashland, PA
  60. 60

    Frank L. Melega Art Museum

    Brownsville, PA
    The Flatiron Building, situated in the Brownsville Commercial Historic District in Pennsylvania, is a significant landmark. This location is steeped in history and offers a unique glimpse into the past of this vibrant community.
  61. 61

    Monongahela River Rail and Transportation Museum

    Brownsville, PA
  62. 62

    Air Heritage Inc. – Museum and Aircraft Restoration Facility

    Chippewa, PA
  63. 63

    Allegheny Arms and Armor Museum

    Keating Township, PA
  64. 64

    Mckeesport Heritage Center

    McKeesport, PA
    Renziehausen Park Rose Garden and Arboretum is a city park situated in the Pittsburgh suburb of McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It is a public park that is open daily without any charges. The park is a great place to enjoy nature, with its rose garden, arboretum, and other amenities.
  65. 65

    Lake Shore Railway Historical Society and Museum

    North East, PA
  66. 66

    Meyersdale Area Historical Society

    Meyersdale, PA
  67. 67

    Hatfield Auto Museum

    Hatfield, PA
  68. 68

    DuBois Area Historical Society, Inc

    DuBois, PA
  69. 69

    Summit Hill Historical Society

    Summit Hill, PA
  70. 70

    Berks Military History Museum

    Mohnton, PA
  71. 71

    Sample Schoolhouse

    Cranberry Township, PA
  72. 72

    Eastern Museum of Motor Racing

    Latimore, PA
  73. 73

    Sayre Historical Society

    Sayre, PA
  74. 74

    Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

    Loretto, PA
    The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) is a multi-location art museum situated in southwestern Pennsylvania, United States. Its main location is at Saint Francis University in Loretto, where it was established in 1976.
  75. 75

    The Baldwin-Reynolds House Museum

    Meadville, PA
  76. 76

    Paul R Stewart Museum

    Waynesburg, PA
  77. 77

    Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center

    East Greenville, PA
  78. 78

    Berman Museum - Ursinus College

    Collegeville, PA

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